Jin Au-Yeung

when you use your son as an excuse to wild out at the hall of science.😁😁😁

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If you're in NYC I got 10 free tickets for a comedy show that I'll be performing at tonight at The Stand. Tweet me back in the next 5 minute

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when ya jam comes on unexpectedly at the bucks.

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showed up early just to check out the venue. had a nice chat with the hostess at the door and she said tonight's show is sold out. oh well, no turning back now. #laughnowcrylater #alljokesaside #hopefullyMCdoesntstandforMedicoreComedian #stupiddreamsareonesyoudontchase

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"my milkshake brings all the capes to the yard" image courtesy of moi. caption courtesy of @tomoshiga 😂 any more ideas?

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a view from @melorhidayahat yesterday's A.C.E. fashion show at NYU. always a pleasure rocking at the kimmel center. met some super awesome individuals. thanks for having me. #rappersonstoolsFTW #TFTI #thatstandsforThanksForTheInvite #learnedthatyesterday

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@wowitsjkao hope we cross paths again and not in 2 years!

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@thedudesuave116 #dontforgetthecilantro

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RT @currypwder: We met MC Jin today! Thank you for stopping by and taking a pic with your fans! @iammcjin sigmabaruch… https://t.co/Ql8Feg8…

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@jdan444 thanks for joining us. It was an amazing experience. very encouraged and humbled by your kind words. #getwellsoon

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