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Positive Story III

When we go through our rough edges in life, don't we always feel weak and upset to the point we sometimes have no strength to even deal with situations much less persevere or not give up? Even though it is exhausting, the truth is one good thought or one bad thought is your own choice. Except thoughts repeat themselves over and over. So if you think positive, you repeat positive thoughts. You think negative, naturally you become gruff and bitter. Here's something I found to share with you.

There was once an island which hou...Read more

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Positivity II

Here's another story to share with you. 

Positivity is power. If you've ever read The Secret, you will know what the secret is. It's no secret actually, we all know it, but what makes the book a bestseller is the fact that someone REMINDS you of what you already know. This is because most of the time people are used to being disheartened and disappointment, it becomes tiring to look on the bright side. It always is easier being gloomy because that is a natural reaction. But if you want things to change, then be empowered. Sa...Read more

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Positive story

Start your morning with positivity.

I read the story of Gavin MacLeod, the actor who played Captain in Love Boat. He and his wife Patti had been married for 7 years. They faced some problems when Gavin's career didn't see light. So they got a divorce and Patti was devestated. However she never gave up but prayed and gave thanks to God every night. She prepared an extra set for dinner dutifully instead of just for herself. 3 years later, a knock came during dinner.

Patti smiled and told Gavin to go in and that his dinner...Read more

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little thrift ways

Hello friends

Here are some things I have always thought were good for saving resources in this world as well as a bit of thrift. I use my toothpastes, eye creams, facial washes to the very last bit. When it reaches the end of the tube, I never throw it away but cut the tube up so that I can still ooze the last traces of the product. When that happens there will be remnants and I keep it in a resealable sandwich bag or I use aluminium foil and wrap the product. Sometimes I keep it in the fridge to keep it from evaporating.

...Read more

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I love popiah!

It's like the vietnamese rice roll, or the french crepe or your burrito.

I love popiah!

I am such a fan of popiahs that I could eat 5 at one go. Huge ones too. Don't ask me why, I just love them!

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The idea of Pride

Augustine defines pride as " the love of one's own excellence" while Aristotle on the other hand marks a clear distinction between pride and hubris. Pride can be something positive in the elevation of one's greatness of soul, magnanimity or otherwise known as one of the seven deadly sins. Hubris as defined by Aristotle is something which its cause is this ' by illtreating others men make their superiority greater'.

I'm interested in this pride issue because there was an incident which happened on New Ye...Read more

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A little feverish today, actually right now. Head feels heavy and I have this I'm-going-bonkers- feeling engulfing me. Oh eek.

Wanted to blog about something interesting but it'd have to wait. My friend's 5 year old has inspired me somewhat in writing this next blog entry.

Hope everyone has a bright day ahead.

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Psychological bargains

Recently I stifled a chuckle when some friends remarked wryly that I've been sounding a little more religious in my blogs and updates. They had this slightly impish twinkle in their eyes as though to poke and make a jibe at my sudden "fervour".

I told them it was no "fervour" and not "sudden".

The truth is even as I used to like releasing my angst or pent up feelings in art forms, such as writing edgy poetry or proses, I am like everyone else craving for happiness and peace. Hence after...Read more

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When I was about 8, I jumped in delight whenever Dad told us we were going to Swensen's for ice cream. It was ectstasy to imagine the mix of the cool and creamy treat melting in my mouth. We literally lit up, my brother and me, whenever we were in the car and ready to go.

When I was 14 , I had sent in a little article to a teen magazine and saw it getting published.  When they had returned with a gift bag sent to me, I was elated. More than elated. I refused to use it and stared at my prize in triumph. I felt like a little conqueror that ha...Read more

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Tongue in cheek


My brother and I interacted quite a bit this Christmas. We had to look after mum and we tried to coordinate things in such a way we would make the best arrangements for everybody.My brother is alot like mum. I used to think so but never realized the similarities were uncanny! He was a pragmatic man and believed in being a good steward, whether it came down to his time, finances,or filial piety. My brother is undoubtedbly big hearted. He told me how wise grandma was and the things she said taught him plenty. Grandma had gone through ...Read more

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