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Rested Sunday and back into the thick of it on Monday. Trying to get used to my new size and weight. Jumping is harder when you are 15 lbs heavier! This is the private gym I've been training at called MATRX. As you can see the design looks like that room in The Matrix movie. My trainer, @themattlucas is one of the guys getting me ready for #intothebadlands. Check out his new IG he's a #badassmotherfucker !Thanks to Allen Ling for letting me use your beautiful space! #training #Monday's #kickingass #matrix #martialarts #kungfu #muaythai #persianmartialarts #theopenmatt #keeppushing #AMC

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throwbackthursday My second movie made waaaay back in 1998. Ugh now I feel old. Anyway that's me on the right as Bighead in Young and Dangerous: The Prequel. Didn't have much to say or do in this movie but act hard and show off some Muay Thai. There's also a big gang fight scene near the end where they hired a bunch of gangster kids as extras. They were not stuntmen so when it came to filming the big brawl wide shot some of these kids really came at me. I think I fought four people at once. When they finally yelled cut I was so exhausted I ran behind the bathroom and threw up. My first Hong Kong movie fight scene. #younganddangerous #danielwu #hongkongmovies #classic #fightscenes

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Here's more about the film Jasmine in English. Remember to check it out! #hkiff

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Check out this film JASMINE at the Hong Kong Film Festival next month. My good friend Jason Tobin, who was born and raised in Hong Kong but got fame playing Virgil in Justin Lin's Better Luck Tomorrow, stars as well as helped write and produce this film. Please support HK indie film!

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Ok so I'm breaking my no selfie rule but I was very excited by this. You know that bright light that pierces right into your eyes at the dentist? Well my dentist thought of a good solution. The gauze is so there is a space so the lenses don't fog up. He's also got a TV on the ceiling. Amazing he's thought of everything. #dentist

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“@Fefe_Fefe26: @danielwuyanzu Congratulations on nomination for HK Film Awards 👏👏👏👏”

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“@Jasonthepilot: @danielwuyanzu So Mayweather vs. Pacquiao is happening. May 2.Who do u think will win?Who do u think should win?👊 ”Pacman

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@hiclam I'm glad it's happening, I want to be there, I hope Mayweather loses. Can't let people who run their mouths get away with shit.

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“@YeodieHk: ME & DAN (2003) @danielwuyanzu” Look at that young face!

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throwbacktuesday Couldn't wait till Thursday to release this. I found a copy Qigong Kung Fu Magazine from 1995 in my house. I looked up to Woody Wong and Amy Chow, they were the best at the time and represented the USA in the World Wushu Games. And look at young @cungle185 in the corner! His face looks so different now, he looks so much harder. I guess that's what 20 years of pro fighting will do! #training #oldskool #wushu #cungle #kungfu

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