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Here's a throwback shot from the Hong Kong Coliseum 2012 show. I rarely finger pick so playing the "Vincent" solo in alternative tuning really kicked my ass that night...

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Super stoked to finally get this awesome poster by one of my favourite graphic designers Aaron Draplin framed. The 7-colour screen print detail and quality on this is so rad!!

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Chochukmo killing it right now at Fullcup Cafe!! Thanks Mike for the pass! Also nice catching up with Kerrie, Jan, and he Fullcup crew too...

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Good times...

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Their first wave ever!! I know where we'll be spending our summer...

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Awesome hang with @candaceysabella @chipawayboy @oli309 @jfchk @puipuifc at Mavericks (Pui O) this afternoon. Where else in HK can you find awesome peeps, good food, nice beaches, and mini ramp?!

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Took the boys to our local Lunar New Year market in Tai Po this afternoon. Good times picking out flowers, balloons, and catching goldfish...

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Our friends at Start From Zero have a booth of awesome Chinese New Year woodwork goodies for sale!! Check them out at Victoria Park booth #157!!

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Happy birthday to my brother @scottiehui!!

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Came across this shot of Dino and I trading solos during "Hotel California" when we played the HK stadium in 2007. Those were good times...

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Ryan Hui

Musician , Singer

Languages Spoken english, cantonese, mandarin
Gender male
Favorite Movies The Life Aquatic, The Royal Tenebaums, Rushmore, Spinal Tap, The Heavenly Kings
Location Hong Kong

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