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  • "Transparent" 《透明》 CD Launch Party - Nov 25th
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    Sunday, Nov 13, 2011 12:00PM / Members only

    Terence will be holding a launch party for his new 7-song EP "Transparent" 《透明》 on Nov 25th at 8pm at Bisous in Lan Kwai Fong, HK.  

    It's a great opportunity for his fans and friends to celebrate this important milestone and hear Terence and guests performing his new songs off his new CD live.   The show admission is HK$200 with 1 free drink and the CD price is HK$70.

    As a special promotion alivenotdead.com is offering an AUTOGRAPHED copy of Terence's CD bundled with an admission ticket for only HK$240. 

    You can buy both in advance online right now using your credit card via Paypal here:


    Bundle buyers can pick up their autographed CDs at the event.   Your name and CD will be at the guestlist waiting for you on event night.

    See you on Nov 25th at Bisous!

    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPDw5X0JWjM

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  • Nu You Article
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    Wednesday, Jan 27, 2010 5:29PM / Members only

    While I was in Singapore in September our friends at Sinema Old School helped arrange an interview with Chinese language magazine "Nu You" ("Girlfriend"):

    Here is the text, English translation is below:

    English Translation by Machiato:
    Do you know who he is? He is one of Hong Kong’s “Four Heavenly Kings”, and at one stage caused a bit of an uproar with the locals. If you don’t know who he is, then you must be living a life in vain……

    Acting the Villain Because He’s Lazy
    Fortunately, when I learned that I was going to interview Terence Yin, a rough image of his handsome face instantly appeared in my mind; I knew who he was and I could remember his films.
              You might not be able to remember the name of a guy like this and you might not be able to clearly remember the characters he’s played in films, but his charming looks with a slight hint of evil expressed on his face tends to direct him in playing the villain of a film. I think the image of him playing the bad guy has left a lasting impression on the minds of a lot of people. This was our first meeting so I just cut straight to the point and asked him this question.

    What do you think your popularity status is like here?
    Hah, I actually don’t know and I don’t really care. I’ve been here a few times before to do promotional work for movies. I’ve also been here a few times for personal reasons. I don’t feel that my popularity status is great but people recognize me at the airport. Does that count? Hah.

    You’ve tried doing a lot of different things – music, theatre, film, even being an MC, and it looks like that there hasn’t been an outstanding film or a piece of work representative of you because you’re always playing the villain. Do you think there is any more room for you to develop further in the film industry?
    I think that with whatever work you do, it’s all about luck. You have to see if the film you come across and the character you play, gives you the opportunity for you to develop further. Ever since I entered the industry, I’ve been very lucky and have been able to act many different roles.
              A lot of people have asked me before, why do I always play the villain. And I would always answer, because I’m lazy – so acting to be myself is the best! As an actor, I have no control over this decision (of playing the villain). Initially I wanted to start off by playing a villain, and this is the impression I have left on the viewers. Maybe the directors have the same impression as well. They are the first to have a say on who plays what for a film so naturally, when they decide on who plays the villain, they tend to think of me. As an actor, my responsibility is not to be picky with what role to play. My responsibility is to act and try to capture the essence of the character. It’s like the very first film that I made, “Mei Shiao Nan Zhi Lian”, the character I had to play was a gay guy. I’ve never had anything against it. Of course, I like girls, but I’ve never been afraid or embarrassed about this particular topic because I feel that there is no difference between a homosexual relationship or a heterosexual relationship when it comes to love between two people.

    The New Heavenly King Terence Yin
    He is Alive Not Dead
    Although this guy who usually plays the villain in Hong Kong films isn’t super popular, but his persistence and self-confidence his led him to walk his own road. Because of a documentary style film, The Heavenly Kings, Terence has even more tasks that he needs to complete and Xiao He has allowed him to nakedly express himself.

    Is there a particular character that you’d really like to try to act?
    Maybe because I’ve already got quite a bit of experience under my belt at the moment so what I’d like to try is to play a complex character, one that has layers of different depth. The one I’d like to try the most is the character in “Living Las Vagas” played by Nicholas Cage. He loves to drink, just like me, hah hah……I really like this film, even though it’s a tragic story, it’s still very romantic. Performances by both the male and female leads were just wonderful.

    Being Blacklisted by Reporters
    What is “The Heavenly Kings”? It’s a film directed by Daniel Wu, starring Daniel Wu, Terence Yin, Andre Lin and Conroy Chan. Four well known and establish Hong Kong actors teamed up to form a boy-band called ALIVE, creating a statement in Hong Kong.
              In the film “The Heavenly Kings”, the four actors express their viewpoints and interview many artists in the Hong Kong entertainment industry, openly revealing all the secrets behind the workings of a Hong Kong movie star. This film was made using a zero-distance technique and to a certain extent, it captured all the ups and downs of the ALIVE band. Everything recorded during the process of making this film is shown. Even some of the “made-up stories” that were created during the film which resulted in offending some local media is also revealed in the movie.
              Throughout the process of making of “The Heavenly Kings”, from pre-production to filming to releasing, there has been a lot of controversy and was even boycotted by the media, which ultimately led to ALIVE disbanding. At one stage, director Daniel Wu changed his statement and said that this (film) is not a documentary; it is a movie.

