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Daniel Wu

This money literally got laundered. I have a new wallet that does not hold much so I am forced to carry cash in my pocket. My lovely wife decided to wash my pants for me and now we have clean money. Well after it dries it will be. #moneylanudry #cleancash #baller

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If my mother hadn't passed away from cancer less than a year before filming Mr. Tumor Go Away, I don't think I would have chosen to do this movie. I don't think I would have truly understood the frustration of trying to help someone with cancer and how painful it can be. But it was also because my mother had just recently passed away from cancer, that made this movie so difficult to make for me. Just being in the hospital to film our scenes made me feel terrible not to mention all the emotional pain it brought up. However in the end, I hope it will be worth it. Cancer is a horrible thing that we will all have to face it in some way. Xiong Dun was a very strong girl who decided to share her battle with cancer for the world to see bringing a positive ray of light to the subject of death and dying. I hope we have represented your story well, Xiong Dun and I hope everyone goes to support this film! #mrtumorgoaway #xiongdun #cancer #facingcancer #chinesefilm

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Pew pew! #tbt #throwbackthursday

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@AlecRayme 👍

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Good bye New Orleans! It was fun and will most likely be back next season. I had a good time here and really liked the food and people. I definitely won't miss the heat though! 😥 #NewOrleans #Sohot #season2

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And that's a wrap!!! Season one of #IntoTheBadlands is officially done! #that'sawrap #season1

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Whenever I wanted to watch my ugly mug on a playback I would have to ask this guy Wylie. He handles the video assist. And he made this t shirt of my ugly mug as well. #videoassist #playbackisabitch #mainunit #crew

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That's @romeenterprise he's not only got the best mustache of any camera assistant, he also got the best talking voice with his born in New Orleans deep accent! #camera #mustache #voice

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That's Edward, Mark's boss and head of sound department. He worked on two Stanley Kubrick movies. One of them being Full Metal Jacket. His resume goes on and on but I drop the mic now. #legend #soundmaster #miccheck #dropthemic

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