Jin Au-Yeung

seen yet? http://t.co/Kn0dAWHRTR #Furious8BringBackJimmy 🚗😁 https://t.co/bmOy90qy28

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@joshdthemc appreciation goes both ways

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Stuffed from BBQ. Fireworks over. Now laugh it up with my latest comedy clip! http://t.co/Kn0dAWHRTR @FastFurious #Furious8BringBackJimmy

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@ssohk thanks!#Furious8BringBackJimmy

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The highlight of my July 4th festivities! https://t.co/PxZOSLTPrd

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@FastFurious 😉👍🚗 https://t.co/Jkr0aBkWv7

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@maiberrilixious no place like the bug screen!

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RT @lapeur777: @iammcjin Given ur man of many talents, #Furious8BringBackJimmy could be a platform to 2016.U gt my vote.

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Jin Au-Yeung

Actor , MC / Show Host , Rapper

Location New York, United States
Languages Spoken English,Cantonese
Gender Male
Fans 7,679

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