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@oliverstarkk @IntotheBadlands @AramisKnight88 @Emily_Beecham @allytheninja Waiting for you brother!

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Today is the 43rd anniversary of Bruce Lee's death. Respect to a legend. 🙏👊 #brucelee #legend #respect

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This tower is impressive. Stainless steel needle to the sky. #dublin #ireland

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I am transiting in Dubai on the way to Dublin. All I could see out the window was sand. I was thinking the 3.5 layover was gonna suck until I found the Shake Shack. Not as good as NYC of course but a nice treat nonetheless. #IntoTheBadlands #amc #season2 #dubai #dublin

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Good bye Hong Kong! It's been fun! I am off to country I have never been to for the next six months. Will be Dublin, Ireland shooting Season 2 of Into The Badlands. Should be an adventure! #hongkong #lreland #dublin #intothebadlands #amc

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Went to visit my friend Clarence at his shop @bangbanghk in Central today. His nick name is the Airsoft Surgeon and can modify any airsoft gun to your liking. So if you are on Hong Kong side and need an airsoft gun check out BangBang. I play with toy guns not real ones. After all this shit that has happened in the US I firmly believe it's time to revisit our gun control laws. #airsoft #airsoftsurgeon #guncontrol

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Showing my daughter one of my favorite movies as a kid before she inevitably only wants to watch Pixar stuff. #lazysunday

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A lot of good art at tonight's SFW show in Hong Kong. Congrats to my bro @prodipleung ! Those sculptures are amazing! #SFW #forwardassembly #artshow #hongkong

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Into art? Live in Hong Kong? Go check out the SFW show put on by www.forawrdassembly.com tomorrow night! #hongkong #art #artshow #forwardassembly

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This is how GSW landed KD. My reaction to this deal? I was in shock and then in disbelief thinking that there would be another DeAndre Jordan incident. Now that they got rid of Bogut and added Zaza it is real. The rest of the league and all other fans are gonna really hate GSW now. All I can say is, I'm glad I committed to getting season tickets next year! #Warriors #dubnation #superteam

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