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Team Into The Badlands! One more week of fight camp and the real journey begins! So proud of my fellow cast mates @aramisknight @allytheninja @oliverstarkk Emily Beechum and Marton Csokas for working so hard in fight camp. Also @sarahbolger Orla Brady and @mmantock for joining us even though they didn't need to. I love this cast! #AMC #IntoTheBadlands #NewOrleans

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@TriaIviren1994 Happy Birthday!

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You don't even know! I was crapping my pants the whole game!

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At our first playoff game ever! Go Warriors! #NBA #NewOrleans #GoldenStateWarriors #NBAplayoffs!

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ThrowBackThursday Since Stephen Fung will be directing the action in Into The Badlands with the choreography of DeeDee Ku I decided to throw in this oldie but not so hoodie. Devil Face Angel Heart. This was a movie we both made for producer Wong Jing. I think it took only 3 weeks to make? Not the highest quality film and certainly not a good one but I am amazed at my bad hair and how young we look. Anyone ever see this? ##movie #movies #makingmovies #video #film #films #videos #actor #cinema #amc #hongkongcinema #flick

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I used to ride a Yamaha RD350 (I bet none of you knows what that is) for a couple years in college. My character rides a special bike in Into the Badlands so naturally I had a little refresher course today. I got to ride a bunch of different bikes except for the custom one being made for the show because it's not quite finished. In all my years of riding I never rode a Harley because I'm not really into that style, I'm a cafe racer guy, but today I decided to get on this one with the ape bars just for the hell of it. Although it will never be my style, I have to say it was a damn comfortable bike and the rumble and vibrations put a smile on my face. Anybody ride out there? If so, what?

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A different type of training today. I love riding horses, they are such beautiful animals. #IntoTheBandlands #AMC #training #horses

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That's a lot of legs! #NewOrleans #FrenchQuarter #BourbonStreet #LazySunday

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While shopping for a new toy today at Walmart I came across this creepy baby toy. The hoodie makes it look evil and why is it wearing panties instead of diapers? #StrangeShitTheySellToKids #EvilBaby #Chuckie

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ThrowBackThursday time again! We've brought Master DeeDee Ku onboard as our action choreographer for #IntoTheBadlands and have training under him for the past few weeks here in New Orleans. We've worked together many times over the years and one of the first times was on this movie The Banquet. This was a very fun but tough sword fight as it was one versus dozens and the costume, although looked amazing was very hard to move in. Do any of you know what this story was loosely based on? #AMC #swordfight #hongkongaction #wuxia


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Daniel Wu

Actor , Director

English Name Daniel Wu
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Location Hong Kong
Simplified Chinese Name 吴彦祖

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