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“@ManMadeMoon: @danielwuyanzu Huge congratulations, buddy. Martial Arts back on TV! Break a leg! (someone else's.)” Thanks!!!

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“@steveyeun: @originalspin @danielwuyanzu @AMC_TV yeah!!!!! Wu!! Congrats!” Happy to join you at AMC brother!

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RT @mynette: Congrats @danielwuyanzu 1 of many Asian Am actors who've had to go to Asia 4 chance 2 play real humans. Welcome home! http://t…

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“@popcornreel: @TheWrap @danielwuyanzu You mean Mr. Wuyanzu is YET ANOTHER Asian star that Aaron Sorkin doesn't see? SMH, Aaron, SMH.” Haha!

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“@WillYunLee: “AMC's 'Badlands' Casts Its Lead” Hell Yeah!! Get it @danielwuyanzu ! Congrats!!”Thank you my brother!

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RT @originalspin: Whoa. @AMC_TV gets it. Asian American HK star @danielwuyanzu cast as lead of neo-martial arts series #Badlands http://t.c…

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I live in a 122 year old house so it needs a lot of TLC. I get excited when I find cheap fixes like this. Saved me from replacing and entire window frame!

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I want to live on Thrasher Ave.

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Happy Shabbat! Love seeing Orthodox Jewish kids, they look so cool.

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This insect is amazing. I almost kicked it thinking it was just a stick but then it moved.

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