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Ok question: I bought this print many years ago in France but I have no idea where it's from. Does anyone recognize this art?

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In memory of my Shi Fu YC Chiang who recently passed away. He was not only a great Martial Artist, who mastered Shaolin Kung fu, tai chi, Ba Gua and Qi Gong, he was also a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, an accomplished artist and held a law degree. A true Renaissance man who has inspired me throughout my life. You will be dearly missed. RIP 🙏

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Thanks! I do the same thing! https://t.co/nuvp2S8AP0

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I am crushed. My soul has been spit out and strewn all over. I am going back to bed now. Exceptional game but still crushed. Kyrie's 3 pointer in the end will go down as the most famous 3 pointer in history. Congrats to Cleveland your drought has finally ended. This is now officially a rivalry. See you next year! #NBA #nbafinals #warriors #dunnation

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Not sure if Morgan Freeman really posted this but if so he's the coolest God on the planet.

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Hey Guys, this guys needs to be trolled. Anyone? https://t.co/kPvqCiVZ1L

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@Lihuayu @Amy0_0ymA Hey Buddy. I dare you to say that to my face. But I bet you don't have the balls. You should get a life troll.

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The countdown to Into The Badlands Season 2 has officially begun! We start filming August so I am getting myself ready for our upcoming training/fight camp. Today this was my bitch...well actually it made me it's bitch. #health #fitness #fit #workout #cardio #gym #train #training #healthy #healthychoices #strong #motivation #lifestyle #getfit #exercise #instafitness #beastmode #fitnessaddict #adict #active #fitnessfreak #fitspo

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Ok the count down to the filming of Into The Badlands Season 2 has officially begun! We start in… https://t.co/zHWhQsVUHZ

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Here's another one. His nut shots are now very famous. @money23green, do you want to be on an awesome tv show? You can take purposeful but shots and not have to be worried about suspension or a flagrant foul. I'm calling you out. #nba #nbafinals #dubnation #warriors #intothebadlands #amc

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