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happy thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all ya people. I wish I was saying this with a smile, I actually am but sorta wry smile there.Didn't have a good week. :( Hope you guys did better.You know, I love music. I love it, I love writing and I love performing. I've never had the courage to take the stage as my own but watched enough people do it. And the desire in me burned so much that one day, it just exploded out of me and I just decided to let the drive and passion gear me towards my goal.My goal is simply to bring what I have in my mind and hea...Read more

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Good Morning!

Hello and good morning friends, I wish and hope for all of you to have a great day ahead! There has been just too much to do in so little time and instead of wringing my hands in despair, I decided to come write about it.I realized worrying will get me nowhere. Someone once said that worrying is akin to being in a rocking chair, you feel like you're moving all day while you rock but in truth you've hardly moved a step!!Due to a lack of sleep, I woke semi conscious last week and hit my head when I slipped at home. It was my coffee table ...Read more

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Hello friends,been a while since I blogged or updated!Big Hello to ya all.Just a lil note on what I've been working on. Currently in the midst of preparing for my first album which will drop somewhere in July 2011.It has been a lot of work so sorry for not updating earlier. Also, my website and I think a mandarin blog are under construction so, like this one, I will be updating now and then of new works and share little thoughts on what this journey has taken me.:)I have missed some of ya friends who filled my life with color, inspiration and pass...Read more

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I don't care -

One innocent day,(unlike other days which were guilty unless proven), I woke up a changed person, to the tune of the I-don't-care melody.

Honestly, I don't care.

I don't care about the excuses for why work was not done, or your story, her story, my story, their stories about shoes. If I have to wear everyone elses' shoes, I'll have eternally new shoes of my own that give me blisters since they hardly get worn in. Why does it sound so good on paper but a tall task when I try to do it? 

Because I&#...Read more

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Yesterday I saw a cat bound out with squealing tires, er, paws in the middle of nowhere. And then came a deep throaty croak trailing behind. I never knew cats were frightened of frogs, but there was a slight commotion going on with the furor that had erupted. Did I mention that I was a few feet in the air from shock? I'm always jumping up and down these days like Mexican jumping beans when sudden moves jolt and bolt me into panic mode. Of course you know I'm referring to cockroaches and sudden sprinting cats, and recently the heart attacks that Vl...Read more

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This is horrible.:( Rape Club in Japan.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTxZXKsJdGU&feature=player_embedded

I can't imagine why people can think up things like that!!!!

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Chippy: have a laugh

Fritolaysia Cuts Off Chiplomatic Relations With Snakistan

NOVEMBER 30, 2005 | ISSUE 41•48##ARTICLE TOOLS **  DIGG *Read more

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Jihad article

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Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKSbLayHIzo

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positive story

Yesterday I came across this inspiring story and I just thought I had to write it down. 

Samuel Herschberger was just three days away before he celebrated his tenth birthday. The boy was however caught in a farm accident when his shirt sleeve got caught in a grinder attached to a tractor. HIs dad Oba was sure he was dead despite having sprinted to help the poor boy. He was pretty sure the mangled mess was not a sight he wanted to see and quite certain he had lost his son.

But the sound of a tiny voice imploring for help filled ...Read more

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