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Front row seats for one of my favorite acts. Catch the @umbilicalbrothers in NYC now. #umbilicalbrothers #theatre80 #nyc

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Keith Leaf playing at @themusebrooklyn #circus #training #themusebrooklyn

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@Budget @JFKairport hey Budget, there's no one here letting us out! Ten minutes and waiting https://t.co/dBUBzh4dUx

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Hold my spot, Jane #Ukraine #hangingwiththeinlaws #littlesister

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It's a sweet life at Candyland #kiev #Ukraine #sweet #candy

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Salty fish and beer #ua #Ukraine #hospitality #hangingwiththeinlaws

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Home made Ukrainian whiskey? Don't mind if I do #Ukraine #chekassy #hangingwiththeinlaws

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It was a hot dog. Give it up for good old pantomime #GoogleTranslate #fail #ukraineinlaws

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I'm at a rest stop between Kiev and Cherkasy and my father in law either wanted me to try a hot dog or sell me drugs #GoogleTranslate #fail

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Having a conversation with Geniia's dad and apparently we're discussing drugs in the Panama Canal #GoogleTranslate #fail #ukraineinlaws

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