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@princejoyce #homiecook yummy yummy I want more!

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I used to come here very often when I was little, to enjoy the view of the city that I love the most in the world. Being here tonight, I still feel the same!

You don't always need a plan! Sometimes you just need to breath... trust ... let go and see what happens!

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@yomybeyond @shi_ga at EGL 28th anniversary event, thanks #tedbaker #tedbakerhk for warner girls' dresses! @warnermusichk

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娜娜娜我彈你要唱 - 登陸太陽 (天堂鳥 x 官恩娜 Cover)

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had a great time cantering on the beach! Can't wait to do it again! #happymoments #horseridingaddict #ridinginfrance #montsaintmichel

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@yomybeyond 將於11月7日在亞洲國際博覽館舉行的 'Hennessy Artistry'演出,與天生歌姬A-Lin, 英國唱作歌手Tom Odell,韓國hip hop組合Lucky J,以及林奕匡來作音樂blending! 大家快到各酒吧或零售商購買軒尼斯V.S.O.P換票啦!ella's hair by @eveecc styling by @plattho @warnermusichk

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