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Home Sweet Home - Cabaret Comedy

I've been working hard since November for my upcoming show _ Home Sweet Home _ which is a fun one "wo" man cabaret show that I will be performing for 3 nights on Jan 29, 30 and 31st.  I'm very excited and nervous about it because it will be the first time that I've ever written and performed my own show like this.  There will be dancing, singing, acting, and maybe a pole dance. The tickets will start to go on sale tomorrow, Dec 25th.  Here are the details for my show!  Pls share the details with friends you feel will enjoy a show like this!  I will have a poster out very soon!  

American born Chinese actress, Marsha Yuan is looking for the perfect apartment in Hong Kong to call her home. Through this real estate twist, we experience her life as a celebrity and an ordinary person looking for love and finding therapy in “apartment hunting”. Will she be able to find a place where she can finally settle down? Through song and dance you will be taken for a ride in this sexy and fun musical/dance comedy, Home Sweet Home (Includes a very special pole performance by Marsha) 

Thurs, Jan 29, 2015 @ 8pm
Fri, Jan 30, 2015 @ 8pm
Sat, Jan 31, 2015 @ 8pm

The Underground Theatre, Fringe Club, 2 Lower Albert Rd, Central

Performed and Written by Marsha Yuan
Director: Winson Kwan
Musical Director and Pianist: Ted Lo
Producer: Cheng Pei Pei
Script Advisors: Yuri Ng, Rick Lau, Winson Kwan
Vocal Coach: Amuer Calderon
Choreographers: Eddie Villanueva, Marsha Yuan
Dancers: Eddie Villanueva, Josh Pagtalunan
Backup Vocalists: Vee Lea, Ea Holm

Cabaret Comedy (in English)
Running Time: Approx. 1 hour 15 minutes
Programme Enquiry: 2521 7251

***Tickets are now available from HK Ticketing's box offices located at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, The Academy’s Landmark Heritage Campus-Bethanie, Fringe Club, AsiaWorld-Expo, Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre and K11 Select, as well as Tom Lee Music Stores

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You gotta try this place! Went to Ping Pong last night with a group of friends to have a delicious meal. It was a a great night! #pingpong129 #foodfun #hongkongfood

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My Year 2014

It's been a very very very long time since I wrote a blog.  I guess there has been a lot of change in my life recently.  And, I truly believe that it's all for the better.  With every experience I believe that you become the person that you are supposed to be.  And, everything does happen for a reason.  So, here I am today still living in Hong Kong and soon to be an owner of an apartment.  I feel like I'm finally growing up!  I've never loved Hong Kong more than I do today which is obviously a good thing.  I love my friends and my family and my double lifestyle.  So, 2014 is winding down to a pretty full and good year for me.  I had 3 movies this year and my main focus has been acting and doing a few performances in China.  Right now, I'm focusing on yoga, teaching pole dancing and fly yoga.  I've also started learning more aerial hoop which has proved to be useful.  And, I've been able to sing at a few performances this year but I feel like I've neglected singing for the past few years.  Maybe it's been discouragement…but, I picked up my guitar and have started up again :)  And, I'm happy to say that I'm in the process of creating a cabaret show for next year.  I'm going to create a show that is more personal and it would be sort of my first one "wo"- man show!  It's still being conceived at the moment so I will try to be good about posting updates when things are more finalized. So, that's just a quick update.  Here are some photos from my movies as well as all the activities I've been doing this year.  Enjoy!


Img 0570 Img 0571 Img 0584 Img 0592 Img 2136 Img 2060 Img 2070 Img 1677 Img 2930 Img 2982 Img 2836 Img 4148 Img 4174
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I had the opportunity to sing the theme song in my movie #ComfortWomen #TheEyesOfDawn #TheMemoirsOfAComfortWoman Playing in cinemas now throughout China. Here is a link of the song if you wanna hear it. Enjoy!

