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Girl plus Wine Bottle Trick https://t.co/2fsNKjOwKX via @reddit

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Stray thought: We just finished up our act, grabbed a few Hale's Ales and sat on the wings to enjoy the rest of the show. Mark Ettinger and the Naked Truth started playing to Ariele Ebacher's wire routine while Jan Damm and Timo watched on. I don't know, it was a beautiful moment. It all connected right there. Live Music, World Class Artists, Killer Crowd, New Experiences and Family. Listening to the video really brought it all back. Thank you again, Moisture Festival.

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I'm working on something #newideas #circus #propbuilding #brokenankle #allezoops

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Quick and dirty edit with a clickbait-y thumbnail and title. Check out our teaser for "GLASS". Jane deserves a raise!

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Well, it's Spring Cleaning time! Who wants to buy a small Loop machine? Never used in performance, just experimented at home. I bought it two years ago to put together the next big clown gag but it ended up in my closet. I believe this is a small version of what Magic Brian uses for his heavy metal show. $50 and it's yours in NYC! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00EQDITGO/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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Anybody else heading up to the RBBB Red Unit on May 7th from NYC? Geniia and I may take the train but if there's enough interest, maybe we can all pitch in for a rental car and drive up?

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Portuguese Easter Egg Tarts! We may have ourselves a new tradition! #macau #nyc #portuguese #eggtarts #foodporn

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Our first try at Portuguese Egg Tarts. Not the prettiest but not too bad. Our big Laurel and Hardy moment came when we closed the oven door and realized the cookie pan we just bought was half an inch too big for the oven, a bungee cord and gaffers tape later, we were a'cookin!

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I've had this happen with my stack chairs.. good times

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Love them!

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