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Yoshitomo Nara represent! Can't wait for his HK art show next year. It's going to be awesome!

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A rad ThreeA robot with an Andy Warhol reference. I really dig the designs and weathering by Ashley Woods...

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Stopped by the Toy Soul 2014 show earlier today. Super cool to see all the rad new figures out and get a hold of a few new things too...

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Recap shot from our Mo Against the Machine drift trike adventures last month. Join us next year for more shenanigans and hairy fun! In the meantime the recap vid can be watched at

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One off the bucket list: hanging with Evan Dando after The Lemonheads set and getting him to sign my record. Super stoked to meet one of my favourite song writers. Thanks @justinsweeting!!

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Words of wisdom...

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Re:spect magazine article talking about my favourite Gibson guitars. Thanks again to Gibson Asia and Parsons Music for all the support!

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Super stoked to get this awesome Jeremyville ink drawing in the mail today!! Been a big fan of his characters and I really dig the planetary skate session too. Thanks @jeremyville!

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Secret Santa adventures at Unlce @lanciple and Auntie @davmok's house tonight. Thanks for having us over!

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Last night's skate session with @sk8mouse @flow630 and the guys at Sk8five2. Good times...

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Ryan Hui

Musician, Singer

Favorite Music The Beatles, Elliot Smith, Sam Hui, Bob Dylan, Coldplay, Jets To Brazil, Ben Folds, Pedro The Lion, Lemonheads, Lush, The Shins, Death Cab For Cutie, Bright Eyes, Iron & Wine, Radiohead, Paul Wong, Soler, Eason, Qui Hong, King Ly Chee, Hardpack, Audio Traffic, and lots more.....
Favorite Movies The Life Aquatic, The Royal Tenebaums, Rushmore, Spinal Tap, The Heavenly Kings
Favorite Faves Food: Japanese, Chinese / Colors: Black, Silver / Sports: Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Running
Hometown Hong Kong

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