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I will be in New York next week for @newyorkcomiccon! Our panel for @intothebadlandsamc will happen on Saturday October 10 at 11AM in room 1A06! #nycc #nycc2015 #comiccon

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RT @AMCTVAsia: Happy birthday to the brilliant @danielwuyanzu from the upcoming #IntoTheBadlands! http://t.co/ktKzY5NVHJ

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RT @ELeeZimmerman: @danielwuyanzu http://t.co/1CHpu3Yzyn celebrates Daniel Wu's birthday! http://t.co/c6BhDSvqfP #EuropaReport http://t.co/…

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RT @EmilyBeecham: @IntotheBadlands @danielwuyanzu @madeleinemgm @allytheninja @SarahBolger @orlabrady @AramisKnight88 @oliverstarkk http:…

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RT @Emily_Beecham: @TheRealAlGough @StaceySher @HitFix @danielwuyanzu @stephengfung what a bunch of badasses

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RT @TheRealAlGough: Exclusive: Meet the cast of AMC's 'Into the Badlands' @HitFix http://t.co/qPB4NcRM1O @danielwuyanzu @stephengfung @Stac…

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RT @TheRealAlGough: 'Into the Badlands': Watch a new action-packed trailer @danielwuyanzu @stephengfung @Emily_Beecham @AramisKnight88 htt…

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How do I slay these guys? #faithfully

throwback #throwbackthursday #tbt #jayz #deadpresidents

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So after goofing around with the Ultimaker 2's sample 3D models, I used the 3D rendering software Sketchup and found a model of this gun in their "3D warehouse", imported it to the printer, scaled it down and printed it. Not bad! Detail is pretty good. Now next steps is to make something myself I the 3D software the. Print it out. #Ultimaker #3Dprinting #creativefun

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Oh man! The wifey @thelisa_s got me a 3D printer for my birthday! I have been looking at these for a long time but never took the step. Now I'm in doing the first test print! More to come!

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