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Oooops! Saw this in Hong Kong today and couldn't resist taking a pic. Is he aware that he's selling crack? #vertical smile

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I just finished my part in this film. I spent most of the entire shoot in a hospital. Considering what I went through last year, spending two months in a hospital looking at real sick people day in and day out while keeping my mother company with her illness, this movie was not an easy experience for me. Lots of memories, lots of complicated emotions. Most days it was hard for me to even speak. I'm not sure by doing this movie if it was some kind of strange self torture for me but I'll surely be stronger once I recover in a few days. I'm confident we've made a good movie so in the end I think it will have been worth it. I wish the cast and crew well and hope lots of people will watch this film because even in the cold dark world death there is brightness and warmth. Simmplified Chinese👇👇 刚刚完成我于这部电影参与的部份。拍摄这部电影时,大部分时间我也是在医院里渡过的。去年在医院陪伴患病母亲这两个月的时间,看着病危的人每天进出医院,令我在拍摄这部电影的过程,确实不是一个简单的经历,这包括很多的回忆,很多复杂的情绪。大多数日子里我真的很难堪甚至不想说话。我不知道拍摄这部电影是不是对自己的一种折磨,但我肯定当复原时,我会变得更坚强。我相信我们制作了一部很好的电影,所以我认为最后这一切都是值得的。我祝愿所有参与这部电影的演员和工作人​​员都安好,同时希望很多人会观看这部电影,因为即使在寒冷黑暗的死亡世界,仍然会有着光芒和温暖。 Traditional Chinese 👇👇 剛剛完成我於這部電影參與的部份。拍攝這部電影時,大部分時間我也是在醫院裏渡過的。去年在醫院陪伴患病母親這兩個月的時間,看著病危的人每天進出醫院,令我在拍攝這部電影的過程,確實不是一個簡單的經歷,這包括很多的回憶,很多複雜的情緒。大多數日子裡我真的很難堪甚至不想說話。我不知道拍攝這部電影是不是對自己的一種折磨,但我肯定當復原時,我會變得更堅強。我相信我們製作了一部很好的電影,所以我認為最後這一切都是值得的。我祝𢥧所有參與這部電影的演員和工作人​​員都安好,同時希望很多人會觀看這部電影,因為即使在寒冷黑暗的死亡世界,仍然會有著光芒和溫暖。

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"Duncan Jones Interview with Mtime On WARCRAFT And Daniel Wu"

Mtime Interview WARCRAFT Director Duncan Jones

Towards the end of 2014 (Happy New Year by the way) Duncan gave his first interview on WARCRAFT to Chinese movie news site Mtime. This is the first time Duncan has spoken about WARCRAFT outside of presentations at BlizzCon and Comic-Con so it’s quite a coup for Mtime. I’ve been up all night translating it for you*…First up Mtime asked Duncan for a progress report on WARCRAFT....

The rest is here -

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RT @ManMadeMovies: Chinese movie news site Mtime interview #WarcraftMovie Director @ManMadeMoon on WARCRAFT and @danielwuyanzu…

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“@chirofrenzy: @danielwuyanzu just had 3 guests from Beijing they down play the smog sure looks bad” it's fucking horrible.

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“@tumblehawk: @somebadideas @danielwuyanzu !” My daughter has that, grit my teeth when she pulls it out. So noisy!

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RT @StaArt_HongKong: @danielwuyanzu hi there.please visit StaArt -@ Hong Kong ( art supplies and pantones ) thanks …

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R.I.P. To my old Mac Book Air. Welcome the new one!

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Classic Beijing Soda. I remember drinking this when I came to visit China as a kid! Same taste!

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The future is here. The future is now....

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