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commencing reboot.

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when you part of the crew but the crew just don't know it yet.

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@AaronSmarter good ol Barry o! he will be missed dearly

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rooting for the hornets tonight..

haven't heard views yet..

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Even if you understand ZERO Cantonese, you can still vibe to this video of me and Kiki Tam getting our MX curry on! Nothing but heat and flavor, figuratively and literally. Taking the spice game to a new level.

睇完我同Kiki最新嘅MV,相信你哋隔住個mon都feel到有幾狂熱!I miss you HK!I miss you「MX原煲咖喱」!2款辣度嘅狂熱真係好正!香港嘅朋友,幫幫手,帶個MX原煲咖喱嚟New York啦!

MX原煲咖喱 #咖喱狂熱 #MCJin #譚淇淇 #Rap #Rap出咖喱狂熱 #即叫即煮 #雞 #牛肋肉 #豬軟骨 #咖喱 #高溫 #狂熱 #熱辣辣 #過癮 #原味與加辣

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tennis the menace.

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Inspiration comes from everywhere when I'm creating. This time it came from a delicious pot of MX curry. Check out me and Kiki Tam's MX curry inspired raps!


MX原煲咖喱 #咖喱狂熱 #MCJin #譚淇淇 #Rap #Rap出咖喱狂熱 #即叫即煮#雞 #牛肋肉 #豬軟骨 #咖喱 #高溫 #狂熱 #熱辣辣 #過癮 #原味與加辣

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when you leave the room and you are the room.

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what's up shaddy. https://t.co/xGsrmBEdc2

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