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Positivity IX

There are lots of people who are jaded and carry self blame for alot of unhappiness and what they deem as failures in their lives. Asking them to be positive is unthinkable, because it is almost pretentious. How can you truly feel that you're not a failure?Well here's a story to share with you.

A water bearer from India carried two pots on a stick. One of the pots were perfect but the other was cracked. Naturally the pot with no crack delivered a full portion of water for the bearer after he travelled the long distance from the...Read more

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Happy V day

Happy Valentine's Day everybody.

Everyday should be Valentine's Day, but at least if we forget sometimes, this one day is a reminder that we should love our people around us and beyond that.


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Positivity VIII

Sometimes when we try our best to be positive we meet hurdles, hiccups and grief that hinders us from receiving the joy and hope in our hearts that things will get better. It is almost too easy to fall in the trap of swimming in our own fancies and sorrows. Especially if we lose a dear one, our job, money or material possessions. But here is an interesting story I would like to share to perk up your day. I truly believe God is not a God who does nothing but watches the spectacle of us living in pure entertainment.

There once lived a k...Read more

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This is fun: Mexican words of the day


Hello hope this puts a smile on your faces.:)



  1. Cheese

The teacher told Pepito to use the word cheese in a sentence.

Pepito replies: Maria likes me, but cheese fat.

  1. MushroomRead more
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This 25 random thingy

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You also have to tag the person who tagged you.

I really wouldn't have done this but ok, since I'm weirdly eccentric sometimes, maybe this explains.

  1. I fear durians. Once in a church camp when I ate durians like every other crazed person, I was subjected to a prolonged 2 hour sermon in an enclosed space. The fumes excreted in terms of hiccups a...Read more

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Positivity VII

Sometimes when we try to think positive we meet certain conditions in reality that makes the act of wanting to be positive feel difficult. We think, we could try and attempt for a day or two but the difference between us and other people who do succeed to rise out of their negativity is because our situations are very 'different" or too "realistic". Well, this is just a typical rant of a cynic. I've been there, trust me. I saw a reason everyday for not believing in the better of things. I felt that it was always "di...Read more

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Positivity VI

A friend I knew from high school spoke to me recently. We had a good time reconnecting and talked about the years where we had stopped contacting each other much. He was doing well but he sounded morose in a slight way. There is no such thing as "true love" or "soul- mates" he emphasized, because he had never met his. Doesn't exist says he. It was not a bitter remark, more like unbelief.

I read everyday, no matter for ten minutes or long weekends. I like to read success stories, positive stories, stories of fait...Read more

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k drama

This was from the dialogue in this korean drama which received the highest ratings in 2007, I found it amusing amidst the seriousness.

Man: I still can't believe you of all people would find it so tough to understand. I mean.... if it was anyone else I can see why they would react so harshly. But you... I can't believe you just threw me out of the house like this.

Woman turns to fix her eyes on Man.

Man: Because, this isn't your style at all. You, you're the kind of woman who will not throw things away careles...Read more

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Positivity V

Often we find ourselves filled with doubt, skepticism and defensiveness. This is natural because in our process of growing up we meet people or circumstances which may have hurt us or we have witnessed our friends and loved ones going through intense pain from trusting such that the self defense is our wall of protection. It becomes harder to trust and the inhibitions grow. Actually this idea of pure negativity will not really protect us. You also do not become safe just because you do not love and will never be hurt. Because the world doesn'...Read more

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Positivity IV

Having positive thoughts is one thing. Being consistently positive is another. Sometimes when we set out with a bright and chirpy attitude and something comes along to irk us, well, how do we deal with it? You can't cave in and go, "see, I told you so. It never stays."

Well all the more when it gets harder and things look realistically impossible, that's when we can best use our faith. Most people think it is playing safe to not dream, to not have hopes. They think it is pointless, random and hippie behaviour. Faith is...Read more

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