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喂喂 搵邊位...... 大聲D吖 聽唔X到



首先我好開心 因為有機會再次跟Daniel, Jason and Terence合作

When I first heard the song that I going to director, what I can think of is a very HOT chick in the video, and I think who is the hottest chick in town…….Ana R came out in my mind right the way.

 Hotter than Hot, gonna be hot….I shoot what I thought, and I don't really care u like it or not, this video might not be so shock but all de fun and work will never forgot. Those dancers beat is hard to beat, Ana R tits is what I need…LO...Read more

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Guerilla shoot + ninja costume + Toyko = SUPER FUN

ok.......  here we go....

Guerilla shoot + ninja costume + Toyko = SUPER FUN

i hve to say it was so much fun to shoot this project in tokyo, specially working with Andrew, Terence and Phat, also couple of new friends that i met in tokyo- "KB san" and "Peter Chan san"  !!!  They're awesome

Seeing Andrew in the ninja outfit and doing all those crazy things in Toyko street is hilarious, I had a hard time to stop laughing while we r shooting it, he is so good for ...Read more

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I hate them

Although Man 5 guys just fxxk with me in thier office.......................i still love'em !!!

thanks guy  : )

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