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Taifook Ad.|大福平面廣告|大福平面广告

Hi Guys! Here are a few snapshots from a recent Advertisement I shot for Taifook : Cheers!  | 喂﹐大家好!

我最近為大福拍攝平面廣告﹐這裡有幾張照片想跟大家分享: 多謝!| 喂﹐大家好!

我最近为大福拍摄平面广告﹐这裡有几张照片想跟大家分享: 多谢!! 

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Burning Flame 3 (烈火雄心3)|烈火雄心3|烈火雄心3

Hi All, 
Some backstage Photo's from Burning flame 3,  StartFragment

This was my intro scene, shot the very first day of shooting. It was dark.... gloomy.... and scary. The atmosphere was chilly and spooky! It rained halfway through, the stunt car stopped working (I had to keep pressing the gas pedal to prevent the car from stalling-a trick I learnt driving my first car. Remind me there is a story behind my first can I must remember to tell you all one day. The short of it, it was an older BMW collectible that my daddy collected and kept in front of my house for a while and it doesn't work. I made a deal with my daddy that if I get it to work, that it was mine to drive. He agreed and I spent the entire summer day in and out working on it, until one day I got it to run. But since it was a rather older car, it would stall sometimes, so I learnt a few tricks and learnt to sense what the car was doing at certain moments. I know...very transformers, but I think it's true that you need to be connected to you car so that you know what it is about to do, before it does it. Sometimes it might just save you life....ha ha. =) 

EndFragmentMuch love!!!! Aimeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee   | 大家好,

這裡有些烈火雄心3的幕後照片,  StartFragment 這是我出場的場面﹐是我們第一天開機時拍的。當時很黑。。。很陰沈。。。又可怕。氣氛也很寒冷和恐怖! 我們拍到一半就開始下雨﹐絕技車也停了不動 (為了不讓氣車死火﹐我不得不持續踏下油門 - 是我學駕我的第一輛車時學會秘訣。記住提我﹐我第一輛車背後有故事的﹐改日我一定要記得說給大家聽。長話短說﹐那輛車是一部稍微舊式的限量版寶馬﹐是我爸爸的收藏品﹐他擺置在我屋子前面一段時間﹐而這輛車不能開動的。我跟爸爸說好﹐如果我能夠開動這輛車﹐哪輛車就給我駕駛。他答應了﹐而我也用了整個夏季的一天﹐出出入入地修理部車﹐直到有一天我終於開動了輛車。但是因為這輛車相當古老﹐有時都會停止不動﹐所以我學了些技巧﹐也學會怎樣感應一輛車在某時候做些什麼。我知道。。。很變形金剛吧﹐但是我真是覺得你應該跟你的車連接起來﹐你的車想做之前要明白它會做什麼。有時候﹐這會救你的命。。。。哈哈。 =) EndFragment超多愛!!!!Aimeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee   | 大家好,

这裡有些烈火雄心3的幕后照片,  StartFragment 这是我出场的场面﹐是我们第一天开机时拍的。当时很黑。。。很阴沉。。。又可怕。气氛也很寒冷和恐怖! 我们拍到一半就开始下雨﹐绝技车也停了不动 (为了不让气车死火﹐我不得不持续踏下油门 - 是我学驾我的第一辆车时学会秘诀。记住提我﹐我第一辆车背后有故事的﹐改日我一定要记得说给大家听。长话短说﹐那辆车是一部稍微旧式的限量版宝马﹐是我爸爸的收藏品﹐他摆置在我屋子前面一段时间﹐而这辆车不能开动的。我跟爸爸说好﹐如果我能够开动这辆车﹐哪辆车就给我驾驶。他答应了﹐而我也用了整个夏季的一天﹐出出入入地修理部车﹐直到有一天我终于开动了辆车。但是因为这辆车相当古老﹐有时都会停止不动﹐所以我学了些技巧﹐也学会怎样感应一辆车在某时候做些什麽。我知道。。。很变形金刚吧﹐但是我真是觉得你应该跟你的车连接起来﹐你的车想做之前要明白它会做什麽。有时候﹐这会救你的命。。。。哈哈。 =) EndFragment超多爱!!!!Aimeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  

