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Stoked to be invited to play a solo acoustic set at the new HMV Cafe (Central) on Friday December 11th, 7:30pm-8:30pm!! It's a FREE event so come chill at their rad outdoor terrace before hitting the town. I'll also have a gift to announce later too! (Recap shot from the Musicians Alliance show a few weeks back).

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Huge thanks to Jimmy for treating us to his new restaurant URA!! Definitely the best Japanese food I've had in a long time. Their signature dishes were insane and all fresh from Osaka (now I know why the place is always packed out). Check it out next time you're in Sheung Wan! Good eats.

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Stopped by the "White" Japanese indigo exhibition at Usagi. Some pretty rad crossover pieces using traditional farmed indigo dyes. Thanks @davmok for the invite!!

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Kicks for today: Nike SB Geoff Mcfetridge Blazers. Love the feel and design of these. Thanks @lwpan @longleglun @johnny_tang at Nike for the awesome support!

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Morning beach adventures at Trio beach. The boats bring you right to shore...

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It was an honour and pleasure knowing you Pat. We'll miss having you backstage with us! Rest in peace bro...

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Trying to get some lines in tonight with @jbs8five2 @sk8mouse @flow630. Thanks Mouse for filming with the Go Pro...

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Thanks @domsfz for this awesome hand crafted SFZ hook! If you guys haven't checked out their rad woodwork workshops I highly recommend it. We had a blast building stools with a group of friends last year. Support!

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Good times catching up with the amazing Tommy Ho and Ellen Loo!

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The brand new ES-275 prototype. Definitely the best in show!!

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