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ThrowBackThursday time again! We've brought Master DeeDee Ku onboard as our action choreographer for #IntoTheBadlands and have training under him for the past few weeks here in New Orleans. We've worked together many times over the years and one of the first times was on this movie The Banquet. This was a very fun but tough sword fight as it was one versus dozens and the costume, although looked amazing was very hard to move in. Do any of you know what this story was loosely based on? #AMC #swordfight #hongkongaction #wuxia


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@TheRealAshworth Don't even mention how it feels on the crotch!

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Boot camp week 3: Perils of wire work training. Probably can't tell what this is but it's a burn mark on my waist from wearing a wire harness. I should have worn a pad underneath the harness but it's been a while since I've done wirework so I forgot and now I have this mark all around my waist. It doesn't hurt at all, just looks like it does. Does anyone know why some people's skin gets easily irritated like this? It happens if my backpack is too heavy. Someone told me it means I have too much "fire". Someone else said it's from sugar. Anyone know? #AMC #IntoTheBadlands #wirework #health #fitness #fit #workout #cardio #gym #train #training #healthy #healthychoices #strong #motivation #lifestyle #getfit #exercise #instafitness #beastmode #fitnessaddict #adict #active #fitnessfreak #fitspo

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ThrowBackThursday Gen-X Cops!!! Shot in1998. My fourth film and my first chance to play a baddie which I loved! Here I am betraying my buddy @yintw Terence Yin by shooting him in the back. Stephen Fung, Nic Tse and Sam Lee were also in this and we all had a blast! Thinking back on it now we were just a bunch of young kids just getting our careers started and so full of energy. I even remember pulling a 27 hour work day. I don't think I could do that now. #Gen-XCops #BadBoys

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Warriors winning! #NBA #Warriors #Pelicans #NewOrleans

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Been trying to catch a Warriors game all year long but just didn't have the time. Now it's the end of the season and I finally get to watch them play the Pelicans here in New Orleans. Stephen Curry is my favorite NBA player. #NBA #Warriors #Pelicans #NewOrleans #BestInTheWest

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RT @tfcgodfather: @danielwuyanzu Gotta respect @AMC_TV for having acclaimed actor Daniel Wu to lead an upcoming action drama #IntoTheBadlan…

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Training for #IntoTheBadlands is in full swing! Even though we are working in New Orleans for an American TV show, it still feels like we're working in China! Maybe it's the Hong Kong stunt team and the fact we are eating our rice boxes while sitting out on the street. #AMC #workinghard

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ThrowbackThursday. Since the Hong Kong Film Awards are coming up here's a good one. Hit Team was the first time I worked with Dante Lam way back in 2001. I was a big fan of his Beast Cops and was thrilled to be working with him. I also developed a love for gun play because of working on this. It was a decent movie but none of us got any nominations for it. Skip forward 12 years and our next collaboration was That Demon Within which got both of us nominations for this years awards. Sometimes my business is like making a good soup, you have to cook it slowly to get that good flavor. #HitTeam #DanteLam #ThatDemonWithin #HongKongFilmAwards

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RT @angryasianman: Looking forward to seeing @danielwuyanzu kick some ass on AMC's Into the Badlands:

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