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funny football (not soccer)

I'm really not that much of a sports fanatic.  I prefer to physically play sports instead of watching them.  As a result of my non-sports TV watching habit, I posses very little sports statistical knowledge (except for gymnastics, ice skating, & swimming).  When dinner conversations shift into testosterone mode, I tend to be a bit silent.  I dated a girl once who was like an encyclopedia of college football knowledge.  i hated going out with her with my guy friends because she could emasculate me in 2 brief sentences with the whip of her sporty, silvery tongue.  i hated it.  i would just sit there, mute, as she traded sports statistical knowledge with my dude friends with such ease, like PhD's in a teachers lounge.  Needless to say i threatened to break up with her if she continued with her uncontrollable, prodigious sport vomit.  She now speaks only of Louis Vuitton and scented candles in my presence.Whether you're a sports freak or a sports dork, the video below is just cool.  I laughed my ass off (b/c the visuals are just crazy). Video:

WARNER BROS. presents... "THE TROUBLE WITH ROMANCEOn Pay-Per-View & On-Demand Now.  Also available on iTunes & Amazon.comFEB 27TH - THEATRICAL RELEASE at New York's Quad Cinema theaters. Check local listings in NYC for showtimes or go to -

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Valentine's day/week/month can be a scary time for many.   For the newly-dating (aka newly-touching), the month of February can create great unease.  Would a bouquet of flowers, box of chocolates, or a clothed backrub be too much?  Perhaps too little?  The sweet spot is always very difficult to find.  And once you find that sweet spot, how much do you push it...a little or a lot?And for those who are veteran dating (aka still touching but not as passionately), how can one show their love for the other consistent to the actions of the past but not set the bar so high as to make future actions of love impossible to maintain let alone exceed?And what about those who are currently not dating (aka touching self regularly)?  Do you just hang out with other non-dating friends to either find solace in numbers or perhaps utilize modern witchcraft in order to partake in friends with privileges without risking future platonic hang out sessions of pizza, beer, and rock band?The combinations are dizzying.Personally, I have always been a cynic when it came to Hallmark holidays.  By staying true to my rational nature of not succumbing to Valentines day/week/month, I have experienced countless face slaps, throat punches, and emotional heart-knifings from my opposite.  On the flip side, by my doing the opposing and partaking in this annual February passion holiday, I found myself experiencing a strange self-loathing guilt that could only be dulled through the drink.  So is the irony of life, loin, & labito.I, for one, am no expert in maintaining consistent peace of heart.  Far, far from it.  At best, my abilities to successfully predict and execute how to best honor my lover in the month of February can most appropriately be liken to my ability to herd cats...sucky.  It is like having one's heart-happiness locked away in a combination safe with the code changing every time one desires to gain access and entry.  It is, at best, a metapherein task.  Sometimes just giving yourself a swift kick in the nuts (or a flick of the mammary for the feminine) may be a better option...pain will be certain but without the abuse of hope.Ahhhhh love.  What is it?  And once you have it, how do you maintain it?  it's like trying to grown an orchid from your bellybutton.  Possible?  Yes.  Natural?  No.  It is not my intention to probe deep into the wild kingdom and cite countless examples of how love doesn't really exist.  That animals come together to come together in order to propagate, grow, and survive.  But I won't probe deep as I have yet to ever see a Hallmark store in the outback, jungle, or high elevation temperate forest.  Animals just don't maintain courtship with flowers, chocolates, precious metals/stones, or greeting cards.  They just throw acorns at each other and then proceed to mount in various forms and positions.In summary, I have no answer to how to consistently hurdler the Valentine holiday with success and grace.  For those who know how, you are a bad ass mf of love.  Please bottle it and share it with the masses.  Until then, I will continue stumbling through life, predictably beefing it annually in February in a predictably unpredictable manner.  At least my intent is of big heart.  I will continue to try and try I will...World Premier - FEB 1st - Warner Bros Presents "THE TROUBLE WITH ROMANCE" on PayPerView & OnDemandVideo:

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crap acting...

There comes a time (perhaps many) when people cite an actor's performance as shit.  I, for one, have participated in many a movie and/or TV show that has been pure crap.  It happens...  But this is perhaps the first time in my life where I was actually required to perform the act of crapping for cinematic purposes. When I am lucky enough to choose a role, the barometer I use to determine if I wish to do it or not are simple...1) does it make my stomach flutter in excitementor2) does the thought of doing the role scare meThis particular project scared me very much.  I remember my first kissing scene, my first sex scene, my first killing scene, etc.  All scary to do.  But nothing quite prepared me for this one.  I never thought that spending a day naked on a toilet dropping a deuce would be such a petrifying experience.  Perhaps if I were not naked on the can would the process have been more tolerable.  Probably the only saving grace for me is that one of my best friends wrote and directed this film.  So I'll have to thank Gene Rhee in advance for ruining any possibility of my ever having a political career.  Oh well...This is a short crap clip from my film THE TROUBLE WITH ROMANCE that WARNER BROS. is releasing nationally on Pay-per-View and OnDemand on Feb 1st.  It's a fun date movie that you can just order on your TV without ever leaving your couch or plush pad.Perhaps this one time I can feel good about doing some shit acting.I will now go into hiding... Video: http://

