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Oh my gosh! I'm speechless! This is so inspiring! So much strength and grace! My dancer friends will love it! Eddie Villanueva we have a lot to work on...hahahaha

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What a wonderful Saturday with my girlfriend. Afternoon Tea Buffet at Shangri La, window shopping and almost going for a massage and finally watching "Ant Man" together while sharing popcorn and my shawl. Thanks for being my date and laughing at ourselves for being grossed out by all the bugs!!!! Love you @livchen202 #girlcatchup #girlsnight #girldate #antman #hangout #3dmovie

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Noy cooked up the most amazing home cooked Thai food for a very nice dinner with some yogis.

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Noy!!!! You are an amazing chief!!!!! Dear Lord why aren't you MY boyfriend! Oh...actually, I'd be pretty fat if you were....I think 2 servings of homemade mango sticky rice with coconut ice scream was a little too much. And the Thai food was delicious! You need to open up a private kitchen! Thanks for the beautiful meal!!! #homecooking #thaihomecooking #cheatmeal #amazingfood

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I have a total crush on Jimmy Fallon! Who else does? Tracie Ang

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Yes!!! Work it boys!!! I'm gonna be like this too when I get older. Never stop dancing!!!!

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So....I'm supposed to be covering tomorrow night's Intermediate Pole class at Pure Fitness, Soho tomorrow at 8:45pm. Just a note to my students. I had a little accident on my last work trip and I'm not fully healed yet......But, I will be there tomorrow night warming you up and trying to help you work on your own individual tricks. I will not be able to demo very much!!! See you all tomorrow! I only tagged a few of you that I've seen on Thurs nights but if you know anyone else coming pls tag them! I definitely can't do handsprings for awhile

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And this is how it looks like at 7:30pm. I can't believe I get to see this every night😊😊😊 #colorsofhk #sunsetinhk

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At around 6pm the sun began to set over the Harbour. #BeautifulHK #sunset

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There is something I just love about clouds. Maybe it's because they look like a painting...or something about them that makes me feel peaceful.....whatever it is, I can't really explain it in words.... #clouds #loveclouds #beautufulclouds #peace #peaceful #tranquil #loveandpeace

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