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Daniel Wu

Heading to Macau! My here manny Pacqiao is fighting and so is my good friend @rextso . Kick some ass!

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Nickel plated oil cap.

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Completely custom Singer 911 based off the 964 chassis in Hong Kong! It's not only an amazing custom vehicle but a piece of art! You can have one too for just $500k USD.

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Haha! Chinese Joy Division T-Shirt! Does anyone like Jou Division? One of my favorite bands!

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“@smeLLyphant37: Look who I found in Hong Kong. @danielwuyanzu”Why am I hiding behind a bunch of watches?

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Do you sometimes feel you're stuck in a school of fish? Find your own path!!!

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Raven's first footprint on the beach.

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Got a load of goodies from my buddy @prodipleung . He's always consistently good with his designs. Thanks Bro! #subcrew #projectafterdark

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Hello and good bye Beijing. Was here for less than 24 hours!

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Daniel Wu

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