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Bhangra Michael Jackson

Every now and then I come across a YouTube video that makes me smile huge.  If I'm lucky, it'll make me laugh pretty hard too.  And if I am exceptionally lucky, the video will not only entertain, but give me a vitamin B injection of vigor and wisdom right into my skull and into my soul.This video is so rad in so many ways.  But at the end of the day, I just love it when people step up and perform straight from their hearts.  I find it so refreshing to see people performing for the love of the game (so rare when working in Hollywood).  These two guys rock Michael Jackson so hard punjabi style that perhaps they may dethrone the King of Pop...heck, he's in Bahrain anyway.R*****WARNER BROS. presents... "THE TROUBLE WITH ROMANCEWorld Premier on  FEBRUARY 1st on Pay-Per-View & On-Demanda romantic comedy by Gene RheeTrailer -*****Video:

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video mashing - Transformers2

I love it when DJ's take hit songs and mash them into really cool dance tracks.  i once recall almost soiling my pants when I heard a remixed dance version of The Carpenters and Madonna.  Crazy! mashing videos can be equally as cool.  most of the mashed-movies-meet-home-videos are pretty sucky (though I'm sure those who put themselves in it really love them...which is cool since I've been in some movies that are pretty darn sucky...actually, when they're sucky, i'm the first one to say they're sucky)  Every once in a while I come across one that really makes me laugh until a little hemroid pollips it's way out of my #2 maker.  This one is a mashed up revision of Transformers 2.  I love the fact you can hear the camera guy's laugh as he shoots the live human parts.  Always puts a huge smile on my face when something is created out of pure joy and fun.R*****WARNER BROS. presents... "THE TROUBLE WITH ROMANCEWorld Premier on FEBRUARY 1ston Pay-Per-View & On-Demanda romantic comedy by Gene RheeTrailer -*****Video:

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Naked Reflections...

Nudity is a strange thing.

We are born naked, yet we spend most of our lives hiding our natural divine gifts.  A naked child running around is considered cute but a naked man running around is considered criminal.  Why?  If we look to nature as an example, all animals big and small prance around without any form of artificial covering.  They do not hide their butts, penises, or female butterfly regions.  In fact, most of God's creatures don't even seem to be self-conscious at all in regards to their general state of buff.

In college, I attended a naked party (only one...really).  At first I thought I'd be overwhelmed by skin, mostly fearing my biological reactions to those individuals that my DNA found fit to breed with.  Within 30 seconds of entering this natural celebration, I found myself surprised.  After the initial shock of diving into a sea of naked people, something very strange happened.  The natural state seemed to just disappear.  Instead of being distracted by the usual mental conversation "what does he/she look like under them designer outfits?", I found myself much more alert and attentive to everyone's personality and much more connected to any/all conversations.  My assessment:  clothing creates an artificial barrier between people that only serves to prevent smooth personal interaction and human connection.  I could only imagine how many wars could have been prevented had all national leaders met in the nude.  That fact alone would have drawn me to a career in international diplomacy...or marathon running.

So in honor of a world of less conflict and greater peace and human connection, I declare openly, "Let's get naked!"  I, for one, will present this fig leaf in the form of a YouTube video.  Though I am not fully naked in this fun little piece (that would require a link to PornTube and hence, a quick excommunication from this wonderful social networking site), I do sport some generous skin.  And for those parts that would violate YouTube's decency policy, we utilize old and new technologies to present the whole package to the world.

Through nudity we shall unite.



World Premier on FEBRUARY 1st on Pay-Per-View & On-Demand

a romantic comedy by director Gene Rhee

Trailer - Video:

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a good friend of mine, Yukie Kito, produced this rad-ass movie that just recently premiered at Cannes called TOKYO SONATA. It's coming out in 2009. just wanted to share it cause I thought the film was very cool. Takes you to a different kind of Tokyo... Here's the Japanese trailer - if you don't understand Japanese it'll give you an excuse to find some random japanese hottie to help you translate...


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On December 11th, 2008, I yearned for change.

That change came in the form of a head shave.

This is how it happened...Video:

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PING PONG PLAYA opens This Friday, Sept 5th

Video: http://

Hey Guys/Gals,I got a movie coming out this Friday called PING PONG PLAYA ( It was produced by my good friends Joan Huang & Jeff Guo (producers of BETTER LUCK TOMORROW & FINISHING THE GAME) and stars my good friend, Jimmy Tsai, and was directed by academy award winner, Jessica Yu.The cast is really funny, including Smith Cho (the new Knight Rider), Peter Paige (Queer As Folk), and fellow AND member, Elizabeth Sung (way too many amazing credits to list). If you're in the mood for a great comedy this weekend, PPP will definitely not disappoint. It debuted at the Toronto Film Festival to rave reviews and was picked up for US theatrical distribution by IFC Films.  PPP will open in select theaters THIS FRIDAY, September 5th!


PING PONG PLAYA will be opening in theaters THIS FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th!!!



AMC Village 7, New York, NY

Regal E Walk (42nd street) , New York, NY


Chinese Theater, Hollywood, CA

Glendale Exchange, Glendale, CA

Alhambra Palace, Alhambra, CA


West Park Regal, Irvine, CA


Metreon AMC, San Francisco, CA

Shattuck Landmark, Berkeley, CA

Camera 12, San Jose, CAand then...




Lincoln Square, Bellevue, WA

Meridian Regal, Seattle, WA

Alderwood AMC, Lynwood, WA 


Marq E Houston, TX

First Colony, Houston, TX

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Lost in SYDNEY

Today is my birthday.  First I must thank my mother who, through great effort and sweat, squirted me out into this world.  Thanks mama!  And second, thank you all so much for your love and good cheer!  It means a great deal to me.

For those of you feeling blue, here's a fun video.  I recently went to Sydney, Australia and got bored one day.  So, I decided to just get lost for 24 hours and document whatever randomness I encountered.  May this put a smile on your face.  Big Luv!!!


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