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Jane's lost in Atlanta! #ija #atlantajugglersassociation #robmissjane

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Jack Frost Final Show! You guys rocked it! #sixflagsgreatadventure

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And this why I should always drive to gigs. Stupid dog pushing me around in the seat behind me #travelproblems #metronorth

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Yo ho yo ho, a circus life for me #cirquedujour #holiday2015 #clownparty

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Alive not Dead. I miss you!

We had some really good times, didn't we? 
Hopefully we'll do it again!

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Happy Thanksgiving! Look for the toy soldiers on stilts heralding Santa's arrival! #macysthanksgivingdayparade

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Circus family for the holidays! #bindlestifffamilycirkus #cirquedujour #crosscountymall #holiday2015

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That night Jane met Marty and Doc #backtothefuture #onlyinnyc

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Nice surprise from the Chinese Community Center in Houston, TX #clownlifeforme

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