Far East Movement

Every night pushin in the studio till it's right. 5am... Need a light 💡

@DjKronic just sent ours n @SavageDkonz vox. MOSHPITSHIT 🙌

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RT @SanchoVanRyan: #Songoftheday sydneysamson and @FarEastMovement #BangIttotheCurb #Edm time for my second workout of… http://t.co/SO3uTJ…

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Thx fam! @djcity RT “@djkidd604: #NowPlaying Loving this new @FarEastMovement #FarEastMovement joint #Level… http://t.co/VRPuKkKQxE”

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LA reppin in Amsterdam from Ktown to West Covina @deorro @javprecio 👊#ADE http://t.co/UNFObrj8xy

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This Friday Far East Movement dj/ live set at INTL in Scottsdale AZ!

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@Eyelar @AlvitaMusic with the hat n wand n a bottle of jack 🙌

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RT @QUINTINOO: see u soon ! “@fareastmovement: last min trip to @QUINTINOO mansion failed cuz we had to bounce. Good seein u homie http://t…

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RT @DjKronic: . @fareastmovement @IntlAZ @SavageDkonz yo I got Friday off, I'm staying in AZ! Let's do this

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@JustinZotts @QUINTINOO we shall share the guest wing with u 🙌

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