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Julian & Ollie vs The World...

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Back in the days of snowboarding on weekends while blasting Primus & Nirvana in the car. I think this was taken in 92 when I was still going to school in Temecula and driving to Big Bear non-stop. Those glasses....haha

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Tracking guitars with @adam8bit tonight!!

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Bjork's new album "Vulnicura" just got released on early iTunes!! It was supposed to be released in March after she first announced it last week. Stoked!!

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Good times at the late night "Forever 31" skate session with @jbs8five2 @sk8mouse @flow630 and crew. Stoked on the new GT Blazers too. Thanks again @longleglun @johnny_tang at Nike SB!!

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Tasty homemade salmon skewers for lunch...

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Soundtrack of the night: Death Cab For Cutie "we have the facts and we're voting yes." The first album that got me stoked on their music. Brings back some good old California memories...

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Good advice...

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Last shot of the day with my favourite acoustic guitar ever SJ-200...

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Started working on the "Far From Here" music video this morning with @scottiehui @patrickpowerup. It should be out at the end of February when we give the single to the radio stations too. Big thanks to Nikon for letting us use the brand new D750 with manual lens!!

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Ryan Hui

Musician, Singer

English Name Ryan Hui
Favorite Movies The Life Aquatic, The Royal Tenebaums, Rushmore, Spinal Tap, The Heavenly Kings
Favorite Faves Food: Japanese, Chinese / Colors: Black, Silver / Sports: Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Running
Languages Spoken english, cantonese, mandarin

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