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music is my girlfriend... indeed.

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How many songs total: 2,485

How many hours or days of music: 7.4 days

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First Song: The A-Team - Tee Vee Toons

Last Song: * - M83

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Shortest Song: Alone Again With The Dawn Coming Up - The KLF

Longest Song: Everything, All At Once Forever - Th' Faith Healers

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First album: A2G EP - Blackalicious

Last album: 5150 - Van Halen

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First: A-Ha

Last: 45 King vs. Wale

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  1. Be My Baby – The Ronnetts

  2. Dancing with Myself – Nouvelle Vague

  3. Paper Planes – M.I.A

  4. Sister, Pt. 1 – M83

  5. The Desperate Kingdom of Love – PJ Harvey

First song that comes up on Shuffle: Very First Lie by Material Issue


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  • this is from an 80's German heavy metal group called Accept.  the album is titled "Balls to the Wall".  enough said.

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let me know if you do one.  i would love to see what you are listening too.



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cute. simple. genius.

you might have to live in New York to appreciate some of them.

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3rd Korean American Film Festival NY 2009

hello everyone,

i'll be showing a trailer for my feature doc "ultimate christian wrestling" this Sat and will have a little Q&A after the screening.  i'm in the first program which starts at 5pm.  the festival will be held at the beautiful New York Times building.  if you can't make it to the screening you should at least come to the after party.  it should be a fun night.  hope to see some of you there.

3rd KAFFNY 2009 Tickets on Sale!

Saturday, February 28th, at TheTimesCenter (41st btwn 7th and 8th). 

Shorts and Feature clips from emerging and award-winning Korean and Korean American filmmakers, with Q&A.  Afterparty at Third Floor! 

First Program starts at 5PM, Second Program starts at 8PM.  Scenes from Warner Bros.' "The Trouble with Romance" (cast includes Steve from Sex and the City, Drama's agent from Entourage) by Gene Rhee.  Scenes from "Make Yourself at Home," starring Song Hye-Gyo. 

Full program descriptions at

Buy Tickets at TicketWeb:

FIRST PROGRAM 5PM - 7PM, $15 ($12 students)

SECOND PROGRAM 8PM - 10PM, $15 ($12 students)

FIRST & SECOND PROGRAM , $25 ($20 students)

More info available at:

KAFFNY is made possible by the generous support of the Korean American Community Foundation, the Korean Cultural Service NY, the Korea Times, and New York University Tisch School of the Arts.

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The March Of The Pure Mathematical Evil That Ends and Results in War*

hi everyone,

i've been in Georgia for the past week finishing up some filming for the doc.  spent Christmas with one of the wrestlers in his new home.  fun times.  will be heading to Jacksonville, FL for a couple of days and then back to GA until the 2nd of Jan.

thank you everyone for the warm wishes.  i hope all of your have a very happy and healthy new year.  may all your wishes come true in 2009!!!



  • the title of this entry is totally random.  it's from a song by Add N to X.
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free screening

hello everyone,

my little short will be part of the 'New Voices in Korean American Short Film' series screening this Thursday.  below is the info.  if you live in NYC stop by and say hello.  also, did i mention that the screening is free?




December 15, 2008






at Anthology Film Archives

(Second Street and 2nd Avenue)

The Korean Cultural Service presents EMERGING VISIONS : New Voices in Korean American Short Film at Anthology Film Archives, on December 18th. This program will launch a unique platform for the emerging voices of contemporary Korean American short filmmaking in New York City. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with filmmakers. Free admission to all screenings

TRT: 61 min

The Last Vacation (Narrative / DV / 11 min / Color / 2006)by Jae-Ho Chang

Amidst wintry winds and crashing waterfalls, a mother and son contemplate their last remaining moments together on this final journey.

The Last Mermaids (HD / 19 min / Color / 2008) by Liz Chae

Mother to daughter. Generation after generation. The women of Jeju Island have survived by becoming Haenyos (women sea divers). THE LAST MERMAIDS is a short documentary showing these women, aged 45-85, as they dive deep into the ocean -- the refuge that has given them life, shielded them from war and allowed them to educate their daughters. For two thousand years, the Haenyos of Jeju have fought men, governments and armies to protect their right to make a living from the sea. Now they want the tradition to stop. These are The Last Mermaids.

