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I live in a 122 year old house so it needs a lot of TLC. I get excited when I find cheap fixes like this. Saved me from replacing and entire window frame!

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I want to live on Thrasher Ave.

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Happy Shabbat! Love seeing Orthodox Jewish kids, they look so cool.

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This insect is amazing. I almost kicked it thinking it was just a stick but then it moved.

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We were given a copy of this book by @nomnompaleo and @fitbimb the writers of this book but we left it in Hong Kong. So we just bought our US version today! @firebomb and I have known each other since we were 13! We even share the same birthday! The Paleo diet is an interesting lifestyle choice that we are integrating into our family diet. Read about it!

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My grandfather's name.

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My Grandfather's personal chop used for signing contracts back in the day. Wish I could have met him. It was given to my Dad when he left Shanghai for University in Taiwan. The bag was hand made by my grandmother and my Dad kept it in a waist belt 24 hours a day for 6 years. In the old days, people had precious things now everything is disposable. I don't have anything of mine that is this special.

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That's my neighbor Mr. Squirrel. He ate all the fruit in my garden this summer but I still kind of like him.

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After a long day of work this is my reward: a double double from In-N-Out burger by myself in the airport while I wait for my delayed flight back up to Oakland. #soglamorous good bye Los Angeles!

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Lincoln Continental. My car for today.

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