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Good Morning!

Hello and good morning friends, I wish and hope for all of you to have a great day ahead! There has been just too much to do in so little time and instead of wringing my hands in despair, I decided to come write about it.I realized worrying will get me nowhere. Someone once said that worrying is akin to being in a rocking chair, you feel like you're moving all day while you rock but in truth you've hardly moved a step!!Due to a lack of sleep, I woke semi conscious last week and hit my head when I slipped at home. It was my coffee table my head met :S Yes, I feel like Miss accident prone zone gee!!! But that recklessness was a reminder that I needed rest! So I went and had to sleep proper for a gd whole day! I have been falling asleep on my workstation or couch where I sometimes work from and it has not been fruitful sleep because I would end up on days where my weary eyelids become so heavy I barely keep them open!So yes, better time management, and to better myself as a good steward of my time! The next few weeks will be worse I presume, because of constant work traveling but I am hoping that in the middle of all these I can stay refreshed, happy and rejuvenated.I believe as long as I have a positive mind, my physical weariness can slip away and miraculously the energy will still come to me. It is the mind that matters!Alright gotta go, God Bless ya all and have a pleasant Wednesday ahead. 

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Take care of yourself and eat more food! I say that because I'm on a diet, so I want all my skinny friends to eat for me by proxy.
over 9 years ago
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Very Singapore way to encourage you: "Relax Lah!"
over 9 years ago
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Beautiful pic sweetie and LOVE the hat!
over 9 years ago
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Be sure to rest and relax! I've chosen to actually keep Sunday as my Sabbath and I don't work. While I know the day of Sunday may not work, may try a different day if that works or even a partial day to start. Take care of yourself & God bless sweetie!!!
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tale care, Lydia. Good luck and bless you.BTW i often get bruise without realizing in my tiny house:-p
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