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Yoooooo. did NOT see that coming!!!! #SophiaLastToComeOutTheBarn

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first thing i dived into once the netflix account got set up. currently season 2, all kinda drama at the barn. 😵 https://t.co/FQ1yKjv6Gu

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smh. walkers in the barn were just minding their own bizness and yall decided to have a town hall meeting right outside to rile them up.

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happy CNY and nothing but love & peace from the AY fam to yours. 🙈🙉🙉 #yearofthemonkey

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since today marks the first time in NYC public school history that the kids get a day off on Chinese New Year, i decided to round up a few friends from back in my ruff ryders days for a special performance to celebrate the #yearofthemonkey. good to see they haven't changed a bit. 🙈😎👍

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i'm just lookin' for a peeeeeeeen. 😎🎤 https://t.co/BQhCfgExTU

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you know what rhymes with shish kebab? it's my job. #sgvlunarfestival going on stage at 8:30pm. 🎤👲

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found some not-so-lucky money at the #sgvlunarfestival.

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where will YOU be at 8:30?! #sgvlunarfestival

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looking forward to the day a uberX driver with a maybach pulls up so i can jump in and say "driver roll up the partition please".

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