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Hi! ...wait I see you everyday. https://t.co/jskSnSN641

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They already know. https://t.co/dT7sUKQfxu

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I already made Ringo Lam's movie Battle of Life. Watch for it soon! https://t.co/80QqiJNKB1

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Omg! This is the craziest care pack I've ever received it's totally cool but if my neighbors saw it they would think I'm some kind of psychopath Druid. Thank you so much @coldsteelknives for this tantalizing collection of swords, machetes and shield! You are the best. I am embracing my new identity as a swordsman! #swords #coldsteel #coldsteelknives

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Great to meet you too finally! Been a big fan for. Along time. We should hang sometime somewhere! https://t.co/kvDLlp9fmG

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@kidkoala command center for #nufoniamustfall https://t.co/UT79I0eit1

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@realkidkoala command center for #nufoniamustfall

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Let's not get into another thing please. https://t.co/8Mbpi09eQO

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Oooh...that movie... Yeah a weird one. https://t.co/XXLNpPjzur

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