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Taifook Ad.|大福平面廣告|大福平面广告

Hi Guys! Here are a few snapshots from a recent Advertisement I shot for Taifook :Read more

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Burning Flame 3 (烈火雄心3)|烈火雄心3|烈火雄心3

Hi All, 
Some backstage Photo's from Burning flame 3,  StartFragment

This was my intro scene, shot the very first day of shooting. It was dark.... gloomy.... and scary. The atmosphere was chilly and spooky! It rained halfway through, the stunt car stopped working (I had to keep pressing the gas pedal to prevent the car from stalling-a trick I learnt driving my first car....Read more

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Children's Ambassador|兒童大使|儿童大使

Hi Everyone!!!!  I would like to share a few pictures from the kickoff ceremony for the Childrens Ambassador Kickoff event. I will be one of the Ambassadors of this year, including "Siu Yee", "William" and "Goo Sir". I'm sooooo excited to hang out with the children during the next few months. It will be a lot of fun because 4 of us are big kids too - he hee!  Read more

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Burning Flame 3 (烈火雄心3)|烈火雄心3|烈火雄心3

Hi Everyone! =)
Yesterday the full cast of  烈火雄心3 ( Burning Flame 3 ) arrived in Tsuen Wan for our drama's premier. We dressed in our full uniforms...it was quite a sight! I'm thankful for this opportunity to take part in this great adventure since I'm a huge fan of 烈火雄心1 and 烈火雄心2. My Character "Easy" is a young police officer. She's forward, takes initiative, has heart and gutsy...wish I could say more but....烈火雄心3 comes out today at 9:30pm so stay tuned!  (he he) Double Espresso Latte Cheer...Read more

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Snapshots for smooth skin Ad.|皮膚光滑廣告的照片|皮肤光滑广告的照片

H i all!!!!Finished filming today then went to finish up shooting an for a product that makes your feet as soft as a babies... by the magic of exfoliation with "Cherng Goa" ! Here are some smooth skin photos...he he. Amazing, amazing...did I say AMAZING!? Actor?   Sigh...Read more

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"Let's Get Wet" MV|“Let's Get Wet”音樂錄影帶(MV)|“Let's Get Wet”音乐录影带(MV)

Hey All!

Just wanted to share a few photo's from Raymond's"Let's Get Wet"MV...my first one!  There's some close seductive dancing...(ha ha-eat your heart out Raymond fans!)LOL.

Read more

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Miss Hong Kong again!|又選香港小姐啦!|又选香港小姐啦!

YAWN (i hear birds chirping....shhhhhh they're pretty loud outside my window I must say)

It's time to recruit new applicants for the MHK pageant! From the bottom of my heart, it's changed my life and has opened up doors for new possibilities. I've learned so much, but what it has taught me was that there is so much more that I need to learn about life, people, the world and mostly about myself. It's a continuous journey and I'm learning with each passing day about the world arou...Read more

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Motorcycles are dangerously HOT!|摩托車超棒!|摩托车超棒!

Hi All!

I know it's been a while since I've updated, I apologize from the bottom of my heart! =) The pro is, I've got lots of pictures to share so I can space that out throughout the week! (I'm getting into the habit of lugging my camera around to take as many photo's as I can between breaks of filming!)

We had a Miss Hong Kong press conference today, we did a short catwalk and talked about how our MHK experience changed our lives. A few days ago I was an MC for the unveilin...Read more

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off pedder|畢打自己人|毕打自己人

hey all!

thanks for all of your comments, I love reading them!=)

I'm not sure if I shared this photo with you guys yet but I just found it on my computer and I thought I'd share it! It's from a short break off of filming Off Pedder, using our sponsored professional sony camera's. Thanks "Tsui Wing" for taking the photo! Your the best!

Goof Ball J...Read more

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Blog: Tuesday, Mar 10|Blog: 3月10日(星期二)|Blog: 3月10日(星期二)

Hi everyone!!

Just got back from a Beijing trip a few days ago to do a grand opening ribbon cutting for a shop. It was SOOOOO very cold! I pulled out my down jacket, fuzzy scarf and uggs to battle against the winds! ha ha. When I found out that the ceremony was to be held outside, I decided that my little red dress with black stockings wasn't the best choice, but being professional (he he) I had to look good right!?

When I went on stage to do a bit of chit chat, my teeth were chatte...Read more

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Welcome to my space on Alive Not Dead! It's great to be here and I look forward to speaking to everyone here.I'll be updating this space often so...STAY TUNED

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