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It's been awhile since my last blog but it's only because I've been extremely busy with rehearsals!!!  I love to be busy with projects and jobs but sometimes it can get a little overwhelming.  I'm in the middle of rehearsing for 3 different things.  One is a corp gig with my best friend, Eddie Villanueva.  For this gig we are doing about 6 different dance routines and then I'm singing 2 songs.  So, that's a lot of choreography for my brain to digest.  Luckily, Eddie is doing all the choreographing and I just need to work the memory part of my brain.  The other 2 public performances I'm rehearing for are:


Wed, May 27th at 8pm in the Concert Hall Theatre, Concert Hall, Central

This is a show that I have been performing in with a bunch of my good friends for the past 10 years.  It is a charity concert for the organization Lifeline Express.  Free admission tickets (limited quantity) are available at the City Hall Enquiry Counter from 9am starting on May 13th. Each person is limited to 2 tickets, first come first serve! Pls make donations at the event! Other marked price tickets are also available pls call 2861-0862 for enquiries!!!


Fri and Sat, June 12 & 13 at 8pm at the Underground Theatre, Hong Kong Fringe Club

This is a one "wo"man show that I am performing with my musical director Amuer Calderon and special guest, Rick Lau.  It is a journey of musicals throughout my life.  I hope that we can get full houses for this show like we did for "Home Sweet Home"!!!  Tickets are on sale now! Pls come to support me!!! You can get them directly from the Fringe Club box office or at

So even with the rehearsing and memorizing, I'm still teaching pole dancing, dance, fly yoga, yoga, and even vocal lessons.  Oh, if anyone is looking for a teacher or you know someone who is looking for a teacher…pls PM me for enquiries!  I'm also managing to get in a daily yoga practice…but, it's getting a little harder.  I have to start to managing my sleep time.  I did not get enough sleep the day before and I felt like a zombie the whole day!  Anyways, that's the update for now!  I hope some of you can make it to one of my shows!!!  


已经很久没有上来写博客了,只因为最近一段时间我实在是太忙太忙了。当然为了工作,表演能忙一点我喜欢,但是现在有一点太忙,连排练的时间都挤不过来了。我现在正在排练三个演出。其中一个是我和我的好朋友Eddie Villanueva 一起在一个私人聚会表演,我们大概会跳六只舞,我另外会再唱二首歌,就变成很多新的动作挤满在我的脑海里。幸亏Eddie负责编舞,我只需要记那些动作就可以了。 另外是对外的两场表演,其中一个是"Musical Moment 2015 "那是五月二十七日晚上八点,在中环的Concert Hall Theatre 。已经十年了,一群音乐剧的发烧友聚在一块,今年我们会帮   the organization Lifeline Express做一场慈善晚会,从本月十三日开始每天早上九点在大会堂的Enquiry Counter 可以拿到限量免费入场券,每个人限二张,先到先得。但是请别忘了要捐款给这个活动。当然也可以正常买票入场,请打电话2861-0862。

另外,在六月十二日星期五和六月十三日星期六,我在中环的艺穗会底层,有一场" A MARSHACAL NIGHT"个人演唱会,是一个人秀,音乐总监是Amuer Calderon ,我的好朋友Rick Lau会来支持我,做我的特别来宾。这是我学习百老汇音乐剧的日记,从一开始我被音乐剧吸引,迷恋上音乐剧,我希望会像我上一个个人秀"home sweet home"一样,能卖个满堂红,现在已经开始售票了,请来支持我吧!你可以直接在艺穗会买票,或上网订购:



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Oh my gosh!!! Is that really him??? So cute!

I am so touched by my students for surprising me today with a birthday cake😊 you guys are so sweet!!!! Thank you!

What a great start to my bday. An amazing 2 hour yoga class taught by Rinat Perlman to start the day...then a nice lunch with Harry Yuan, Pei Pei Cheng, Michelle O'Brien and Chris O'Brien. And then I taught pole and yoga just now at Pure, Soho. It felt so good to teach again and the energy was so good in both classes😊 it's turning out to be a very nice Bday!....and the night is still young😁😁😁😁

Having a great time here in Sydney and enjoying the sun....Surfing, eating, enjoying my flat whites, even drinking a little....Shopping, hanging with friends, and spending time with my family here. It's nice to take a break after such a busy 2 months...Eddie VillanuevaRoss Kwan HairTracie AngSarah FungPeta GriffithMelinda HickinTimothy William ChengDavid Yip-Shing ChengMatthew Griffith

It's only been a few weeks and I already miss the stage! So thankful for such an eventful start to 2015. Luquita was a little stage fright but completely enjoyed her debut!!! Thanks #Blackbird #Guitar for making her for me! Thanks Michelle O'Brien for the photos!

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Like our photo so that we can Win best dressed!!!! I'm in the bathroom during the photo taking

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I'm so very grateful for the team of people who made it possible for my first script to be born. Thanks Ted Lo, Pei Pei Cheng, Winson, Team Winson, Tong Yun, Eddie Villanueva, Joshua James Aquino Pagtalunan, V Lea, Ea Nitsche Holm for being a part of it all. It has been a great experience these past few months creating the show and then performing it for 3 nights. I never thought that it was possible!!! Thank goodness people actually thought I was funny..hahaha…thank you all!!! And everyone who came to support me and watch the show!!! 3 nights sold out! Wow! Words can't express how happy I feel :)

My team "Home Sweet Home". I had the best time working with everyone!!!

Getting excited for opening night. Read my blog here :)

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