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This is horrible.:( Rape Club in Japan.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTxZXKsJdGU&feature=player_embedded

I can't imagine why people can think up things like that!!!!

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cant see the vid but im not surprised. japans come up with a nice variety of sickening acts - like the virtual game 'rape play' - aim of the game in the role of a rapist was to go through an entire family, rape the mom and children
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super hero - rape man? ahaha must be millions of this stuff around, cartoons comics making it all seem okay. dont understand how they allow this shit over there.
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Lydia - I am not going to comment on the apparent organization to get women drunk and rape them -- its obviously a crime and I'm glad that they've been exposed, but let me also clearly state that this report has been created by someone who knows VERY LITTLE about Japanese dance music or clubbing culture. The parties that they show the footage from and make sensational statements like "extraordinary video footage" and "proceedings are carefully orchestrated" and "techniques are similar to those used by cults"... Actually this is completely ignorant. As a frequent club goer in Japan, I can tell you from first hand experience that that footage is not particularly extraordinary, that is a normal club party amongst that demographic in Japan. I have been to dozens of parties very similar to that. They're doing what is known as Para Para dancing, which was a dance style popular in the early 2000's --- which consisted of people doing 'meticulously orchestrated' dance choreography together.... and it happened to be popular with woman by a large margin.. (actually the parties I went to were all organized by women, they were the DJs and the promoters). no evil sinister plot there.... this is the equivalent of taking footage of a DJ party in NY or LA and trying to say that Hip-Hop is part of some conspiracy to murder people just because there have been shootings at clubs in the US. I'm not trying to excuse gender issues and sex crimes in Japan, this is a very serious issue, but some ignorant piece from the Australian Broadcasting Company is not giving you an accurate report!
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yes you're right - there are a lot of unhealthy problems in Japanese culture.... sexism, objectification of women and gender inequity are just a few of them. But I think if you look at the amount of date rape or sexual assault in a lot of countries, its hard to say that any one country has a premium on it. (I'll have to look for stats, but I think Japan is not THAT much worse than anywhere else...)
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Ah..sad to see this.....
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was shocked at the awful news then.
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Crazy stuff. There are a lot of disturbed women out there who look to be subjugated to, have attention bestowed on them, or "loved" by all sorts, the more charismatic the better. Of course it's wrong for anyone, male or female, to prey on these vulnerabilities. It's sick and it's happening.
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Brings to mind something I read online recently - University of Tokyo associate professor resigns over sexual harassment - http://mdn.mainichi.jp/mdnnews/national/news/20100315p2a00m0na015000c.html?inb=rs&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+mdn%2Fall+%28Mainichi+Daily+News+-+All+Stories%29
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There's actually a comic called Rapeman! I'm completely shocked.It's very sad to see a league of rapists who seem very proud of what they are doing, but I definitely think this kind of thing goes on everywhere I just think sadly a lot of women feel ashamed and will not report it :(
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because they live for nothing for their life...
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