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I listened to a lot of Jurassic 5 back in my San Diego days so I was super stoked to catch DJ Numark play an awesome set tonight in HK. Kick ass tunes, beats, and mixes!!

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Quick live acoustic recording for RTHK...

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Spending time with my mom @princessrebu at the Hillsong concert tonight. Good times!

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Didn't realise today was red plaid day! Good times meeting @bennylauwaihang and catching up Tai Chi's @ernestlau!! Go check out their upcoming Coliseum show...

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Huge thanks to @lwpan at Nike HK for helping me get hold of a pair of Air Max Corks!! Really stoked on these and love the texture.

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See you on April 30! Learn more #VansPropeller HK Premiere details please go to #vansskate #vanssk85ive2 #livingoffthewall #skatehongkong #hkskateboarding #skatehk

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The interview I did with our family dog Eli is in Ming Pao this week! Haven't done a pet interview in ages but had fun. Also if you're by the radio today I'll be on dbc "也文也武" live 2:00-4:00pm...

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Finally got a copy of James Jean's book of all the covers he painted for Fables. It even shows his process from sketching to final design too! Definitely worth checking out...

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Always happy and honoured to be apart of Shannon's tribute to her dad Bruce Lee! Between spending time with Shannon, Auntie Linda, and Brandon growing up and listening to my mom/dad's adventures with Bruce I felt like I really knew him. I have fond memories of staying at their LA house during summers and seeing his personal stuff around. I only wish I had a chance to meet him before he left us...

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Awesome!!! Super stoked @leungmanlai played my new record on the air!!! Thanks man!

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Ryan Hui

Musician , Singer

Favorite Music The Beatles, Elliot Smith, Sam Hui, Bob Dylan, Coldplay, Jets To Brazil, Ben Folds, Pedro The Lion, Lemonheads, Lush, The Shins, Death Cab For Cutie, Bright Eyes, Iron & Wine, Radiohead, Paul Wong, Soler, Eason, Qui Hong, King Ly Chee, Hardpack, Audio Traffic, and lots more.....
English Name Ryan Hui
Favorite Tv Shows Simpsons, The Office, King of the Hill, Heroes, South Park, My Name is Earl
Favorite Faves Food: Japanese, Chinese / Colors: Black, Silver / Sports: Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Running

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