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Children's Ambassador|兒童大使|儿童大使

Hi Everyone!!!!  I would like to share a few pictures from the kickoff ceremony for the Childrens Ambassador Kickoff event. I will be one of the Ambassadors of this year, including "Siu Yee", "William" and "Goo Sir". I'm sooooo excited to hang out with the children during the next few months. It will be a lot of fun because 4 of us are big kids too - he hee!  I absolutely LOVED  the super hero costumes and had to borrow the helmet for an interview and a quick camera shot! Isn't it just the most   a  d o r a b l e ? If I can be any superhero in the entire world, I would want to be one of the TRANSFORMERS... or SAILORMOON because I want the SAVE the world!!! ha ha!  Actually, My Nickname in highschool was Sailormoon because I always wore my hair in pigtails and was in a school uniform. =) And my classmates always laughed at me for laughing like a cartoon character! ha ha.   []()What superhero would you pick?xoxo, ME. | 喂﹐大家好!!!! 我想跟大家分享一些" 兒童大使啟動儀式”發佈會影的照片。我今年將會成為大使之一﹐還有"Siu Yee","William" 和"Goo Sir" 。我實在太興奮了﹐因為今後這幾個月可以跟小朋友一起。一定會很好玩﹐因為我們四個也是大細路 -  嘻嘻!  我真是非常喜愛這些超人服裝﹐還要借用這個頭盔做訪問和拍一個超快的相片!  這是不是最可愛呢?

如果可以選擇做世界上任何一位超人﹐我會想做變形今剛的其中一位。。。或者做美少女戰士﹐因為我想拯救地球!!! 哈哈!其實﹐我中學時的昵稱是美少女戰士﹐因為我的頭髮總是梳成雙辮子﹐而且穿着校服。 =)  而我的同學也時時笑我﹐因為我的笑聲很像卡通人物!  哈哈。  []()你會挑選那一位超級英雄?


我。 | 喂﹐大家好!!!! 我想跟大家分享一些" 儿童大使启动仪式”发佈会影的照片。我今年将会成为大使之一﹐还有"Siu Yee","William" 和"Goo Sir" 。我实在太兴奋了﹐因为今后这几个月可以跟小朋友一起。一定会很好玩﹐因为我们四个也是大细路 -  嘻嘻!  我真是非常喜爱这些超人服装﹐还要借用这个头盔做访问和拍一个超快的相片!  这是不是最可爱呢?

如果可以选择做世界上任何一位超人﹐我会想做变形今刚的其中一位。。。或者做美少女战士﹐因为我想拯救地球!!! 哈哈!其实﹐我中学时的昵称是美少女战士﹐因为我的头髮总是梳成双辫子﹐而且穿着校服。 =)  而我的同学也时时笑我﹐因为我的笑声很像卡通人物!  哈哈。  []()你会挑选那一位超级英雄?



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Burning Flame 3 (烈火雄心3)|烈火雄心3|烈火雄心3

Hi Everyone! =)
Yesterday the full cast of  烈火雄心3 ( Burning Flame 3 ) arrived in Tsuen Wan for our drama's premier. We dressed in our full was quite a sight! I'm thankful for this opportunity to take part in this great adventure since I'm a huge fan of 烈火雄心1 and 烈火雄心2. My Character "Easy" is a young police officer. She's forward, takes initiative, has heart and gutsy...wish I could say more but....烈火雄心3 comes out today at 9:30pm so stay tuned!  (he he) Double Espresso Latte Cheers! =) p.s. sorry I didn't get the opportunity take pix at the press con but will do so later on!  | 喂﹐大家好! =)

