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went from being stuck in the clouds for 5 hrs to now stuck in traffic for an hour. #welcometoLA

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come celebrate the year of the monkey with us tomorrow at the san gabriel mission playhouse (320 s mission drive) and enjoy a full day of FREEntertainment. you like how i did that. what i wanna know is who's the 7:45 surprise guest?!




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@4BN3RM4L i've prepped myself to expect the unexpected

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Carl just took a rifle shot to the chest like a G. my first thought was "if he survives this, mixtape drop asap!" https://t.co/Bon1rLrbao

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don't even have it in me to pretend that i'm pretending to be excited about super bowl sunday.

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RT @BlogXilla: Bruh that the perfect metaphor for life, love and all things really. You gotta go hard or you're f*cked! https://t.co/3Dp5HC…

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at this point, the walkers are looking like the civilized ones. https://t.co/A5g5gv6JHA

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i just started watching walking dead season from season one. our lives aren't far from Rick and co. https://t.co/xOO028FRc4

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would be honored if @trailingjohnson checked out my Dear Dom vid. 😱https://t.co/kDTmVbZfJN

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thank you Homer Simpson, Al Bundy, Carl Winslow, Uncle Phil and Danny Tanner for fathering our generation. #90skids

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