    Is “The Heavenly Kings” a movie or a documentary?
    It’s a movie. We’ve just used the technique similar to filming a documentary, included some truth and actual events to present the plot of the film. For example, there are parts in the movie where we interview artists from Hong Kong’s entertainment industry; that’s all real. Forming ALIVE was just like a backbone for the whole film. There was a lot of room within the film that allowed us to be very creative. The main reason for this was to allow us to express our views towards the current unhealthy situation that we can see happening with Hong Kong’s entertainment industry.

    Does “The Heavenly Kings” have any special meaning to you?
    It has a lot of different meanings. Through the process of making this movie, the four of us consolidated our friendship. We’ve been working in Hong Kong for so many years so naturally we care about the Hong Kong entertainment industry and our working environment. Andrew noticed how there are some places in Hong Kong where the working environment was not very healthy. Because of this, we wanted to let viewers see the reality of our workplace and how unfair it can be. We hope to allow everyone gain a better understanding of the rules in this industry, make it open for discussion.
              This is very important for us. We should cherish and value the things around us and do something to reflect it.

    When you decided to make this film, revealing the dark secrets of the entertainment industry, being brave enough to express yourself and presenting the raw truth to everyone, did you have any hesitations at the time?
    Hah. Well, we actually expected this film would cause a heated response. We wanted people to be aware and discuss these issues about media. It’s just that when we released this film in cinemas, the media became very sensitive about it and because we revealed the rules of how to play the game with the media, a lot of journalists and reporters in Hong Kong blacklisted us. On a personal level, we thought it was quite funny because we initially didn’t have that intention. They just did what they were supposed to do and then they felt as though their rights were violated. The reality is, we didn’t lead the audience to think about these issues. We just threw some open ideas in the air and created a space for thought, and then the audience could come up with their own conclusions.

    What are your thoughts towards our local cinema, Sinema, showing this controversial piece of work which was boycotted by the media?
    Very lucky, I never thought that after such a long period of time, this film is still attracting cinemas to show it. I think that where ever you go, independent films still needs a lot of support. This kind of film festival type events is very important for the film industry. Especially since Sinema is quite similar to us – apart from wanting to promote some non-mainstream feature films, they also care about the society of this industry and they also hope that the media will be responsible for the things they report our society.

    The Masculine Organ is the Man
    This year you’ve performed in a stage play “Pussycat Theatre” where your character is a particular male organ. Why did you agree to play this part? Did you ever think about why they asked you to do it?
    A friend of mine came looking for me and said that they needed a male actor. I was interested and then asked what role I was playing. She said penis. I asked, what? And then I said okay, it sounded quite fun! I believe that I would have been their number one choice. I guess they would have said, hey, we need a real dick, that’s got to be Terence! Hah hah......

    Do you think that this well known scriptwriter Crystal Kwok “voiced” this masculine organ fairly?
    Oh, I actually wrote my own lines for this play, which was to illustrate the uses of this “masculine organ”. It’s taken from a male point of view and used to counteract with a female point of view so that it allows women to understand where they misunderstand men with certain things. When I wrote the script, there are times where it’s very superficial, sometimes deep and complex, and sometimes very thoughtful. I hope to try and bring out an emotional side of men and fully express it.
              The viewpoints of men and women are honestly very different. This play talks about women and the problems they face with old age, and my part is just adding my own ideas to the play. Basically, a lot of the time when women divorce or are dumped by their partner, they think that all men are criminals. Generally a lot of people think that men tend to like younger women and are very superficial when it comes to communicating with them; men don’t have that in depth feeling. But in fact, this kind of generalization is wrong. It’s just an issue about making the right choice. At the moment, in this kind of sophisticated society, men would place elements of their livelihoods in first place, and then seek a partner based around this viewpoint. That is why women always think that they’re never in first place in a man’s heart.

    What do you think a man’s masculine organ represents to you?
    Wah, that’s a difficult question. What else is a man’s masculine organ used for?

    Since you’re familiar with philosophy, why not answer it in a philosophical way?
    Hm......although you can’t make a direct comparison of a man and his masculine organ, however, the masculine organ is the man.

    These four guys also established a website called Alive Not Dead. Over the past few years, it has been well received by various industries. You’ll also find trails of quite a few international stars such as Jet Li on the site.

    What kind of website is Alive Not Dead?
    Basically, it’s an online community created by artists for artists. Our main purpose is very simple – we hope that through this online community for artists, we can help as many artists as possible through the internet, first starting in Hong Kong and then expanding into different countries around the world, helping the local creative community.
              Actually, when we were filming “The Heavenly Kings”, we came in contact with many independent artists. They’re actually going through some really times. Traditional media don’t take much notice of them and they don’t assist them in any way. Everywhere around us, there are a lot of very good artists and workers out there. Our website is like providing a support system for them, allowing them to help each other out and support each other.
              The internet is going to be a very important type of media in the future. We’re just using this point to connect Hong Kong artists with other international artists, creating a community so that no matter if they’re online or offline, they’ll be able to assist each other in some way. It’s also a place where you’ll find casting opportunities and even sponsors.

