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i would never generalize and blame the "white man" for any of my daily struggles.

he's my neighbor and his name is paul. drives a scion.

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bout to start unloading some of them on 140 characters at a time

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have this folder on my laptop with a infinite supply of random quips, thoughts, observations that potentially can be turned into comedy bits

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the visions of plaques and grammys didn't quite come to fruition but on the brightside; it was a helluva ride… https://t.co/o3x7yaY4r4

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now there she goes again the dopest ethiopian...

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without your love there's no point in even waking up.

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delta, nice try with the kenny g campaign. let it be anyone else trying to pull that mid air performance off, we kn… https://t.co/5ptn5pjrnj

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dimsum convo.

friend 1: still ain't see fast 8 yet?

me: not yet, heard tyrese was funny as usual.

friend 2: who's todd reese?

me: 😑

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this article speaks to E's talents for sure. could write a whole nother piece on what a cool dude he is. great to s… https://t.co/IOxvvSGbYT

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salute to him! gonna be celebrating my 35st in June. https://t.co/vfXAdiHuJe

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