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happy thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all ya people. I wish I was saying this with a smile, I actually am but sorta wry smile there.Didn't have a good week. :( Hope you guys did better.You know, I love music. I love it, I love writing and I love performing. I've never had the courage to take the stage as my own but watched enough people do it. And the desire in me burned so much that one day, it just exploded out of me and I just decided to let the drive and passion gear me towards my goal.My goal is simply to bring what I have in my mind and heart into musical notes, into expression.And like a blank canvas, I just want to let the energy and the musical notes in my head burst into a whirl of colors, into life.And finally right now, I have this chance to do so, because God gave me the people and the situation to finally materialize this dream. In doing so however there have been a few hurdles.What is life without hurdles, I wonder?I think about the struggles of what other people go through in the pursuit of their crafts. - A chef aims to make his best dish and the person tasting his food elated with the experience.- A teacher aims to educate and impart skills and (for some) a set of moral ethics into the world and life.- A carpenter aims to build his finest table for a modest home where someone could use it to eat his bowl of cereal.-A policeman aims to rid the city of crimes and bring peace and tranquility into the community.There are many other examples and even as utopia can never be reached and I realize being idealistic is such a naive and silly way of wishing everyone can do their best to reach the best results possible, then we can all co exist and live in a happy world where everyone just works at giving their best.I will work harder to make my music better. I will unleash the frustrations and pent up energy hidden within me into life. And if this week didn't work out, I will strive for a better next week and an even better week after that.What I cannot change is the circumstances or situations that sometimes we are placed in. But I can persist on never giving up. Because I will give my very best and I wish you all have the best thanksgiving this year. With love.

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