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First Christmas present this year! Really stoked on this Star Wars Lego Snowspeeder from @candaceysabella

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New tunes in the mix....

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Stoked to finally learn from master builder Dom! I love seeing their awesome woodwork & art pieces around town for years.

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Getting our hands dirty at the Start From Zero woodwork workshop this morning with @yintertainment @flow630....

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It was awesome to see some of the old King Ly Chee members come back to play some songs too. Good times...

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King Ly Chee killing it tonight at their 15th year anniversary party!!! Congrats to one of Hong Kong's finest bands for keeping their hardcore spirit alive all these years. Respect!

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Today's score: "Kiefer" by Prodip, Ma.k X Danboard figure, and the new Michael Lau "SFML cc32" (thanks for the drawing on my box @michaellau!!)

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Yoshitomo Nara represent! Can't wait for his HK art show next year. It's going to be awesome!

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A rad ThreeA robot with an Andy Warhol reference. I really dig the designs and weathering by Ashley Woods...

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Stopped by the Toy Soul 2014 show earlier today. Super cool to see all the rad new figures out and get a hold of a few new things too...

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Ryan Hui

Musician, Singer

Traditional Chinese Name 許懷欣
Favorite Tv Shows Simpsons, The Office, King of the Hill, Heroes, South Park, My Name is Earl
Languages Spoken english, cantonese, mandarin
English Name Ryan Hui

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