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Rob Lok

Jane discovers Hot and Fresh deliciousness #krispykreme #roadtrip

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A clown, a belly dancer and a bear walks into a cola factory...

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Bombay duck with garlic and spices. Thank you Macau! #travel #foodie

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greasepaintlove in Macau!

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Monkey King of the Animals #travel #macau

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Hot and humid! #travel #lovemyjob #macau

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Four more days, three more breakfasts! #travel #greasepaintlove

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Let's battle! #sohomacau

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sohomacau My home for the week!

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Let the games begin!! #kubb #vikingchess

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Rob Lok

Actor , Producer


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Favorite Movies Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, City of Lost Children, A Better Tomorrow, Old Boy, Battle Royale, a few others...
English Name Rob Lok
Location New York City, United States

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