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let's go! @swavesevah #ShoNuff #nobrainer https://t.co/3WckAqG2fJ

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yet in still. she ain't no holla back girl. https://t.co/IB8VhTXYiP

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Smart funny is such an art.

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@DTDGTG they both took it to outer space.

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In my life travels, I've met at least 3 black girls named Asia but have yet to meet a chinese girl named Africa. Are you out there?

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@LLLLLEO what's ya email. will shoot you the info!

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Even saved me that 300$ workshop fee! #thanksHann https://t.co/Cy58fjFWj9

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@LLLLLEO when u gonna come check out ya boy do his comedy thing in the city?!

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Two studs celebrating your birthday with you, what more can you wish for? We love you Mommy @iamcarolcay! 🎉🎂 #turnupfortiramisu

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