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The brand new Stay Up cassette enamel pins are up on my web store now!! You can pick them up at www.thestayup.com 🤘🎉🤘🎉

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Love how these "Stay Up" cassette enamel pins came out!! I designed them, @perks.production made them, and @inkchacha printed the cards!! Both black & white versions will be up in my web store on Wednesday...

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If you're by the TV tonight, I'll be on RTHK 31 at 9:30pm talking about spending my childhood in Shatin and playing a new tune too!!


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Trying to get the dual guitar solos down for "Hotel California" tomorrow night...

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Rehearsal time for this weekend's show...

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Here's the "King Kong Radio" shirts I did for the Venetian Macau show next weekend!! We'll be selling these with the floral, the record, and Sam/Eric So figures at the merch booth on Saturday. Come say hello!!

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Thanks to everyone who came to the Venetian Saturday night!!! We had a great time!! (pics by Sam Dawson)

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See you in Las Vegas this weekend!!

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Just picked up the fresh new "Stay Up" cassette enamel pins we had made with @perks.production!! Super super stoked on how these came out and it's definitely one off the bucket list. These goodies should be available in the webstore very soon...

Recording some new tracks with the floral Jem tonight...

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