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I’m a proud proud daughter! My dad’s book “Vigilance of the heart” by Roy Horan is out on Amazon now! https://www.amazon.com/Vigilance-Heart-Performance-Well-Being-Self-Realization/dp/1982204346 Pls support and buy his book! Many thanks!

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Behind the scenes while shooting the BRIDES magazine cover in China. ?

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You don’t have to like yourself to love yourself. Instead of trying to accept yourself by saying I accept and hoping that that will change your experience of a certain situation. Just say “it’s ok”. It’s ok not to like yourself in this moment. It’s ok not to be happy. It’s ok to feel angry, or sad or even furious at life. By doing that you are loving yourself.

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"‪I really don’t define things by success because by saying success you are also saying failure and I don’t really believe in that."

Actress Celina Jade: Warrior and Wise Woman


Thank you for taking the time to interview me! ❤️ ‬

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How a 'freak accident' taught me that beauty comes from within ;) Enjoy & Share if you enjoyed the interview.


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Shubh shubh shubh Diwali from the sisters! ???

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If anyone thinks abuse or rape has anything to do with a girl or woman, a boy or man wanting it, asking for it, deserving it, I'm here to tell you that you're wrong.

You are NOT to blame. You are NOT alone. You are NOT damaged. You are NOT deserving of such tragedy.

Care for yourself. Talk to someone. In time, you can and will heal. ❤️


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Ladies, you are not alone.

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My room was clean... and then I had to decide what to wear. ? #mumbaifilmfestival #midfestivalparty

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