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Argh! too many things going on in October! Let me know if you want to get on the guestlist for this (if you are into photography or skateboarding...)

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Made a run for the border! aka the Taco Bell! #TaiWai to #SheungShui. Good weather for biking! #hkbiking #nikeplusforbikes #nikeplus

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Bike path was a mess from the typhoon and hit some rain but got my ride in. 🚴🚴🚴 #nikeplusforbikes #nikeplus #shatinbiking #hkbiking

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Three more days for early bird tickets! #creamtours #creamhongkong #paulvandyk #kaitakcruiseterminal #cosmicgate @realcosmicgate @paulvandyk

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The ghetto way to watch tonight's fireworks. ;-). #chinanationalday #十一 #hongkongfireworks #hkfireworks

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Another day, another event promo video! I don't know about you, but I'm in the mood for Halloween already!

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Let me know if you guys would like to come. I have tickets. :-P

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It's coming! #creamhongkong #paulvandyk #creamtours @paulvandyk @realcosmicgate @christinanovelli @alivenotdead - let me know if you want to come!

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中秋節快樂!I made super good time despite all the lantern kids wandering in the bike path. 😆 #nikeplus #nikeplusforbikes #hkbiking

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Thanks to #RosaryChurch in TST for hosting the #ArmenianTalk today and tomorrow. #hkcatholic #亞美尼亞 #🇦🇲 #亞美尼亞禮講座 !#chinahay #chinahye

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