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RT @sehseh: @danielwuyanzu Put this link instead, it'll point followers straight to your insta :)

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RT @kikionearth: Finally, that dude that acts in movies @danielwuyanzu made an open instagram account. go follow!

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Ok here's the direct link: thanks @sehseh

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Ok I caved in and made a public Instagram. @thatdanielwu see you there!

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I feel bad for the deer but there action of the clerk is fucking priceless!

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My trailer for the week. It's not fancy but at least it's a ducking trailer! 17 years in HK and I…

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I know I said I don't post food but couldn't resist. My brunch blackened catfish, baked beans,…

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RT @vfagenda: See it now: the final episode of @Zegna #ARoseReborn with @huston_jack & @danielwuyanzu…

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RT @somebadideas: Whoa most of this for sale from movie Europa Report has design work by my sweetheart @danahsaurus…

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Went back to Madame Tussaud's for the official unveiling yesterday. Still totally freaky to look at…

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Daniel Wu

Actor, Director

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English Name Daniel Wu
Location Hong Kong
Languages Spoken english, cantonese, mandarin

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