    Why is it called Alive Not Dead?
    There is a reason behind the name Alive Not Dead. It reflects the current environment in Hong Kong and we all have the same feeling towards it. That is, the Hong Kong film industry has been dying down for many years but what we want to say to everyone is that we’re still alive.

    Thanks to Sharon from Sinema for sending it over!

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  • Halleluya, From The Jazz Gig w/ Marsha, Jun, Eugene
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    Tuesday, Jun 9, 2009 5:04PM / Members only

    Ghoststyle just sent me this video he took from the Jazz gig I did with Marsha, Eugene, and Jun.  Thanks Ghost!

    This song is one of my favorite songs.  Hope you guys like it!


    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyjh6xDMwWI

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  • A View Of A Little Girl
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    Tuesday, Jun 9, 2009 1:44AM / Members only

    I heard a ruckus outside.  A woman yelling, something like anger.  I can't make out the words at first, but when I stepped outside the words became clear when I ran into the scene by accident.  "How do you complete this sentence?". The woman asks her puzzled child.  She is a reflection of her mother, lost in her mother's heated questioning, like a deer caught in headlights.  "If you are going to play outside, do you say 'I play outside' or. 'You play outside?'" The mother is now flailing her arms for emphasis.  "The answer is 'I play outside!'"  The words do not begin to make sense to the child, but to me seemed so full of love and emotion.  It wasn't anger as it turned out, just a mother frustrated, wanting her child to learn her homework, sitting on the edge of the family store facing the sidewalk.  The lost child listening attentively to her mother's pleading, a pleading for a better future, a better life, a better version of that reflection that will soon grow unto its own.  I wonder if the child will remember this moment with her mother later.  Or will this moment fade and blend into other moments that make up her memory of Mom.  Will she understand her mother's words are not just about her homework, that they carry a greater meaning and from that moment they shared with a bystander.  She will know that her mother loves her more than she will know from her angry words, that words will lose their meaning over time, and only the meaning in between remains.  

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  • Thanks For All The Birthday Wishes!
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    Wednesday, May 20, 2009 3:56PM / Members only

    I have received many birthday wishes for peeps on alivenotdead over the past week or so.  Just want to say thank you for all the warm wishes! 

    I have been very busy of late.  Just finished a re-run of The Pussycat Theater with Crystal Kwok and Marsha Yuan.  I got to reprise my role as the "Penis," which I have to say is lot of fun to play, no pun intended!  I should get some photos from that soon and will post them shortly! 

    Was also the MC for the Fresh Wave Film Festival Opening Party last Friday.  The Fresh Wave Film Festival is a program run by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council that creates opportunities and exposure for aspiring film-makers in HK.  This year, alivenotdead is a media sponsor for the Fresh Wave Film Festival and I am very happy to have had the opportunity to support the ADC and the Fresh Wave Film Festival! 

    On Monday, AIDS Concern hosted a drinks gathering for 24 Herbs and all the peeps that helped out with the 24 Herbs MV and the Red Ribbon Campaign.  It was very good to see everyone at the gathering and thanks Loretta for getting me a birthday cake as well! 

    On Sat I am singing in a Jazz Show with Marsha!  The show will take place this Saturday, 5/23, at Backstage!  I am really looking forward to this show and to sing with Marsha, Jun, Eugene and the gang!  And we will be doing Jazz no less, so it should be mad fun.  Here's the flyer for the show!

    If you are in HK and you wanna hear some Jazz on Saturday, then come to the show!  Hope to see you all there!


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  • posted on Thursday, Oct 24, 2013 3:05PM  [Report]
    I am more a fan of your mum. Grew up watching the few movies she starred in. Authenticity and sincerity to one's art form is key and as fans we can spot it. I see you have inherited your mum's DNA .
    Keep true to your art and passion. Maybe you should look at writing a script about growing up as a child of mixed heritage in a country that you have to adopt as your own.. The product of global post modernity . How does it feel to belong to nowhere and everywhere.. Do you live in or do you live out? That is the title of a novel I have been planning to write all my life. We are no longer the marginalised because the margin has become the main page.
  • posted on Sunday, May 19, 2013 9:39PM  [Report]
    Happy Birthday T... ^^ best wishes and hope to see more of your work. on screen and in music!
  • posted on Sunday, May 19, 2013 12:59PM  [Report]
    Happy Birthday Terence ^.^ from ur Thai Fan
    Looking forward to z more of ur works coming
    Have a wonderful year ahead :-)))
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    happy birthday!! enjoy this awsome day n ur wonderful life to the fullest!!!
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    Hi Terence, happy birthday! No idea whether you actually check your guestbook...but always worth a try..-:)
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    haloo.. how are you? :)
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    保持联系 请多赐教。
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    Have a wonderful birthday!
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    ☆Happy belated Birthday!!☆
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    Happy Birthday....
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    Hope you have a wonderful b-day!
    Wish you all the best! :)
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    Happy Birthday!! loving & supporting u always!!
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    Happy Birthday :0)
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    happy birthday to you!!!
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