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@Mark_Dacascos @bigmikeleeder Happy Birthday!!

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I spend 5 months hacking away with swords on #intothebadlands and then I cut up my hand doing a dramatic scene on #tombraider. Go figure. I won't show you how deep they are but this definitely will affect how I train the next couple of weeks. #nogripping #injuries

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Insect highway. Where are thy all going? #capetown #southafrica #capeofgoodhope

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Practice? We talkiing about practice here. https://t.co/iT4az85S6J

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The Martial Arts Show That Is Destroying Asian Stereotypes on Screen https://t.co/QMk43oGBFV via @VICE

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I think @emily_beecham did an amazing job this season -- can't wait for all of you to see the awesome work we did! #thewidow #amc #IntoTheBadlands #television

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You da man!!! https://t.co/EPAKDqvoLw

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The Widow don't play! https://t.co/s9w1q4SSp1

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@Mark_Dacascos where did you get that pull up bar?

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RT @IntotheBadlands: Season 1 was just practice. #IntotheBadlands returns Sunday, March 19. https://t.co/PZzMgCkcD4

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