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Throwback shot from a CD cover shoot we did with @pakkhei back in 2006. That was a fun ash strat to play but heavy. Wonder who has it now?

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Getting a little antsy 🐜 from not playing any live shows since last month but luckily we got some fun The Stay Up & Sam Hui gigs coming up soon. Recap shot from @imchrischow

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Another 2006 picture from backing up my work CDs. Can u recognise the faces here? Time flies...

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Doing the radio event circuit with Endy, Khalil, and Toby in 2005 too. Damn I still had purplish hair there...😅😅

Waiting for the super typhoon while backing up old data CDs. Found this jem from backstage at the Sam Hui Coliseum 2005 show with Bernice and Leo!!

Getting back into songwriting mode & hoping to get the next single out very soon. Maybe a multicoloured 7-inch vinyl by Christmas?? 🤔🤔🤔

Congrats Tommy on the opening of the new “Fisher and Farmer 漁牧” Restaurant!! Good times checking out & tasting their Sichuan & Beijing dishes this afternoon. Support!! 🎉🍽🎉🍽🎉🍽🎉🍽🎉🍽🎉🍽🎉🍽🎉🍽

Thanks Re:spect Magazine for the support!! 🙏🙏🎸🙏🙏

Thanks Freshman magazine for the interview!! You can check it out in their new issue. 🎸😬🎸😬🎸😬🎸😬🎸😬🎸😬🎸😬

Thanks @hitpower997 for supporting my new tune “Starting Line”!! 🙏📻🙏📻🙏📻🙏📻🙏📻🙏📻🙏📻🙏📻



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