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Be inspired and inspire.

Lydia is a singer/songwriter who believes that music is a healing balm for people of all walks and ages. In her teenage years, she took to the piano and contributed to the music team of her church. At school, she was hugely interested in English Literature and pored over different novels and poetry every minute she had. Soon the stories breathed life and she found a yearning to take her craft seriously into practice on stage. At college, Lydia was actively involved in musicals and plays for Sheares Theater as well.

She finally graduated with a degree in Theater Studies and also continued her passion in music by learning composing and songwriting in L.A.

Currently this lass resides in Taiwan and is waiting to surprise you with her first album later this year in 2011!

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Languages Spoken English,Cantonese,German,Hokkien,Mandarin
Location Taiwan
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Be inspired and inspire.

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