昨天﹐烈火雄心3 的全體演員到了 灣參加劇集的首映活動。我們都穿上齊整的制服。。。場面真是非常壯觀!  我很感激有這次的機會﹐有份參與這個偉大的歷險﹐因為我也是烈火雄心1 和烈火雄心2 的超級粉絲。

我飾演的角色"Easy" 是一位年輕的警察。她很直接﹐主動﹐很用心和有膽量。。。我都想說多一些但是。。。。

烈火雄心3 今天晚上9:30 播放了﹐記住留意收看! ( 嘻嘻)

雙倍義式濃縮 咖啡﹐謝謝! =)

p.s.  不好意思﹐我沒有機會在發報會上影照片﹐但是遲一點會拍照給你們!| 喂﹐大家好! =)

昨天﹐烈火雄心3的全体演员到了荃湾参加剧集的首映活动。我们都穿上齐整的制服。。。场面真是非常壮观! 我很感激有这次的机会﹐有份参与这个伟大的历险﹐因为我也是烈火雄心1和烈火雄心2的超级粉丝。


烈火雄心3今天晚上9:30播放了﹐记住留意收看! (嘻嘻)

双倍义式浓缩拿铁咖啡﹐谢谢! =)

p.s. 不好意思﹐我没有机会在发报会上影照片﹐但是迟一点会拍照给你们!

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Snapshots for smooth skin Ad.|皮膚光滑廣告的照片|皮肤光滑广告的照片

H i all!!!!Finished filming today then went to finish up shooting an for a product that makes your feet as soft as a babies... by the magic of exfoliation with "Cherng Goa" ! Here are some smooth skin photos...he he. Amazing, amazing...did I say AMAZING!? Actor?   Sigh...Smooth skin for the sandle season baby! hugz and kisses all! =)Aimee  | 大家好!!!!

今天拍完劇後﹐我為了一個令人的腳軟滑到像嬰兒一樣的產品繼續拍攝。。。用“Cherng Goa" 表皮剝脫的神奇功效!

以下有些皮膚光滑的照片。。。嘻嘻。很棒﹐很棒。。。我有沒有說很棒!? 演員? 唉。。。  為了穿涼鞋的季節擁有軟滑的皮膚﹐寶貝!

抱抱和親親你們! =) Aimee | 大家好!!!!

今天拍完剧后﹐我为了一个令人的脚软滑到像婴儿一样的产品继续拍摄。。。用"Cherng Goa" 表皮剥脱的神奇功效!

以下有些皮肤光滑的照片。。。嘻嘻。很棒﹐很棒。。。我有没有说很棒!? 演员? 唉。。。  为了穿凉鞋的季节拥有软滑的皮肤﹐宝贝!

抱抱和亲亲你们! =)Aimee 

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"Let's Get Wet" MV|“Let's Get Wet”音樂錄影帶(MV)|“Let's Get Wet”音乐录影带(MV)

Hey All!

Just wanted to share a few photo's from Raymond's"Let's Get Wet" first one!  There's some close seductive dancing...(ha ha-eat your heart out Raymond fans!)LOL.

I had to pretend that I was in a space like environment, looking around, discovering where this place was....

On the table...

Learning the steps in 10 minutes, then we shoot!

Hands up Ray! I felt like a police officer in this one - ha ha!

My hair just wont stay in place!

The shooting ended at around 3 am and it was alot of fun! Hope you guys enjoyed the photo's!  Rock on!   

想跟大家分享拍攝林峰的“Let's Get Wet ”MV 時的幾張照片。。。我的第一部﹗MV 裡還有很誘人的舞蹈鏡頭( 哈哈 - 羨慕死你們啦﹐林峰的粉絲﹗)LOL




阿峰﹐舉起雙手! 這張相我很像個警察 - 哈哈!


差不多凌晨三點時才拍攝完畢﹐而且很好玩! 希望大家都喜歡這些照片!


