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Tactical Unit -Comrades in Arms part 2

Hi everybody, Tactical Unit -Comrades in Arms will be released in theatre on Jan 8th, I'm actually kind a nervous as this is the first time I'm having a picture on the poster, and playing such a big role in a Milkyway film for the very first time, hope you guys will support this movie!

Here I have the film poster and few pictures to share with all of you, hope you like it!

Abientôt Vincent

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Tactical Unit - Comrades in arms

As this is my first time working with Milkyway, I was so nervous during the shoot, but glad everyone of the crew keep helping me and support me til the end of the shooting.... Dear Milkyway crew, Thank you!

So before I update my health condition, please enjoy my new movie trailor! Hope you like it!




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Bad luck!? No! God bless!!

Hi Everyone,

Something badly happened to me on the Monday night(4 days ago), I had a traffic accident with my motorcycle on To Lo Harbour highway which made me write this blog in one hand!! But I'm feeling better now as I just came out from the hospital.

But the most important thing is I'd like to thank all my brothers and sisters who prayed for me and came visiting me during this painful period.... And "Thank you!!

PS. I'll update you guys my motobike's look and the details of the accident later....   

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Karate demonstration at international school

My first time karate demonstration in HK!


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