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Happy Birthday brother! Hit the milestone! Enjoy @jbs8five2

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The Chung Brothers ft. Ghost Style & Kwokkin "Mammon"

Here's a MV I directed. Good reception so far. Shout-out to Chung's Brother's for putting me on and also good to work with Kwokkin again. The underground rapper got new heat to bring…coming soon!

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Ghost Style "Love Never Dies"

If you haven't checked it yet, please do. A collabo project between Patrick Cheung and myself, doing a song of mine "Love Never Dies". Please check it and share! Bless

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We're back

Wow, cool to see the new AND site up. Looking forward to another good run on AND. Bless

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City shots #dougievision

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Happy Kids

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Cloudporn from yesterday #dougievision

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My new song "Love Never Dies" check it on YouTube. Great job! @patrickpowerup #geestyles #24herbs

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Ghost Style "Love Never Dies" music video by @patrickpowerup trailer on YouTube. Full MV out next week! Check for it blessed! #geestyles #24herbs

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