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URGENT!! Pls watch and share!!!! Global warming is affecting us big time!! Awesome film and superb music!!!!

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Thanks @glamglowhk ! Look forward to your first counter in Facesss on 16th. Gotta use this before shoot. #hellosexy #glamglowhk

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【呢度 RubberBand Live 2016】 日期: 2016年12月14及15日 晚上8時15分 地點: 麥花臣場館 票價: $480, $380 售票詳情即將公布,請密切留意!! #rubberbandhk #rubberband #呢度 #musica #concierto #concert #hongkong

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Just want to take this moment to sincerely thank everyone that helped me on my very special evening "JUST A CONCERT" Right after my concert , I had a 9AM call time for a tour in china, that's why I was MIA for 2!days. No FB in china. Big thank you to all the artist that helped me make videos to promote the concert, all the wonderful artists and musicians that came to the show, that really meant a lot to me, Ric and Kim for my online presence, Vivian K for the crazy 2 weeks of organising and chaotic changes, the best producer I ever worked with, Mr.Hong K...Read more

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【"Just A Concert"】 Dear Junkers, you made us rock the show last night.
Special thanks to @matzka @mousefx @jw with their great performance on stage!

justaconcert #junkung #恭碩良 #matzka #mousefx #jw

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【Who will be my guests?】 Ladies and Gentlemen, my party will start at 8:15 tonight! Join us on time, or you will be on... See ya!

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【Are you ready for "Just A Concert”?】 你話今日幾多號?我話今日20號! We’re ready for the party! Are you ready? See you all tonight!

justaconcert #junkung #恭碩良

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【Just few hours to ..."Just A Concert"】 當隱世低調高手,遇上另一位隱世低調高手,佢,唔再低調喇!佢仲好「高調」咁話⋯⋯

justaconcert #junkung #恭碩良 #陳柏宇




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