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Ok so I totally missed #ThrowBackThursday this week. Must have been the jet lag. Now I'm over it so here's the pic. Found this in my house the other day. Having lived in Hong Kong all these years I haven't seen my childhood photos in a long time but now that I've been back, lot's of items from the past keep popping up. Not sure how old I am in the pic but I want to say 4 or 5? As you can tell my nose hadn't become big yet. #TBT #WhenIWasAKid #KidsShouldn'tBeDrinkingSoda

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“@Jasonthepilot: @danielwuyanzu seems an old man bike;u still a young buck 4 this look”Sometimes life needs style rather than speed.

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A late bday present from the wifey @thelisa_s . A custom made bike! Had it painted and chose all the parts. Still not sure why it took over a month to make but at least it's here and it rides nice. Can't wait to fill that basket with groceries! #bike #custombike #stylin #design

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Months of heavy duty training preparing for Into The Badlands has taken a toll on my body! I ain't no spring chicken anymore! Luckily my trainer @themattlucas knows how to fix the things that go bad or aren't working properly. I went over to his training/living space today for a tune up before I leave for New Orleans tomorrow and boy do I feel great!!! #AMC #IntoTheBadlands

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Back to training then off to New Orleans very soon! That'll be me and my family's home for the next four months while I'm filming Into The Badlands. Anybody from NOLA? @pacificringsports #AMC #IntoTheBadlands.

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How is it that @stephengfung Has 100k followers on Twitter but still no verified check? @TonyW You need to fix this!

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RT @stephengfung: Now prepping @AMC_TV #Into The Badlands @danielwuyanzu @AramisKnight88 @oliverstarkk @hurlbutvisuals @StaceySher http://t…

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WTF? A yoga room in the airport?!?? Only in California. #yoga #California #wateofspace

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“@somebadideas: Breakfast with @danielwuyanzu who's working on a project ...I've been waiting my whole life to see." Good seeing bro!

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Good morning New York! It was nice while it lasted but I gotta get home to my girls in Oakland. I've been away too long! #NYC #earlymorningtravels #Oakland #missmyfamily

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