想跟大家分享拍摄林峰的“Let's Get Wet”MV时的几张照片。 。 。我的第一部﹗ MV里还有很诱人的舞蹈镜头(哈哈-羡慕死你们啦﹐林峰的粉丝﹗)LOL

我要假装扮身在空旷的环境里﹐周围望﹐寻找这里是什么地方。 。 。 。

On the table...






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Miss Hong Kong again!|又選香港小姐啦!|又选香港小姐啦!

YAWN (i hear birds chirping....shhhhhh they're pretty loud outside my window I must say)

It's time to recruit new applicants for the MHK pageant! From the bottom of my heart, it's changed my life and has opened up doors for new possibilities. I've learned so much, but what it has taught me was that there is so much more that I need to learn about life, people, the world and mostly about myself. It's a continuous journey and I'm learning with each passing day about the world around me. I'm not the smartest, the prettiest nor the best at everything but I will work hard to accept my flaws and strengths. Maintaining a balance of physical & inner beauty is the MHK motto and I strongly stand by it.

Sincerely to those who are even slightly interested, please pick up an application. Nothing is impossible and you'd never know until you try. Or rather what I'd like to often, act with your heart ... think later. =)

now enough about the "MHK promo speech" sorry for the boys who had to endure through all that (don't get me wrong, I meant every word.)  I just got back from a meeting for a show I'm doing next week....I did a final dubbing for "Leet Foa 3" this morning, then shot "Off Pedder". It was so nice to see the directors and to finally see a few scenes of the drama that I did. I'm quite excited for it to come out - no word when but I'm soon I was told. Fingers Crossed 

I better get some sleep, I haven't stayed up this late for a while now since all my filming is done usually in the morning! Here's some pics in the meantime! (you can check my TVB.COM for more pictures starting tomorrow!)

At an "Off Pedder" dinner one night...

Because he's amazing in everything! =)

stay tuned crazy animals!  HUGZZZZ

                                                        |                       *

哈欠*( 聽到雀仔嘰嘰喳喳的聲音。。。噓﹐他們在窗外很吵鬧的)

又是招募香港小姐的新參賽者! 我 心低底裡想說的是﹐這真是改變了我的命運﹐也幫我開路向很多新機會。我學識了很多東西﹐但是這一切其實教導了我還有很多東西要學﹐例如生命﹐人﹐世界﹐以 及自己。這是個永遠不斷的旅程﹐而每過一天我都在學識了解自己身邊的世界。我不是最聰明﹐也不是最美麗或做什麼都是最好的﹐但是我會勞力地去接受自己的缺 點和優點。做香港小姐的口號就是保持外和內的美麗形態﹐而我也深深支持的。


好啦﹐不再講" 香港小姐宣傳的說話" 。忍耐我剛才所說的話的男士﹐對不起 ( 不要誤會﹐我每一句話是真心的) 。我為了下星期的表演開會後回來。。。。今天早上為“Leet Foa 3" 配音﹐然後為“畢打自己人”拍攝。見到導演真是很開心﹐而且終於能夠看到自己演出的幾幕劇集。我其實很興奮地等著劇集播放 - 未知幾時出街但是他們說很快。 * 交叉手指*

我都應該睡覺了。很久都沒有那麼夜才睡﹐因為我通常是早上拍劇﹗這裡有些照片先給大家看看﹗( 從明天起﹐你們可以去TVB.COM 看更多照片﹗)





哈欠*( 听到雀仔叽叽喳喳的声音。。。嘘,他们在窗外很吵闹的)

又是招募香港小姐的新参赛者! 我心低底里想说的是,这真是改变了我的命运,也帮我开路向很多新机会。我学识了很多东西,但是这一切其实教导了我还有很多东西要学,例如生命,人,世界,以及自己。这是个永远不断的旅程,而每过一天我都在学识了解自己身边的世界。我不是最聪明,也不是最美丽或做什麽都是最好的,但是我会劳力地去接受自己的缺点和优点。做香港小姐的口号就是保持外和内的美丽形态,而我也深深支持的。


