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me during opening sequence of finale episode soon as Hell On Earth dropped. 🔥🔥🔥 @BallersHBO @TheRock https://t.co/Bp041Y7DZs

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on a rampage. 🔥 https://t.co/UJXRTmmv4P

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two legends before the battle even happened. results, a legendary battle. https://t.co/voJycqW1sa

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forever a fan and a student of the sport. #battlerapchangedmylife

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.@MRDIZASTER and @MurdaMookez are two prime examples of how far passion for the art of battling can take you. #salute

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@nyknicks Chance wants a baby bro and i wouldn't mind another lil munchkin runnin around the house. https://t.co/sQty2t6hoO

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The Wife says we can have another child if the Knicks make it to the playoffs. 🙄

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11lbs. that's a healthy baby girl. congrats and blessings sir!! https://t.co/CpAJD0Sy94

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@MrEsco premise of that sounds 🔥

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@MrEsco JC got classssssicks

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