My Next Movie "Comfort Woman"

It's been a busy end of the year and start to the New Year.  After getting my body into shape for my movie, I finally started shooting on Dec 13th in Rui Li (Yunnan), China.  So far, it has been a great experience.  The cast has been fun to work with and my director, Bruce Li (not Bruce Lee) has taught me many things along the way.  I love the story, my character, and the importance of doing this movie.  Not many people know the history behind the comfort women (that includes me).  So, I am thankful to have this opportunity and to learn even more about Chinese History.  The movie is called "Comfort Woman" ("黎明之眼“)   Getting my make up done before going to location.G In my Japanese costume for the movie. Shooting at a beautiful location with a waterfall in Rui Li.Waiting on set with my assistant Tong Yun (on my right), Director Bruce Li (on my left) and my driver, Xiao Yang (far left of me)Playing around on set with Shi Tou, one of the actors playing a Japanese solider.My fellow actresses, Ying Nuo and Tong Yun.Just before starting the shoot we had a press conference.  I'm so happy to do the movie with my mom and my sister.  I'm playing the younger version of the same character that my mom is playing and my sister is playing my daughter when she grows up, of course...Shooting a scene with my husband in the movie, Zhong Yi.A scene from the movie with my daughter and husband.  

I have a few days in Hong Kong to rest a bit and then I'm leaving tomorrow to finish the rest of the shoot in Hen Dian.  Then I come back to Hong Kong with just enough time to rehearse for Musical Moments.  The show will take place in Central, City Hall in the Concert Theatre on Wed, Jan 22nd at 8pm.  I'm very excited to be reunited with my friends to put on the 8th Musical Moments.  Pls come and support us!!!

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Press Con for Chinese Movie

I just got back from Beijing last night.  I was supposed to get back earlier but I missed my flight and then the next flight was, it was a pretty long day for me.  Luckily, I was flying in business class so it was a very comfortable flight.  It's been awhile since I've flown in business class, I was very excited because the food is so much better...hahaha My business class breakfast on the flight to Beijing.Wed, Sept 18th, 2013 was the press con for my upcoming chinese movie.  The movie is set during World War II and is about the comfort women who were used to "comfort" the Japanese soldiers.  It's a part of history that has been very hush hush...and though some surviving comfort women have written stories about their situation over 70 years ago, the alligations have been denied by the Japanese.  I have to admit, growing up as an American born Chinese, I don't know much about Chinese History.  But, I have recently been given opportunities to be a part of projects that involve historical events.  I feel very blessed to have these opportunities and to touch base with Chinese History.  It's probably the best way to learn about it.  I am very proud to be a part of this project and to be a part of such a meaningful topic that will open people's eyes to the injustices that these women faced during the war.  It will be a very challenging role for me and a very serious topic for such a happy person that I am....but very very grateful for the chance thanks to Director Bruce Le and his confidence in me.  I'm also excited to be playing the same character that my mom, Cheng Pei Pei will be playing.  I'm obviously going to play the younger version of our character.  Since I've been in the entertainment industry, many people have said that I look so much like my mother when she was young.  But, never in the years that I've been acting, has anyone found us to play a role together until now.  I am very very excited about it![](/attachments/2013/09/20/09/23285_201309200941371.thumb.jpg)This is my mom and me when I was just a little kid.  And, I know I look like a little boy!!! We had a very successful press con on Wed with many very important people there to support the project...including Madame Moa's daughter!!!  After learning more about the comfort women with the research that I've had to do in the past few weeks, I feel such a great empathy for these women and hope to do the best that I can with this movie.  I will keep an update with the progresses of the movie as we prepare to shoot, during the shoot, and leading up to the promotion and release.  Stay tuned![](/attachments/2013/09/20/09/23285_201309200935091.thumb.jpg)This was our movie backdrop for the press con.Here's an article in the Chinese paper about our press con.  

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Getting Ready

It's been awhile since my last blog.  I'm back in Hong Kong and getting back to my "regular" life.  Right now,  my main focus is to get my butt into shape before I start my next movie.  I'm trying to eat bad carbs (bread, pasta, rice), dairy, or sweets!!!  I've done this for the past 3 wks and I'm noticing a change in my body, of course!   I also started taking up something called SMAC (Strength, Mobility, And Conditioning).  It's actually a pretty tough workout and my right knee isn't feeling too good because of all the running it requires.  After the session today, I had to go home and ice my knee!  OYE!!!   Yeah, I know that sometimes I can push my body a little overboard....RMP, yoga, dance, pole dancing, and now added to my routine is the SMAC.  I have to keep telling myself that it's ok for me to rest so that I can recover.....You don't understand how hard that can be for someone who likes to workout. My definition of a rest day is to do yoga!  Anyways.....It was very hard to change my LIFESTYLE (notice that I don't like to call it a diet) but, now I'm starting to get the hang of it and I feel great!  I do allow a cheat day....AKA Happy Friday!!! I'm also trying to save money and eat more healthy by cooking more at home.  I won't have that luxury once I do the shoot in, I'm going to take advantage of this time to enjoy some alone time as well as cook.  My latest creation.  I'm starting to love those grilled carrots![](/attachments/2013/09/12/18/23285_201309121853282.thumb.jpg)I've also been trying to train myself in pole more.  It seems that I've been focusing so much on my classes and teaching my students, I've neglected to train myself!!!! for work... it looks like the rest of my year will be blessed by lots of it!  Next month, I will start shooting a movie in Nanjing and Yun Nan (Burma).  In btw the shoot, I will be back in Hong Kong to do a few corp events and teach if I am able to... Then, after I finish that movie, I will be starting on another movie that will be in English.  So, this year is looking to be a very busy one and I am sooo very grateful for that.    Happy Happy! 

