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ThrowBackThursday Today is another fight day for #IntoTheBadlands but unfortunately I can't show you anything yet so here's a pic of my as Xiang Yu from The Last Supper. We shot this movie over 8.5 months in 2012. It was fun working with my friends Zhang Zhen and Liu Ye but it was not fun shooting that long! #movie #movies #makingmovies #video #film #films #videos #actor #cinema #amc #hollywood #flick #chinesecinema

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Watching David Letterman's last show ever. I grew up with him and sad to see him go. #letterman #latenight #talkshow #worldwidepants #legend

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I was never really good at Monopoly but if I was this road would be mine.

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If you come to New Orleans you must try a beignet from Cafe Du Monde. It's got to be a fresh warm one or it just isn't as good. #SundayIsMyOffDay #CafeDuMonde #beignet #NewOrleans

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ThrowbackThursday #BadHairDay thought I posted this yesterday but I guess it didn't post. Reception was spotty at our shooting location. Anyway long hair: not for me! I remember this was about 13-14 years ago and my hair stylist convinced me to grow my hair out and this was the result. I endured for about 6 months then cut it all off. But the hair was permanently recorded in the movie Love Undercover. Not my best look! #DontAlwaysTrustYourHairstylist

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I'm working with these guys today. A little while back I worked with a cat trainer, today we've got two fly handlers on set. So if you freeze flies they will go to sleep and then will wake up when put back in the warm air. Kind of amazing how that works. Try it yourself! #Flies #IntoTheBadlands #NewOrleans

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You didn't tell me you were a chef! It was fun working with you bro! Hope your hand feels better.

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Sunday's my off day here in New Orleans. Do it's time for a crawfish boil!

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Week 1 done! It was exhausting but we got a lot done! Thanks to our stunt team and all our "nomad" stuntmen for helping put together an incredible fight scene. It's gonna be great. Tomorrow we rest then at it again Monday! #IntoTheBadlands #AMC #stunts #actionteam

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We are filming on the plantation that they filmed Django Unchained on. The little cabins are dotted all over the property and although they look cute and almost fairy tale like but when you think of the historical context and realize these were once slave quarters, it reminds you about the dark side of American history. #plantations #neworleans #americanhistory

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