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Kicks for today: Geoff Mcfetridge designed Nike SB Janoski's. Thanks again to the rad peeps Nike SB!!

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Current setup: Clean & simple with all the tones I love. Thanks again to the gang at Tom Lee for all the support!! Now I gotta put my pedal board back together for live gigs...

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【抵幫!因為成功毋需父幹】許懷欣Ryan:請撐我! 音樂監製Adam:點解你唔用屋企錢? 歌手Ryan:我一直自己搵錢,冇用過屋企錢。 音樂監製Adam:點解你眾籌? 歌手Ryan:志在用自己音樂去撐自己音樂。 Frequently asked question about why we are crowding this CD...www.umadx.com

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Afternoon rooftop hang out with @lanciple @davmok @candaceysabella Andy Kat & kids...

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Thanks Crowd Vinyl!! Please check out the crowdfunding rewards we have going before it ends (link in bio) www.umadx.com

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Stoked on this really cool "Ziggy Bartdust" pin by @thumbs1!! Two of my favourite worlds coming together.

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【撐音樂.撐自家創作】許懷欣Ryan = 歌手 + Designer Ryan背後冇大公司,佢自己砌自己嘅事業 佢眾籌集資做音樂嘅回饋心意: 原創tee、原創tote bag隨時ready,等你支持。

We got pre-orders, guitar lessons, living room shows, design packages, and release party jams on our UMADX.com crowdfunding project. Please check it out & share before it ends (link in bio)!! www.umadx.com

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Just finished an 8am acoustic set on Metro radio this typhoon rainy morning. Can't remember the last time I played so early haha...

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Super stoked to meet Paul Waggoner at his Tom Lee clinic tonight!! I got to watch him and Between the Buried and Me play San Diego last July and they were awesome. One of the best technical players I've seen and really nice guy too.

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Photo shoot for my dad's 2016 show this afternoon with the Big Honor crew. Having fun designing the posters this time around. Stay tuned...

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