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The Mechanic 2 starring one of my best friends Jason is action packed. Off the big screen, he is such a great person to hang out with.

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I am so proud of my daughters, Jane and Jada, sharing my passion in public welfare and social responsibility. Jane attended a XIN Philanthropy Conference with me and shared her experiences to the audience while Jada helped at the Rehabilitation Center for Hearing-Impaired Children in Northern China.

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Hello everyone. Long time no see. Do you know today is the 25th anniversary of “Once Upon a Time in China”. I was so young back then! (Copyright by respective production studio and/or distributor. Intended for editorial use only.)

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皇天生我在尘寰,虚度光阴困世间; 鹏翅有时滕万里,也须飞过九重山。 道高一尺or魔高一丈? 七月二十九日,自见分晓。

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打造一个功夫世界一直是我的梦想,希望这个平台能帮助全世界热爱功夫的人实现自己的理想,这个功夫真人秀只是一个开始,两个月后会有更多的惊喜呈现给大家。 http://t.cn/R5VlGAJ

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六一儿童节,随手传递正能量,6.1#童心益起来#,壹起做回儿童。我是李连杰,和我一起守护最纯真的快乐,快来我的“老李玩具店”,找#最难忘的童年礼物# http://t.cn/R5LEnJe  @壹基金

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献“声”也是做公益,加油! //@壹基金:#致小孩,多陪你10分钟# 这个儿童节,我们一起献出声音,用一个个故事陪伴孩子快乐成长。还记得小时候,躺在床上的你,最爱听哪个故事入睡吗

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