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Ollie stoked on his Wall-E costume this morning...

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Stoked I got one of @philiplumbang's custom Skull Bear (9/10) in time for Halloween. So rad!

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All his pieces were super intricate and detailed. Stoked to finally see them in person!

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Stopped by the awesome Tristan Eaton show at @abovesecond before heading home...

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Got to check out the Star Ferry's new mo yesterday with Alex Lam. Movember is coming up in two days so sign up and join the cause!

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Trying to make Ollie's Halloween costume in time for school Friday. Still got a ways to go...

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Super stoked on these Made in Paradise board shorts!! The "Wires" & "T.E.T.R.I.S" are so awesome. Go check them out. Thanks Maurice!!

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Record of the night: Interpol "El Pintor." These guys never disappoint and this new album is pretty freakin' good!!

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My good friend @whatasunnyday just finished a new film project with Nissan recently. It features Eric Kot and Charmaine Fong and is called "Unlock." Both artists are super talented and great peoples. If you get a chance check out the trailer! -------------------------------------- 日產xWhat A Sunny Day微電影《UNLOCK•無人像你》第一回 預告 一句「我長大了」! 令到一對父女背向大家愈走愈冷漠,但因為一輛車,大家又重新感受及建立彼此的關係慢慢挨近..... 十一月六日,導演Sunny Lau讓葛民輝和方皓玟與你一同細味令人悸動的父女情。

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Spotted some new yarn bombing action in Central yesterday. Rad stuff by @knitteresther!

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