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This guy is just not having a good day on set. This dummy was made by our special effects make up department. They are responsible for the broken and chopped off limbs and other extremities in our show. They are also really good at making blood look good. Whether it's dripping off the tip of a sword or spraying across a backlit shy, they make the blood in our show look beautiful. On a side not, one of our stuntmen got injured this week. I hate it when this happens because we are like a family now. I wish him a speedy recovery! Get well soon Billy!

specialeffectsmakeup #sfx #headlessman #IntoTheBadlands

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This #ThrowbackThursday is dedicated to my best pal Terence Yin @yintw because he turned 40 this week. Bishonen was my first movie ever almost 18 years ago!! Terence and Stephen Fung have remained good friends of mine ever since. #friendship #buddies #firstfilm

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My team the Warriors win the Western Conference Finals! Off to the finals! #nba #warriors #goldenstate #stephcurry #bayarea #oakland

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RT @stephengfung: Here comes the crawfish!

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I was lucky to be able to get off work early enough so I could take my lovely wife @thelisa_s to #TheRibRoom for her birthday dinner. Thanks for being the awesome wife that you are! #birthday #neworleans #diningout #birthdaydinner #may26

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RT @StaceySher: LAX to MSY heading back #IntoTheBadlands. See you soon @danielwuyanzu @stephengfung

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When lightening hits near set we have to shut everything down for 30 minutes. It's a real bummer because it interrupts our work flow but then it's also sometimes cool because you get to discover our crew's hidden talents. That's one of our camera operators on the harmonica and our props guy with some sandpaper keeping the rhythm. Our crew is awesome!!! ##movie #movies #makingmovies #video #film #films #videos #actor #cinema #amc #hollywood #flick #IntoTheBadlands

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ThrowBackThursday Today is another fight day for #IntoTheBadlands but unfortunately I can't show you anything yet so here's a pic of my as Xiang Yu from The Last Supper. We shot this movie over 8.5 months in 2012. It was fun working with my friends Zhang Zhen and Liu Ye but it was not fun shooting that long! #movie #movies #makingmovies #video #film #films #videos #actor #cinema #amc #hollywood #flick #chinesecinema

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Watching David Letterman's last show ever. I grew up with him and sad to see him go. #letterman #latenight #talkshow #worldwidepants #legend

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I was never really good at Monopoly but if I was this road would be mine.

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