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I love all my fellow Americans, whether born and bred here or like my own family who decided to embark on this land to chase the dream.

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the history of the country is not without it's flaws and ugliness, the politics and justice system equally discouraging but...

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not that we ever reached a state of absolute utopia, which i doubt we'll ever reach.

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at least we know who to vote for if we want to "Make America Hate Again 😡".

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help me help my sister win this bike. not a figure of speech sister. literal sister. thanks! if you have IG, you can like her pic here instagram.com/p/BH7tegQBvML/

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@jayecheesy my fanny pack game been strong

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yo, if thinking a lot of asians look the same makes a person racist, i guess i'm racist. 🤔😩

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ain't fightin' over no dame, word to @Nelly_Mo

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yo @smackwhite who is this fella!? https://t.co/msUp1qmNPq

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