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The Stay Up “Walkman” tribute enamel pins!! Coming soon...🎶😬🎶😬🎶😬


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Good times at the Tumi “California Modern” spring/summer 2018 launch party last night. Nice meeting the Tumi creative team and checking the new line too. Thanks again for the invite & custom monogram goodies!! 🙏🎉 🙏🎉

TUMI #TUMIHK #PerfectingTheJourney #fashion #event

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Huge thanks to Westone HK for hooking me up with a new pair of UM PRO 30’s in-ear monitors!! I’ve been using Westone’s live for over five years now and love them. Also every time I’ve clumsily dropped & cracked open a pair they immediately replace them. Super cool customer service. Thanks @magstse for connecting us too!!🙏🙏🎧🙏🙏

westone #umpro30 #inearmonitor #headphones #tomeleemusichk #prsguitars

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Congrats Dolce & Gabbana on their “Year of the Dog” CNY pop up today!! I dig the new line and thanks again to the D&G Asia team for the kicks and goodies. Nice catching up!! 🎉🎉🎉

dolcegabbana #DGHKpopup #DGlovesCNY #DGlovesHongKong #numberonepr #fashion #popup #store #harbourcity #cny @DolceGabbana @NumberOnePR

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Working on the guitar solo for “Crooked Smiles” tonight...🎸🤘🎸🤘🎸🤘

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Hope you guys had a rockin’ new year!!! Got some rad stuff in store for 2018 including a new YouTube channel, Podcasts, shows, gear and of course tunes!!

This shot taken in front of Yngwie Malsteen’s wall of amps & goes out to his biggest fan @iamchristopherclark

Thanks Karissa Muse for the shot!!


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Huge thanks to @ecthk for the awesome Campfire Audio “Jupiter” headphones!!! They sound insane and I dig the four drivers and aluminium casing too. Definitely the most high end headphones I’ve ever used!

Thanks again @magstse for the introduction.🙏🎧🎉🙏🎧🎉🙏🎧🎉

ecthk #campfireaudio #campfire #cnc #jupiterck #taec

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Here’s some recap shots from last Saturday’s show. Thanks to everyone who came out & sang along!!

Photos by @samdawson1029 🎉🎉🎤🎤🎸🎸🙏🙏

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The busking interview was printed in today’s newspaper!!

Thanks @appledailyhk & @numberonepr for the write up & support!! Also thanks @lwpan at Nike SB for the kicks too!! 🙏🙏🎉🎉🎄🎄

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Our Christmas busking adventure and interview is up at Apple Daily!! Good times busking for the first time in HK. Thanks for all the support!!!



busking # numberonepr #appledaily #interview

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