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Steel City! mark your calendars August 14 for the S.L.A.P. Battles #BarsOverBridges event. You can get tickets at http://bit.ly/MCJinBarsOverBridges

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RT @chimyshark: I liked a @YouTube video from @iammcjin http://t.co/dAOGigonc9 MC Jin - Mathematics (Stand Up Comedy)

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Chuckled at the fact that my last tweet contained the words Lil Mama's Sausage. #growupJin

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Visually, Lil Mama's Sausage is 2015's Hiphop counterpart to Psy's Gangnam Style. And I mean that as a sincere compliment.

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Im quite the optimist and for the most part positive person but when I see a rappers name trending, Im expecting the worst. #toomuchbadnews

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uploaded a new clip to my YT comedy channel. link is in profile. not subscribed to it?! what are you waiting for?! #stupiddreamsareonesyoudontchase #laughteristhebestmedicine #cheaperthantherapy

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Guess who's turning 33 next week? A gift you can get me that costs 0 $. Go subscribe to my comedy channel! https://t.co/dGzOzK8KFz

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MC Jin - Mathematics (Stand Up Comedy): http://t.co/gqjysWHlrw via @YouTube

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enjoying this sun on the beach. #saythat5timesfast #everyonesamillionaireinvietnam #stackof100000billsondeck

mommycam courtesy of @iamcarolcay

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