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It was a clear back night, a clear white moon,

CB FRESH was on the streets, trying to CONSUME!

Yo, so everyone is asking..."What ya'll doing for NYE?" ( insider tip: NYE = New Years Eve).

Well, we have the answer. It's the Alive Not Dead NYE party at ZUMA!!!!

Building on the success of the 'Dead Not Alive' Halloween Party,, zuma, and Pimpin' Ain't Easy are partnering up to put on an awesome New Year's Eve Party! Sponsored by Diesel.

An all-star lineup of world class DJs has been assembled from’s artist community to make the countdown to 2010 one to remember. Actor and fashion icon Sam Lee (aka DJ Becareful) will be headlining with support from DJ Miss Yellow, Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy co-founder DJ Enso and World DMC finalist DJ Noodles from Taiwan.

UPDATE: The dinner packages are SOLD OUT! zuma is also full booked for dinner that night. If you would like to be put on a waiting list for dinner, please call zuma reservations at (852)3657-6388.

The countdown party opens to the public at 10pm and will go until late. Entry for the countdown party is HK$250 in advance, HK$300 at the door, and HK$200 after 1am and includes 1 free drink.

We are very happy to announce a lucky draw! Thanks to our generous sponsors, we have 4 fabulous prizes available for giveaway:

1) 3 night stay in 4 bedroom villa at L’Orchidée resort in Phuket, Thailand*

[*Note: airfare not included; 8 person max capacity; offer valid from jan 10 to nov 30, 2010; subject to availability]

2) Diesel men's jacket (retail value HK$2,000)

3) Diesel women's jacket (retail value HK$2,000)

4) Red Packet "Exploration" package (retail value HK$888)

Each party or dinner purchased online will receive one entry in the lucky draw. We will also be giving away special Diesel t-shirts at the party. =)

Party tickets are going fast! Our Halloween party was SOLD OUT early, so don't delay. You won't find a better combination of DJs, venue, location, and price anywhere on New Year's Eve. Buy your tickets today!

Tickets for the countdown party can be purchased at:

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If you haven't already...

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Continuing on with our brand ambassador roles for Shanghai White Vodka, we are collaborating with international PR company, Grayling, to plan out a series of Friday Happy Hour visits with our Shanghai White Drink Trolley in Hong Kong.

This means CB FRESH are visiting different work places throughout Hong Kong to introduce them to the smooth and clean taste of Shanghai White Vodka(okay, enough pitching)

Okay, the FRESH boys are the first to admit. We're not bartenders or uber bad ass mixologists like our buddy Nick Labut we've been pretty good at putting together Shanghai White signature drinks.

Sort of like Adrian Brody in the movie "The Pianist". He doesn't play the piano but he learned a few songs note by note and played it beautifully in the film.

We had a test run at Grayling's office complex a few months ago and it was a bit of a logistical disaster due to the transportation of the drink trolleys.

But after a bit of an upgrade and better planning, we stormed the office of Edipresse, home of Hong Kong Tatler last Friday.

Joining us?

The lovely Gloriannaand Sarah

The drink of the day?

Swingin' Ginger

How many glasses broken?


After two hours of muddling, shaking, and drink pouring. We left knowing that Tatler's thirst was satiated and that CB FRESH can really mix a damn fine drink!

DEMAND that CB FRESH visit YOUR workplace with the Shanghai White Drink Trolley.


Yep, Patrick Lee, we can come to the new AnD office! Drinks on us!!

(Rob's note on photo: Dear FRESH Fans, I've been working on a "normal" face to take photos with since I can't really ham it up with Shanghai White. How's the half smirk working for you?)

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down with AnD? Yea, you know me!!

Alive Not Dead Success Case Study//

file number 2009

It was a dark and stormy night....

No, not really but we've always wanted to start a blog like that.

We recently developed and produced a new music video for Ryan Hui with his brother Scottie and his management CREEP Entertainment.

By now I'm sure you have seen the FRESH banner that Alive Not Dead put together for us highlighting the video on their front page.

By now I'm sure you have seen the FRESH music video "變形金剛 (Transformer)" on Ryan's blog or at this youtube link:

By now I'm sure you have left a FRESH comment and given the video a FRESH rating

By now I'm sure you have all seen the FRESH behind the scenes photos from Derrick Fong's blog (our FRESH Post Production Guru and DP)

So what else can we write? What else can we post?

Well, I guess we could give you an idea on how all of this started.

You see, when a man and a woman really like each other, they would....


Thank you Thank you We'll be here all night.

No seriously.

This all started from Alive Not Dead's mission statement. is an online community dedicated to helping artists. Our goal is to strengthen artist communities worldwide and to help connect these communities together. Through our website, artists can connect with and grow their audience, share their creative works, and meet and collaborate with other artists.

CB FRESH, being fairly new in the HK scene, was able to have a pretty strong outlet in to distribute our fun and FRESH short videos.

