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Day 9 of my Bell's palsy! My right eye is still not blinking properly.....I'm moving both sides at the same time......but the right side won't follow! #bellspalsy #recovering

入秋啦,唔知大家開始添置新裝未呢? 今個秋冬好興運用唔同質料服飾嘅配搭,令total look更加有層次感! 而我設計嘅首個時裝collection –Ella x rosebullet 秋冬系列都即將同大家見面!好興奮呀!rosebullet hk

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Subscribe 我個YouTube Channel 後記得喺Comment 話我知有咩歌想聽呀!多謝藍奕邦! #娜娜娜我彈你要唱 #共勉之

Thank you let me try try sin #annasui

新一集 #娜娜娜我彈你要唱 搵嚟藍奕邦做我嘉賓!!! 佢自爆當年整喊我嘅經歷之餘,仲會分享點解會寫 #共勉之 比我唱,又究竟乜嘢係 "幸福聲"呢?想知就快啲去我嘅YouTube Channel收睇喇 @bluepongpong

娜娜娜我彈你要唱 - 共勉之 (藍奕邦 x 官恩娜 Cover)

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Iron Man (官恩娜 x Eric Kwok 娜娜娜我彈你要唱 Cover)

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Ella Koon

Actor, Singer, Model

Traditional Chinese Name 官恩娜
Member Since July 15, 2008
Languages Spoken english, cantonese
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