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Oh my gosh!!! Is that really him??? So cute!

I am so touched by my students for surprising me today with a birthday cake😊 you guys are so sweet!!!! Thank you!

What a great start to my bday. An amazing 2 hour yoga class taught by Rinat Perlman to start the day...then a nice lunch with Harry Yuan, Pei Pei Cheng, Michelle O'Brien and Chris O'Brien. And then I taught pole and yoga just now at Pure, Soho. It felt so good to teach again and the energy was so good in both classes😊 it's turning out to be a very nice Bday!....and the night is still young😁😁😁😁

Having a great time here in Sydney and enjoying the sun....Surfing, eating, enjoying my flat whites, even drinking a little....Shopping, hanging with friends, and spending time with my family here. It's nice to take a break after such a busy 2 months...Eddie VillanuevaRoss Kwan HairTracie AngSarah FungPeta GriffithMelinda HickinTimothy William ChengDavid Yip-Shing ChengMatthew Griffith

It's only been a few weeks and I already miss the stage! So thankful for such an eventful start to 2015. Luquita was a little stage fright but completely enjoyed her debut!!! Thanks #Blackbird #Guitar for making her for me! Thanks Michelle O'Brien for the photos!

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Like our photo so that we can Win best dressed!!!! I'm in the bathroom during the photo taking

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I'm so very grateful for the team of people who made it possible for my first script to be born. Thanks Ted Lo, Pei Pei Cheng, Winson, Team Winson, Tong Yun, Eddie Villanueva, Joshua James Aquino Pagtalunan, V Lea, Ea Nitsche Holm for being a part of it all. It has been a great experience these past few months creating the show and then performing it for 3 nights. I never thought that it was possible!!! Thank goodness people actually thought I was funny..hahaha…thank you all!!! And everyone who came to support me and watch the show!!! 3 nights sold out! Wow! Words can't express how happy I feel :)

My team "Home Sweet Home". I had the best time working with everyone!!!

Getting excited for opening night. Read my blog here :)

Counting Down to Showtime! "Home Sweet Home"

Wow, I can't believe how much has happened in just the first month of 2015!  In just this month I was in SF visiting family, then I came back to rehearse for my show, finished a 10 day intensive yoga teacher training which totaled to be 100 hrs, AND managed to squeeze in the last few days of rehearsal before opening night!  So, tomorrow will be the final dress/tech rehearsal before opening night.  I can't believe how fast time has gone by.  It seems like just yesterday the idea of doing the show was being conceived….now, it's about to be born!!!  I know, it's a little cheesy….hahaha….well, excited and nervous (in a good way)  Here's to counting down to the last 2 nights of sleep before the big night.  If you haven't bought your ticket yet pls go to Fringe Club or buy them online at HK Ticketing and search for "Home Sweet Home"  The show dates are Thursday, Jan 29th, 2015 @ 8pm, Friday, Jan 30, 2015 @ 8pm and Saturday, Jan 31, 2015 @8pm.  The show is only 1 hr and 15 min!  Hope to see you there!!!

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