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Official MV version, please check it out and share. Bless Bless

24herbs have the honor collabo with Sammi once again. Check out the new song on the inter-web and her concert. Bless bless

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Our new song with Sammi! Check it out. 24Herbs' Phat, Kit and I will be performing at her show 20Dec-02Jan 2014. Bless Bless

Life poetics ... Lil G

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Evolving #dougievision

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GS Radio Holiday Blues Session…is "guardians of the galaxy" the most kick-ass soundtrack you've heard recently? We say yes. Love the 70s, telling us how it is to live…"fooled around and fell in love…"

Let there be Light #dougievision

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Mechanical Digital #dougievision

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They are Us #dougievision

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Clip-on fish-eye fun! Thanks @samchu0820

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