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we will get to the bottom of this. pun intended.

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getting son'd as always. #chancetheson #highlightofmyday #hipporonamus

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fair east side 🎤🎤🎤

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"don't you forget where you came from now" https://t.co/X3NvLQjKpP

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i'm a 90's kid and a Hiphop head to the core of my soul so anytime i not only get acknowledged by those i grew up listening to but also get to pick their brains, what a wonderful world it is indeed. salute! @lilcease

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savor every entree and keep exploring the unknown. #jinfuciussay for more 🔥👉 @entreels @unknownnewyork

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you can't just come and do it if you don't really do it.

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holding our hands when we're little. holding our hearts forever. happy mommy day from your ❤️ boys.

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with less than ideal views you'd hope for)... BUT you still create, just for the sake of creating. you have my admiration and respect.

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EVEN knowing that your creation may go unnoticed, unappreciated (i.e. a blog that barely anyone knows exists, songs/vids on YouTube...

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