Jin Au-Yeung

That's all you bruh! 🙌 salute. https://t.co/XpV6S7qLLp

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🙏 #brokenbutnotbeyondrepair https://t.co/a6wHXV9LMJ

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keep your head 👆. ❤️ https://t.co/Lg9f8U9YcQ

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Everyday ain't good. But everyday ain't bad.

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"Ma'am, are you ABSOLUTELY sure it was #2 that's been leaving inappropriate comments on your IG pics?" Who do you think did it? And why?

thisiswhathappenswhenyouletdaddywatchthekid #technicallyipaidforthetoys #ishouldgettoplaywiththem

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@cruger7 I just called Royce the 5'9 and left a voicemail 5 times 😭🔥

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We dreamed of this day when I was a kid. #itsbeenalongtimecoming #gunghayfotchoy #newdaynewhopebutiaintnewhere #everydayischinesenewyear

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GPS is spidered into all of that. https://t.co/4ebG2b3Xdz

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Jin Au-Yeung

Actor , MC / Show Host , Rapper

English Name Jin
Fans 7,679
Gender Male
Simplified Chinese Name 欧阳靖

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