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VOTE for me in the Heckler Awards

It's been an eventful week.  I helped my best friend from High School get ready for her wedding all week in Oxford.  I was her only bridesmaid.  This week, I've learned how to make a wedding cake decoration, make my own bouquet, make boutonniere and corsages, AND do hair and make up for the bride.  Whew!  It was a busy busy and stressful week...but, in the end the wedding was absolutely beautiful.  There is something about those traditional church weddings that is so beautiful and pure.  I am thankful for having such a wonderful experience with such a close friend. I still have a long trip ahead of me partially for pleasure, family, and for work.  Exciting :)On another note, I have 4 nominations for this years Heckler Awards.  It's an award event that HKeld holds for shows in HK.  Pls go to this site and make a final vote for the following: Best Show (Musical)"When Rick Met Marsha"2)  Best Dance Show"Les Illusions De L'amour"3) Best Original Work"When Rick Met Marsha"4) Best ActressMarsha Yuan (ME!!) in "When Rick Met Marsha"If the link above doesn't work pls go to enter your email address at the bottom of the page.  They will send you the ballot via email to ensure a fair vote.  I appreciate all of your votes!!! Thanks!!!這是很奇特的一個星期,我高中時代最要好的女朋友在英國Oxford舉行婚禮,我是她唯一的伴娘,結果這個星期我學到很多東西,我學會怎麼樣裝飾結婚蛋糕,替我自已做我的伴娘花球及主婚人、嘉賓的衿花 , 我還幫新娘子化裝梳頭,哇,真是非常忙碌緊張的一個星期...幸好一切順利,婚禮非常圓滿,一個非常傳統的婚禮在教堂舉行,是那麽美好莊嚴,我慶幸能參與其中,見證和分享我最要好的朋友的重要時刻...這只是一個開始,接下來我將會從一個城市走到另一個城市,除了工作以外,也會和家人相聚,可想而知現在我的心情是何等興奮...另外在這兒,我要告訴大家一個好消息,在今年的Heckler Awards我有四項提名,能否得勝就得靠你們大家的支持了,請到以下的網站投我一票吧!非常感謝!'s the decoration on the cake that I made This is the bridesmaid bouquet that I made with real flowersThe brides beautiful hair for the wedding that I somehow created thanks to all the times I got my hair done for me :)

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My Performances Last Wk, This Wk, and Next Wk

It's taken me over a week to write about our show last Wed.  It was a big success and we had a great time in the process.  The quick costume changes were a little stressful, but in the end we managed to pull it off.  Here are some photos from the show as well as a review from HKeld. (click on the link below to view the review)[![](/attachments/2013/07/04/22/23285_201307042233223.thumb.jpg)](/ Disney Medley Routine"I'm Still Hot" jazz funk routine"A Thousand Years" lyrical routine (my favorite!!!)"When You're Good to Mama" Musical Theatre Song and Dance"Dance Again" Latin Routine"Fashion Freak" Jazz Funk Routine"Skin/Red Lipstick" Jazz Funk RoutineMy next performance is actually be on Sat, July 6th in Guangzhou.  We will be doing our 3rd run of "When Rick Met Marsha".  Pls come if you can!!!  The show starts at 8pm and the location is at:English: Alive@, D3, 128 Yuancun Si Heng Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, P.R. China Chinese: 拉阔现场,广州市天河区员村四横路128号红专厂艺术园区D3栋 Finally, next weekend I will be back again with my stellar band for a night of music.  It's been over a year since I've performed a live jazz gig and I hope to pack a crowd on Fri, July 12th.  So, hopefully we will have a good crowd and have a great time!  Pls spread the word!!!  You can get your tickets by calling Backstage (number is on the poster)Sat, July 12th at 10:30pm @ Backstage in Central, HK

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