Remember our first one?

This in turn help build our fan base and also begin our collaborations with other artists on the site.

One of these artists was the cool and incomparable Scottie Hui. We all synced up over dogs, fast food and video games.

Not to mention poison filled TGI Fridays but that would be another blog. We're still in litigation..

We were keeping an eye out for any projects we could do together and when Ryan was looking to put together some new music videos for his upcoming EP, Scottie graciously called us and asked us if we wanted to come onboard.


It was a bright and sunny day and the full CB FRESH crew with Scottie, Ryan and Patrick at CREEP Entertainment met up at Outback Steakhouse to hammer out a few ideas for the MVs ready to shoot back to back in about five days

This meant pre production and production in a 5 day period.

It all went super quick and super smooth!

We hope you like the final product.

Please continue to support the Hong Kong music scene!


Ryan Hui for trusting us with his music

Scottie Hui for poisoning us

Patrick CREEP for producing us


Alive Not Dead

for supporting and connecting all of us

Be FRESH and see you all in the next one![](/attachments/2011/06/25/04/238380_2011062504030117463.gif)

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If you haven't already...

Go check out Derrick Fong's Blog on our recent MV shoot with Ryan Hui CLICK HERE!More details coming soon!

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Have you seen this person?

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And so begins CB FRESH's journey with ESPRIT

The gang all met up at Studio LaLa's office in Sheung Wan last week to try on some hot ESPRIT samples.

And when I say hot, I mean WINTER WEAR!!!

Derrick and Rob trying on different looks and poses.


Simon, you're one of the new faces of ESPRIT. What do you have to say?!?!

"Yea, Baby, that's right..."

Practicing for choir... repeat after me.. FA LA LA LA LA LA

I believe Derrick is saying we're "LEGIT"

We all met up two days later for the shoot in Central.

It was raining but it stopped long enough for us to do our thing.

You'll have to wait until the launch to see what exactly but here are some behind the scene shots!

Home Base for awhile. The Mystery Machine...HK Style!

Inside The Mystery Machine, you'll find Make up Artist of the Stars, Alvin Goh,slapping on the grease paint all over our pretty mugs. (as Rob does an interpretive dance behind them)

A rare look at the mythical CHUNGINGUS TSANGOLUMUS, a quiet mammal sans glasses

BEE Agressive! BEE BEE Agressive!

We ran into a HUI family friend. We call her Auntie. She gave us cake. She rocks.

I would like to reiterate what Peapops wrote on her blog:

BIG THANKS to EVERYONE at ESPRIT, Shylala, Lala Studios, Alvin Goh and the hair & make up stylists for making this all possible!!

See CB FRESH at an ESPRIT near you in October!

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CB FRESH is very excited to be the new faces for ESPRIT with the seven other FRESH groups in their new campaign next month.

If you haven't already, go visit them on their website:

Bee, Peapops, Chung, Derrick, Simon and Rob all went to their fittings last night sans Vince since the VMC will be representing the AMAZING TEAM of Sam and Vince for ESPRIT.

We're looking pretty good though it's going to be a hot one during our shoot with the stuff we're wearing!

Our shoot's on Friday. We'll be around Central doing what we do best..

Guerilla Style!!

Come find us if you can!

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Going GAGA tonight in Hong Kong!

We'll be there with a bottle of Shanghai White!

Simon loves shiny things

Vince buys shiny things

Rob loves putting on shiny things

See you all tonight!

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3 FRESH Dudes, 1 FRESH Asia

CB Fresh have been developing a new television sketch comedy show that's one part Asia-centric, two parts Insanity and three parts KICK ASS!

So you put that all together and it's 100 Percent Certified FRESH!

Our specialty? Shooting original content Guerilla-Style. Here we are taking over a section of Mong Kok and shooting our Fashion Report

We had a ball hopping around to different locations. For Rob, it was more like prancing around...

We try to keep our costs as low as possible while retaining the highest quality production possible. So who needs a production van when we can go MTR , Baby!!

A lot of people have been asking us for advice in surviving the Asia entertainment industry.

First and foremost, Do It.

Don't talk about taking new promo photos, calling that new agent or writing that new scrīpt.

Do it. Sit down, do what you need to do to get the content, then DO IT

That was key for CB Fresh. We are fortunate enough to have a motley crew of talent that are pro active about getting sh*t done.

We had an idea, put it on paper, and shot the damn thing.

So be hungry and just do it!

As for us? It won't be smooth sailing but we have a FRESH outlook!

Check out our teaser. The show will be shot in Canto, Mandarin and English.

And for you FRESH Fans out in China or Youtube-less:

A FRESH attempt at Insanity! from CB Fresh on Vimeo.

It has been a rewarding and FRESH process and we can't wait for you to see the finished product at a flat screen near you!

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