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RT @aadp: 2DAY IS THE DAY! Buy ur tix for #LFL at https://t.co/wCbC9egCrk. Online tix close at noon! #BayArea #SF #SanFrancisco @iammcjin @…

this guy 2 rows in front of me being all cute on FaceTime with his toddler "bye buddy i love you."

don't make me get Chance on the line. 😌

@allaboutfigures thanks, looking forward to tonight. can't be any colder than 2 feet of snow we got in NY recently

@DaDr101 a super duper happy 5 year anniversary to you two!! much love and joy for many many many more to come!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️

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are you in the Bay Area? would you like tickets to a super dope and meaningful comedy event that I'll be hosting tomorrow? you're in luck! for more info regarding registering to be a bone marrow donor and tomorrow's Laugh For Lives show in SF visit http://www.aadp.org 👈👈👈

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RT @ClubBoundLA: #tbt of @iammcjin performing at our venue. Don't mis out this Saturday as he blesses the mic one… https://t.co/MrqFAIljXO

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i knew i wanted to start the #NobodysListening album off with a lot of energy and intensity. in other words, i wanted to come right out spittin'! the inspiration behind #NoPromo is that as long as i put my efforts into the music, it'll speak for itself. these lines are my promo. with that said, i appreciate all of you who have checked out the album and even more so for taking time out to spread the word to your friends and family about it. yo @realsway, it might be time!!! #5FingersOfDeath #NobodysListening is now streaming and available for free download at M...Read more

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RT @aadp: Laugh & #party w/ @iammcjin 2mrw! Buy ur tix https://t.co/HZJBi954jd #comedy @originsf #BayArea #SanFrancisco #SF https://t.co/cp…

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RT @theslantedview: stoked for tomorrow night's @aadp Laugh for Lives standup comedy benefit hosted by legendary @iammcjin | #DAEjob https:…

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@NicoSantana100 shoot me an email! jin@nofanzone.com

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New York, United States
April 19, 2007