好啦,不再讲" 香港小姐宣传的说话" 。忍耐我刚才所说的话的男士,对不起 ( 不要误会,我每一句话是真心的) 。我为了下星期的表演开会後回来。。。。今天早上为“Leet Foa 3" 配音,然後为“毕打自己人”拍摄。见到导演真是很开心,而且终於能够看到自己演出的几幕剧集。我其实很兴奋地等着剧集播放 - 未知几时出街但是他们说很快。 * 交叉手指*

我都应该睡觉了。很久都没有那麽夜才睡,因为我通常是早上拍剧!这里有些照片先给大家看看!< /font>( 从明天起,你们可以去TVB.COM 看更多照片!)




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Motorcycles are dangerously HOT!|摩托車超棒!|摩托车超棒!

Hi All!

I know it's been a while since I've updated, I apologize from the bottom of my heart! =) The pro is, I've got lots of pictures to share so I can space that out throughout the week! (I'm getting into the habit of lugging my camera around to take as many photo's as I can between breaks of filming!)

We had a Miss Hong Kong press conference today, we did a short catwalk and talked about how our MHK experience changed our lives. A few days ago I was an MC for the unveiling of the LEXUS hybrid car...the con is, I didn't get a chance to take pics at these least I did but the people that I took pictures of, wouldn't appreciate it if I put it up here! tee hee.

But I want to share with you what I fell in love with while filming yesterday.

Isn't it absolutley GORGEOUS!? If only my mom would allow me to get a motorcycle liscense!......Sigh.....


Convince her will you guys!? ( My little partner in crimes in the sit-com I'm on. They sit on my desk every single day!)  From left to right....Jacks, Meister, Bob and Flame.   


miss you all! stay tuned....I'll try to be more informative from now on of my happenings!!!! Thank you all for being so patient! | 大家好!

我知道我已經很久都沒有更新這裡, 我很衷心想跟大家說聲對不起! =) 好的是, 我有很多照片給大家分享, 那我可以在這個星期裡慢慢放上網! (我開始習慣去那裡都帶著部相幾, 在拍戲之間休息的時間, 盡量拍攝更多的照片!)

今天我們舉辦了香港小姐記者招待會. 我們行了很短的catwalk, 也談到做香港小姐的經歷怎樣改變我們的生活. 幾日前, 我為雷克薩斯油電混合動力車(HYBRID)的揭幕禮當司儀...不好的是, 我沒有機會在這些場合裡影相...其實都有影的, 但是如果要放上這裡, 我想照片裡的人可能會不太喜歡! 嘻嘻.

但是我想跟大家分享昨天拍戲時, 我愛上了什麼。

它是不是超級華麗呀? 如果我媽媽允許我拿摩托車駕照就好了!......唉.....


你們幫勸服她, 好嗎!? (我在情景喜劇裡的小拍擋. 他們每天都坐在我桌子上!) 由左至右....Jacks, Meister, Bob 和 Flame. 


掛念你們! 記住看著這裡....從今以後, 我會盡量寫更多自己最近做過的事情!!!!!多謝大家的耐心等待!

                                |           大家好!

我知道我已经很久都没有更新, 很衷心想跟大家说声对不起! =) 好的是, 我有很多照片给大家分享, 那我可以在这个星期慢慢放上网! (我开始习惯去哪里都带着部相几, 在拍戏之间休息的时间, 尽量拍摄更多的照片!)

今天我们举办了香港小姐记者招待会,我们行了很短的catwalk, 也谈到做香港小姐的经历怎样改变我们的生活。几日前, 我为雷克萨斯油电混合动力车(HYBRID)的揭幕礼当司仪...不好的是, 我没有机会在这些场合里影相...其实都有影的, 但是如果要放上这里, 我想照片里的人可能会不太喜欢! 嘻嘻.

但是我想跟大家分享昨天拍戏时, 我爱上了什么。

它是不是超级华丽呀? 如果我妈妈允许我拿摩托车驾照就好了!......唉.....


