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I have a total crush on Jimmy Fallon! Who else does? Tracie Ang

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Yes!!! Work it boys!!! I'm gonna be like this too when I get older. Never stop dancing!!!!

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So....I'm supposed to be covering tomorrow night's Intermediate Pole class at Pure Fitness, Soho tomorrow at 8:45pm. Just a note to my students. I had a little accident on my last work trip and I'm not fully healed yet......But, I will be there tomorrow night warming you up and trying to help you work on your own individual tricks. I will not be able to demo very much!!! See you all tomorrow! I only tagged a few of you that I've seen on Thurs nights but if you know anyone else coming pls tag them! I definitely can't do handsprings for awhile

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And this is how it looks like at 7:30pm. I can't believe I get to see this every night😊😊😊 #colorsofhk #sunsetinhk

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At around 6pm the sun began to set over the Harbour. #BeautifulHK #sunset

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There is something I just love about clouds. Maybe it's because they look like a painting...or something about them that makes me feel peaceful.....whatever it is, I can't really explain it in words.... #clouds #loveclouds #beautufulclouds #peace #peaceful #tranquil #loveandpeace

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Teaching yoga at LKF, Pure Fitness at 5:30pm today. Come join!!! See you in a bit! #purefitness #yogawithmarsha

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Love this!!!! To all my friends and family who love a good boogie.

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Here's an interview that my mom and I just did a few weeks ago....Unfortunately, I can only look at the photos and cannot read the actual interview...hahahaha

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On set for the movie 曼童羅拉 where I'm playing the younger version of my mom's character. I think that should be on my resume now under special talent....can play younger version of Cheng Pei Pei. 😂😂😂 #movieshoot #ontheset #chinesemovie #yuanZihui

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Marsha Yuan

Actor , Singer , Dancer

Traditional Chinese Name 原子鏸
Gender Female
Member Since April 19, 2007
English Name Marsha Yuan

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