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Rob Lok

Bombay duck with garlic and spices. Thank you Macau! #travel #foodie

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greasepaintlove in Macau!

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Monkey King of the Animals #travel #macau

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Hot and humid! #travel #lovemyjob #macau

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Four more days, three more breakfasts! #travel #greasepaintlove

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Let's battle! #sohomacau

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sohomacau My home for the week!

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Let the games begin!! #kubb #vikingchess

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Gifts from clowns are the best #greasepaintlove

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Next stop... Neck #travel #discoveryourself

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Rob Lok

Actor, Producer


International Purveyors of Comic Visual Action & Ocular Business ...Read more

City Other Hong Kong
Gender male
Favorite Books Tipping Point, Chuck Amuck, Crime and Punishment, Life of Pi
Favorite Movies Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, City of Lost Children, A Better Tomorrow, Old Boy, Battle Royale, a few others...

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