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Naturally OriginalAt first glance you may seem fairly average, but after two minutes of talking, it's clear that there's more to you than meets the eye. Despite not advertising your originality, you always keep your own unique perspective and creative approach to life. You're equally comfortable in any situation and fit in no matter where you go but you always stay true to yourself.

*Which of the following describes you and your group of friends?We are all unique in our own ways *I am spontaneous and unpredictableOften *When I have to assemble something, I read the directions firstSometimes *When I'm given a choice, I go with my "gut" instinctOccasionally *I like "well-structured" assignments more than I like assignments that are "open-ended"Occasionally *Pick up to 4 creative outlets you enjoyPhotographyWriting (poetry, stories, etc)DesignBlogging *Which alivenotdead.com artists do you find inspiring?Jet LiKhalil FongJason TobinGalleri MagazineHelen ToHenry ChungFar*East MovementRob LokAaron WanReni WongSimon YinCerina da GracaKevin SoRoger FanHenry ChungCandy Lo Hang-YinRosanne WongSimon BirchAimee ChanCelina JadeNigel OngGrace "Peachies" SuVincent SzeJun KungJinJae-Ho ChangBackstage Live RestaurantMichael KangCharmaine FongCaspar KeungVince Matthew ChungElla KoonAndrew LinCB FRESHMarsha YuanKim Chanadidas OriginalsGhost StyleDaniel WuWarren Stuart a.k.a. "wZa"Terence YinRyan Hui *When choosing clothes to buy you are most likely toBuy whatever I want - who cares what people think? *When I say blue, what do you think of?Sky *Lastly, Tell us 10 things you want to do, try or experience before your 60th birthday?Surf

Visit every continent on earth *Fly a plane or a glider *Sleep on a boat *Marry the girl of my dreams *Save someone's life *Write a story that changes people *Help my friends find success *Design my own home *Fly in Zero gravity

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I was choosing my artists and the damn thing went crazy on me so I refreshed. Yup, had to start all over. We got the same exact results.
about 11 years ago
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wow, you went all out on the artist selection. sleeping on a boat is a goal? i think flying in zero G is a bit more ambitious!
about 11 years ago


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