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How to break in a pair of boots: put boots and some rocks in cement mixer. Turn on cement mixer for 8 hours. Voila! New boots become old boots. I love watching wardrobe and art department age things. #moviemagic #movie #movies #makingmovies #video #film #films #videos #actor #cinema #amc #hollywood #flick

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ThrowBackThursday! Here's my first fight scene from The Banquet. I remember this was not originally part of the scene but the director Feng Xiao Gang decided there should be a fight that is actually a love scene between Ziyi and I so they came up with this. I remember constantly being afraid of hurting Ziyi which made me nervous when I usually am not. Did anyone see this as a love scene? #The Banquet

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It was a hard decision between hotpot or playoff game 4. Obviously hotpot won. Here we are with the stunt team and it's starting to become a weekly tradition. Hotpot makes us all feel a little less homesick. Anybody know any good Chinese restaurants in New Orleans? #HotPot #ChineseFood #NewOrleans

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Team Into The Badlands! One more week of fight camp and the real journey begins! So proud of my fellow cast mates @aramisknight @allytheninja @oliverstarkk Emily Beechum and Marton Csokas for working so hard in fight camp. Also @sarahbolger Orla Brady and @mmantock for joining us even though they didn't need to. I love this cast! #AMC #IntoTheBadlands #NewOrleans

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@TriaIviren1994 Happy Birthday!

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You don't even know! I was crapping my pants the whole game!

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At our first playoff game ever! Go Warriors! #NBA #NewOrleans #GoldenStateWarriors #NBAplayoffs!

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ThrowBackThursday Since Stephen Fung will be directing the action in Into The Badlands with the choreography of DeeDee Ku I decided to throw in this oldie but not so hoodie. Devil Face Angel Heart. This was a movie we both made for producer Wong Jing. I think it took only 3 weeks to make? Not the highest quality film and certainly not a good one but I am amazed at my bad hair and how young we look. Anyone ever see this? ##movie #movies #makingmovies #video #film #films #videos #actor #cinema #amc #hongkongcinema #flick

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I used to ride a Yamaha RD350 (I bet none of you knows what that is) for a couple years in college. My character rides a special bike in Into the Badlands so naturally I had a little refresher course today. I got to ride a bunch of different bikes except for the custom one being made for the show because it's not quite finished. In all my years of riding I never rode a Harley because I'm not really into that style, I'm a cafe racer guy, but today I decided to get on this one with the ape bars just for the hell of it. Although it will never be my style, I have to say it was a damn comfortable bike and the rumble and vibrations put a smile on my face. Anybody ride out there? If so, what?

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A different type of training today. I love riding horses, they are such beautiful animals. #IntoTheBandlands #AMC #training #horses

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