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  • Why am I smiling?

    Wednesday, Apr 9, 2014 6:56PM / Members only

    Why am I smiling so happy? Come watch The Expendables 3 in August and find out! #EX3

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  • Taiji Zen Garden

    Tuesday, Apr 8, 2014 7:00PM / Members only

    Last week I visited the Taiji Zen Garden in Hangzhou and saw my ‘Zen Tree’. This is the tree I dedicated last year at the opening of the Garden. It’s nice to see how beautifully things grow when we provide the right environment!

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  • Qingming Festival

    Saturday, Apr 5, 2014 6:59PM / Members only

    For Chinese people, today is Qingming Festival (also known as Tomb Sweeping Day). Traditionally, it is a day for families to come together and pay respects to their forefathers.

    Always keep an eye on where you are going, but never forget where you came from.

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  • Expendables 3 Roll Call Video Spot

    Friday, Apr 4, 2014 6:55PM / Members only

    I’m going along for #OneLastRide! Check out the new Expendables 3 Roll Call video spot below. #EX3


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  • World Autism Awareness Day

    Wednesday, Apr 2, 2014 6:52PM / Members only

    Today (April 2nd) is World Autism Awareness Day. One Foundation held an event called “Today I will not speak,” which helped us better appreciate the challenges of the autistic. My friend Jack Ma and the Alibaba Group were also kind to donate RMB 1 million to One Foundation in support.

    Please help us show your support with solitude – 5 minutes, 15 minutes, whatever you feel comfortable with. The blue face mask is optional!

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  • posted on Monday, Apr 7, 2014 7:29PM  [Report]
    I love martial arts and music too ...This is my friend CHARLIE Dee I would like to share it with you please check out on you tube is new video thi is the link http://youtu.be/G0x9mqq0HRA
  • posted on Monday, Apr 7, 2014 5:38PM  [Report]
    I love my superstar name jetli allday & Good man.
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    Success is the only option!
  • posted on Tuesday, Mar 25, 2014 9:16PM  [Report]
    Beyond its weight, the sands of the hourglass never settle.
  • posted on Wednesday, Mar 12, 2014 9:21PM  [Report]
    I wish you a good year as I consider all of the peaceful gifts that you give to the world.
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  • posted on Tuesday, Feb 4, 2014 4:17PM  [Report]
    新年快乐 !

    Happy New Year Dear Jet!




  • posted on Sunday, Feb 2, 2014 1:32PM  [Report]
    i've been your fan since i was akid,,, im always hoping and dreaming someday you will teach me....... ahmm i admire all of your moves....
  • posted on Saturday, Feb 1, 2014 4:33AM  [Report]
    Happy New Year! Happiness and good luck!!
  • posted on Friday, Jan 31, 2014 8:42PM  [Report]
    Happy Chinese New Year! I wish you and your family happiness, health and good luck in the Year of the Horse.
  • posted on Friday, Jan 24, 2014 2:00PM  [Report]
    Sifu Jet Li: I agree.
  • posted on Sunday, Jan 5, 2014 3:23PM  [Report]
  • posted on Thursday, Jan 2, 2014 10:49PM  [Report]
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