Ghost Style

"I put my kicks on the street, I get my kicks on the street" bless bless @mitchellvw @kriseric @samchu0820 #vanshk

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Groove tonight with SiteAccess. The Warehouse is still the same #siteaccess #geestyles @acidmilk @leungkalunbaby

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Sugar rush Kung fu style

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I'm gonna drop dem dead. Come dressed for a bloody mess! Tickets and Info at

alivenotdead @alivenotdead #DeadNotAliveHalloween #zombiefightclub @etchymcetchy

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Thanks for the seagulls #evisu #evisuhk #24herbs

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Simple magnets. #dougievision

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Be. #dougievision

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Nature recharge. #dougievision

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It's Hot in the 852. Good times rockin at House of Vans. #24herbs #geestyles @insta24herbs @eddie24herbs @jbs8five2 @phat24herbs @djkeepintouch @djspyzitrix

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Gender Male
Member Since April 24, 2007
Hometown Hong Kong
English Name Ghost Style

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