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到時見 !!!

李佳薇《像天堂的懸崖》新歌分享會 8月27日晚上7時正 HMVideal 中環娛樂行L3

Dear Moris, Thank you for making this cover version of my song...I had a good time watching it :)

p.s 下次借埋件衫比你拍, 哈哈

Love Ella

@dearjanetim @jennifertsetingting thanks for the ice bucket challenge! Let's hope we can all help more people together <3

新歌 #共勉之 Music Video !

我新歌 #共勉之 MV 喺我的官恩娜YouTube channel 有得睇嘞!

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官恩娜 Ella Koon - 共勉之 (Official Music Video)

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Bisous and the coke #shareacokehk @cocacolahk

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Ella Koon * official artist

Actor, Singer, Model

Member Since July 15, 2008
Traditional Chinese Name 官恩娜
Languages Spoken english, cantonese
Job Actor, Singer

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