Sports and Diversions (Animation / DVD / 4 min / 2006)by Bum Lee

When you close your eyes and listen to music, what do you see? These animations transform Erik Satie's 1914 classic compositions into their own varied interpretations of the music. Winner of 2006 Little Big Films, Short Film Competition Animation Award.

Bbi (Animation / DVD / 10 min / 2002) by Do Hyung Kim

As society enforces a standardization of everyday life, how do we assert our individuality and what are the consequences?

UNRAVEL (16mm / 7 min / Color / 2006) by Susie Lim

The traditional Korean dress--the hanbok--becomes the intermediary of lineage between young and old.

ISAHN (Video / Color / 16 min / 2004) by Soon-Mi Yoo

ISAHN tells stories of displacement. Images from the stereoscopes at Imjingak in South Korea are mixed with contemporary footage of Burmese refugee camps around Mae Sot, Thailand, in which inhabitants are forced to relocate to yet another anonymous site. For those who are not allowed to go back home, the sights of exile are just ersatz landscapes. Sometimes they may offer consolation. Oftentimes they work as hindrance. Many would say, "When I close my eyes, I can still see my hometown so vividly."

This screening will be followed a discussion with film makers after the screening.


RSVP suggested: (212) 759-9550. For more information or to confirm times, please visit the Korean Cultural Service New York website at or call (212) 759-9550.

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"the world revolves for... for someone. for him. for she."

i finally built my website.  i know nothing about web design, so i had to rely on the generic template on iWeb.  therefore it's a very simple site.  the sad thing is that it took me three days to finish it.  the best part of this experience was picking out the music for my reel.  anyone know who it is? if you do, you and i should be good friends, since you have exceptional taste in music! but if you don't want that (which i don't blame you for) then i can buy you dinner and we can talk about music because you have exceptional taste!



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i am obsessed with...

this song.

it's a hell of a cover.  Billy should be proud.  and it's so damn sexy!

someone put together the song with clips from 'My Life to Live'.  isn't Anna Karina to die for? why don't women look and dance like that any more?

Nouvelle Vague is pretty much a cover band that puts their "French twist" to the songs.  some work, some don't.  i also like their version of 'I Melt with You', 'Teenage Kicks' and 'Just Can't Get Enough'.

rock on children!




• current music: what do you think?

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this is some scary sh*t

was going through some old pictures on my computer and found this. 

a couple of things that i have noticed:

  1. i used to look like my mom, but gradually i started looking like my dad.

  2. i had no eyebrows until i was in high school.

  3. the picture of me with the 'butt cut' sporting the turtle neck is the scariest one.  and yes, i was very proud of the braces. 

  4. i have a very long neck.  maybe i was onto something with the turtle necks.

  5. i look like an alien that needs a tan in the picture where i am only wearing a white shirt.  take note: the very long neck.

i hope you all had a good laugh.

rock on!


• current music: Romeo and Juliet - Indigo Girls

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a little piece of me

hey gang,

i blogged a couple of months ago about my short 'The Last Vacation'.  although it did not get enough votes to be shown on Channel 13, it was asked to be part of their Reel New York Film Festival, so it did end up playing! i didn't get to see it because i was at a wedding, but i just got a copy of it yesterday. 

i remember the day when i went in for the interview.  i was on a shoot all day - tired and dirty.  had to come in straight from work late that night for the interview, hence the tired look (or maybe i just look like that everyday).

anyway, here is a clip of me introducing the piece with the film to follow.





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"New York Love Stories: loosely interpreted"

hey everyone,

i hope you are all doing well.  a little doc i made will be part of a program called 'New York Love Stories: loosely interpreted' that will be opening this Friday (22nd / 5pm) at the Two Boots Theater in New York City.  i will be at the Saturday screening and would to see you guys there.  it's a really strong line up and should be worth your time.  if not come for their pizza!  below is the info to the screening.  hope to see you there!



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