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Jihad article

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Well I certainly hope so! Before we were born, before we entered into this world as a physical being, I believe we were pure conscious light, pure conscious spirit, before we came into physical form. It is only that as we have gotten older that we've taken this Earth as our home and we have been 'contaminated' so to speak with Earthly desires and views, like fame, money, wealth and possessions (which are irrelevant to our true spiritual growth). If one can maintain unclouded and untainted in ones views and actions from a spiritual perspective throughout their entire life and balance their karmic actions, one will live a very good and fruitful life. The truth is, it does not matter what religion you are, whether you are a Jew, Christian or a Muslim. Religion is only a belief/mental psychiatric system. What matters more is not who or what you believe in, but rather what you would believe to do, in terms of kindness - in this life to affect others. Are you willing to live up to your ideals instead of talk about them? Are you willing to lay down your life to help the needy and helpless for example? These are far more important issues. Because the best kind of teachings are those who don't just talk the talk, but walk the walk. Kindness luckily, needs no book nor scripture to perform. And if more people could perform kindness and self contemplation, about their actions and beliefs about how they directly affect others in their lives, I am sure peace (on Earth) will eventually prevail. But it must be done through hard work. Through the hard work of awakening to the actions of oneself and through the cleansing of one's mind and heart, to not only speak truth but to no longer lie/live a life of lies/deceit or do the most negative/damaging things to all life. This is because we are all related...literally. Not just to ourselves but to mother Earth and the universe. You must believe that whatever you do today as a person/spirit, has a direct cause and effect....implications down the line not just for yourself, but for generations in future. Unfortunately not many have been taught this valuable issue of looking at one's life from a cause and effect perspective. Most of mankind has been brainwashed into believing that they must believe in something (or someone, like an almighty God/being), otherwise they would be segregated/not loved. This is why we have discrimination in the world like religion, sex and race....because of the belief that you and 'they' are different. So long as one thinks this way, then you ARE segregated. Truth is there is no segregation (we are all one)..to segregate anyone/everyone is to segregate truth. The way I look at truth is, Truth is like looking at a mountain, and Belief is like a viewpoint from one side of the mountain...you're only seeing one aspect of it. To understand the truth you must see the whole (all beliefs and religions), and to see the whole you must be unafraid to ask questions about life/God/whatever and be prepared to challenge the status quo (what is generally accepted in society). If you believe you are a physical being, seperate from others in their beliefs or viewpoints it means you are still tied to the egoic way of thinking, which has no basis for growth in terms of the spirit, because the moment the body dies the ego dies with it. So, if you are not race, you are not body and you are not ego, then what are you? If you ask yourself this question you will eventually come up with the answer. :)
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Amazing article. I've been reading a book called "Public Enemies" (on which the latest movie starring Johnny Depp was based on) & I think I've found the similarities between the Islam extremists & notorious bank robbers in the 1930s. They were constantly ostracised by society, or couldn't find a place to fit in. Pre-conceived notions from others around them caused them to feel that they needed to belong to a group. Only then did they become open to extremist ideas & the idea of a criminal life (in "Public Enemies"). Society plays a part as well.
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I have no tolerance for religious fanaticism of any kind. It always seems to end up in the same place--hatred and blind, senseless murder. What is so chilling about Islamic fanaticism is that it is consciously about murdering as many "non-believers" as possible and uses violence and terror as a means of coercion. 9/11 changed me. I saw what these fanatics were capable of, and how much popular support they have in the Islamic world (don't kid yourself, a lot more than a small minority of Muslims admire the stand these people have taken against the West, its freedoms and institutions, especially if no Muslims are killed in the acts of terrorism). Why aren't there more Muslims speaking out against terrorism and Islamic fanaticism? If 90% of Muslims don't support it, why aren't we hearing their voices speaking out everywhere, everyday? The silent majority has quite a lot to answer for in the Islamic Community worldwide.
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It's all a matter of interpretation ... some could say that even the Bible can lead us to destruction ... it's sad that we can't all come together as HUMAN BEINGS and quell all the negative organizations in the world, because we are ALL creatures of the Creator.
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