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I'll take it. https://t.co/eqvoJJghqc

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A few hundred years in the future. No more electronics which is why we've gone back to mechanical simplicity. https://t.co/P9c0qDenLj

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@IAMRayPark @TheRealAlGough @oliverstarkk @IntotheBadlands 👍💪

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Kung Fu keeps you young. https://t.co/zQY1IOfqws

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Only a couple of hours away till the latest episode of @intothebadlandsamc! #Sunday #action #martialarts . . Will you be watching?

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@Emily_Beecham see they are pretty cool eh? https://t.co/BPgoUGDrPU

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There's also some special edition @Venumfight #IntoTheBadlands mma shorts too...@AMC_TV where's our schwag? https://t.co/sdHlfHQ5aA

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Nice! I'm glad that you found a way to watch because icable is the only cable provider that has it in HK....for now. https://t.co/uSupvvuoPT

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RT @igorlea2007: @danielwuyanzu @stephenfung your action sequences are visually stunning for its cinematic effects!!!👍 it's quite refreshin…

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