Far East Movement

West ghostin. Some gfunk goin down in our studio.

Trap City with AutoLaser n EXSSV

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@latinprince @DJcity @EdwinDJcity @djquickie good seeing u brothers !

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RT @EdwinDJcity: OROCHON RAMEN, LOS ANGELES, CA 3/2/15 - hanging with @fareastmovement @TheAutoLaser @trapcitymusic… https://t.co/BCwVzOqkX9

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Spring break starts this Tuesday march 3rd. See y'all in Palm Beach Florida 🙌 https://t.co/TZXd6pIxZY

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Spring break will start this Tuesday. see y'all March 3rd in Palm Beach Florida 🙌

Cali people trying to survive in the snow ❄️❄️❄️ thx for keeping us heated boston...

RT @BearTrapLA: @apedrums Some footage from the #spamandeggs party @fareastmovement http://t.co/4ewvnhvYvD

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Cali people tryin to survive in the snow. Thx for keeping us heated #boston @ Royale Boston https://t.co/t3KFFK5XJ7

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@_MichaelMarra ahhh hellyea thk u bro 🙏

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Far East Movement



Location Los Angeles, United States
Job Musicians
Member Since May 2, 2007
Hometown Los Angeles

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