Jin Au-Yeung

@MacLethal snapple cap fact of the day!

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@inleslieseyes appreciate the support! spread the worddddd

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Every opportunity is an opportunity to learn and grow. https://t.co/p2ruDDGGsW

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@chimpo29 appreciate the support! seen yet? https://t.co/kDTmVbZfJN

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@vuhnehsuh for PRE-popped scenarios

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@psg @quillyrics appreciate the kind words fellas

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@RyFrisco which hf line?

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RT @MaddyPimpDaddy: This is for my sisters and my brothers strugglin, here's hopin that you can find comfort in your skin. @iammcjin 💕

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Jin Au-Yeung

Actor , MC / Show Host , Rapper , Comedian

Languages Spoken English,Cantonese
English Name Jin
Simplified Chinese Name 欧阳靖
Member Since April 19, 2007

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