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It doesn't work with my daughter. https://t.co/aSFKIvbA0p

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Another splitting headache. Seems to be a problem in the Badlands. Remember this clipper from Episode 1? It was weird seeing him walking around all day with that axe stuck to his face. He also had to lie perfectly still while we put hundreds of flies all over his face. #behindthescenes #intothebadlands #amcasia #amc

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Thanks Ray! Big fan! Would love to get you on the show at some point! https://t.co/u5UF41Mtfn

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RT @NerdReactor: ‘Into the Badlands’ @danielwuyanzu celebrates @BruceLee’s 75th birthday | Nerd Reactor https://t.co/WenZf0oNaL https://t.c…

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RT @jeffstaple: Finally watching #IntotheBadlands. Dead child in the 1st minute. Sick fight scene in the first 5 mins. This is gonna be gre…

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It's an important point that it was them that pushed for the diversity. They deserve that credit! https://t.co/SUWIQnQLkD

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That means a lot to me coming from you! https://t.co/KxLPT9Z0z9

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After The Widow's massacre tonight I see @Emily_Beecham becoming a role model for the gingers of the world. #gingersunite #IntoTheBadlands

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Yes they did! Props to Cedric! https://t.co/oXaTtn5bTN

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A #behindthescenes shot from tonight's fight at the turbine station. That's some of the amazing stuntmen who had to die tonight to make this scene work. Couldn't do this show without #teambadlands!#intothebadlands #amc #amcasia #behindthescenes

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