你们帮劝服她, 好吗!? (我在情景喜剧裡的小拍挡。他们每天都坐在我桌子上!) 由左至右....Jacks, Meister, Bob 和 Flame.


挂念你们! 记住看看这里....从今以后, 我会尽量写更多自己最近做过的事情!!!!!多谢大家的耐心等待!

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off pedder|畢打自己人|毕打自己人

hey all!

thanks for all of your comments, I love reading them!=)

I'm not sure if I shared this photo with you guys yet but I just found it on my computer and I thought I'd share it! It's from a short break off of filming Off Pedder, using our sponsored professional sony camera's. Thanks "Tsui Wing" for taking the photo! Your the best!

Goof Ball Joyce in the background!

Check out this HUGE bar of chocolate as one of our props on another day of shooting!

Dinner with the Gang, I love you guys!




謝謝你們所有的評論, 我真的非常喜歡看! =)

我忘了我有沒有跟你們分享這張相片,可是我剛剛從電腦裡找出來,那就想跟你們分享! 這是我們在《畢打自己人》拍攝現場。稍微休息的時候,用 Sony 贊助的專業攝影機影的。多謝 Tsui Wing 為我們拍攝照片! 你是最棒的!

後面那一位就是傻妹 Joyce!






谢谢你们所有的评论, 我真的非常喜欢看! =)

我忘了我有没有跟你们分享这张相片,可是我刚刚从电脑里找出来,那就想跟你们分享! 这是我们在《毕打自己人》拍摄现场。稍微休息的时候,用 Sony 赞助的专业摄影机拍的。多谢 Tsui Wing 为我们拍摄照片! 你是最棒的!

后面那一位就是傻妹 Joyce!





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Blog: Tuesday, Mar 10|Blog: 3月10日(星期二)|Blog: 3月10日(星期二)

Hi everyone!!

Just got back from a Beijing trip a few days ago to do a grand opening ribbon cutting for a shop. It was SOOOOO very cold! I pulled out my down jacket, fuzzy scarf and uggs to battle against the winds! ha ha. When I found out that the ceremony was to be held outside, I decided that my little red dress with black stockings wasn't the best choice, but being professional (he he) I had to look good right!?

When I went on stage to do a bit of chit chat, my teeth were chattering but the GM's from the United States still laughed at my jokes (thanks god!_ )  . I stayed in a large room at Shangri, but I didn't even have time to enjoy all the amenities and I had to hop into bed to prepare for the next day!

I didn't bring my camera for the event but will update some photo's soon when I get them!

in the meantime,  stay warm everyone!

cheers! |大家好!!

幾日前我剛從北京回來, 為新開張的商店剪綵。真是很冷噢! 我拿出我的羽絨外套、毛茸茸的圍巾和羊毛靴跟寒風戰鬥! 哈哈。當我知道這個活動在外面舉行時,我就想,我的小紅裙和黑襪子不太適合場面。但是要專業的話(嘻嘻),當然要穿得好看啦,對嗎!?

當我上台做司儀講話的時候,我的牙齒都在震,但是從美國來的總經理還喜歡我講的笑話(感謝上天! )我住在格裏拉酒店的大客房,但是還沒時間享受房間裡所有福利就要上床睡覺,為明天準備!



開心! |大家好!!

几日前我刚从北京回来, 为新开张的商店剪彩。真是很冷噢! 我拿出我的羽绒外套、毛茸茸的围巾和羊毛靴跟寒风战斗! 哈哈。当我知道这个活动在外面举行时,我就想,我的小红裙和黑袜子不太适合场面。但是要专业的话(嘻嘻),当然要穿得好看啦,对吗!?

当我上台做司仪讲话的时候,我的牙齿都在震,但是从美国来的总经理还喜欢我讲的笑话(感谢上天! )我住在格里拉酒店的大客房,但是还没时间享受房间裡所有福利就要上床睡觉,为明天准备!




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