Jin Au-Yeung

It's a thin line between witty and cheesy. I like to think I ride that line gracefully.

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With Kendrick killin' it and recent release of Dre's Compton album, I'd say California at the moment. https://t.co/BqD06GDKbW

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Imagine if @Drake said "I waited for a minute where yall been, I drove here in a Civic playin MC Jin" instead. 🔥👲 #ninjawemadeit #back2back

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Burger King wants to do a joint burger with Mc Donald's. What's next, Pepsoke?! Coksi?!

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When we first found out we were having a boy, I proposed the name Rawkus. My wife wasn't having it. Chance it is.

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@denzelzhao I know u feel me

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The last single I put out. Didn't even make it out. 😐

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RT @ComedyHype_: "You can't be afraid to fail" - Bernie Mac http://t.co/T8tPBG23UV

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@jOhnnytran81 appreciate the kind words.

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Nope. Just hanging out with an old friend. 👲👍 https://t.co/y2o1HOwIkc

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