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RT @TheRealAlGough: Happy Birthday to the amazing @orla_brady!! Bajie & Lydia have the same Birthday! @IntotheBadlands @StaceySher @MilesMi…

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Ok so I have to post this again now that episode 1 of #season2 is out. Remember the wooden yoke I fought with in the first fight? I walked into fight camp one day and saw Master DeeDee our choreographer with this on. At first I was like WTF?!?! Then I realized what it was and just burst out laughing. This is also part of our Hong Kong style. Improvising and making due with what you have instead of wishing you had or waiting for the right thing to come. You gotta make it happen! #hongkongstyle #intothebadlands #makingitwork #kickingass #amc

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RT @_CineAddiction: Performer of the Day: #EmilyBeecham in #IntotheBadlands.

BeAddicted #CertifiedUnforgettable https://t.co/DVOnPeMOh6

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Let's see if Trump will make it a new law. https://t.co/ELasbOBe9X

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Or is the tumor what's making him so cray cray? https://t.co/tBjtGNA6R0

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I second that opinion! Watch episode 3 as Sunny slowly gets his mojo back! https://t.co/4D19gymZIE

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We NEED one of those! https://t.co/p3TlmZBJlP

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RT @MilesMillar: Stoked that the Badlands baddest ex-Baron is back @IntotheBadlands @AMC_TV #behindthescenes https://t.co/m8N5GzMMFr

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RT @Bespectacled_Cy: West Coast #IntoTheBadlands is trending so high!!! https://t.co/MdavBGUPhO

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RT @Domenclature: Trends Now..









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