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Amazing doctor.

"The truth is ugly but lies aren't any prettier.And the ones in between are pretty ugly. Yes, i made this up, but I'm not dead yet, so quote me later."Erm yeah that was my facebook status this morning. It sounded like either I had poisoned rhubarb for breakfast or someone stole my hairclip. Honestly, I've had unclassified X files mysteries of missing hairclips since I was 8. Maybe there's a bermuda triangle in my head.Oh what was I going to say again before my creepy cryptic evil twin took over? Heh. OH. I wanted to ...Read more

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Fleet Foxes rock.

I like Fleet Foxes. Some music just gets u like that.There's another band I love, Leader cheetah, they are awesome too.I wonder if it comes with each growing day. Sometimes u look back and wonder who u really were, and the "looking back" stage is ALSO part of it. If I could jump into a time machine and change or edit things, I'd never. It's interesting how life pans out for us. I've always been a piano girl, and I played and wrote how I felt about things. But always painfully shy so I could never imagine myself sin...Read more

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t gets terribly confusing at times and very trying. I honestly cannot really justify myself as much as I would like to.

Guilty guilty guilty. As charged.

She was/ is sick and extremely volatile, but she has never ever been that easy to get along with anyways. Yet, I fell for it. The inability to be more tolerant, more patient, more understanding, more compassionate, less reactive, less angry, less volatile led me on a path of curt, caustic retorts.

You see, not just am I splitting image of my mother, I resemble her in other a...Read more

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warm tears

The night is very very long.I'm showing cred to Katy Perry's Hot and Cold by living that experience. The fever comes in waves grasping my neck and bare back before a tingling chill literally sends shivers down my spine. Hot and Cold, Hot and Cold.

What is missing from this equation essentially is the incessant, boisterous nagging from mum. She lies forlorn in her sombre hospital bed as dull as Jack who concedes to "all work and no play". Did you find that sudden interjection of a mini jingle alienating?

" All...Read more

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Oh yeah.

I've been brought up by my mother in the typical extra-- traditional asian environment. Except she added one more clause. That I've to be sincerely nice to every single person. When people wrong you, she says, be extra nice. I remember when I was a child and and was given a new pencil case by one of them grown up aunties or uncles, and I was twirling my new rainbow colored pencil box merrily, one of the other kids came over and snatched it. She would not return it to me and also yanked my strawberry hairclip from my hair. This enraged me, my...Read more

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Thisbe in her unknowing guise stood facing the world, a drop of sorrow on a camel's back. Packed her tears, every glistening drop to the sync of fallen hearts. Then it happened, as if a comet had struck her as it would deadpan earth, to the snare of those revolving beats. It was a song that died. Thisbe's song has died.

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The poison

The poison

I drank from that foul,vile spring

Hungry, swirled my tongue deliriously

Drops that trickle in toxic dance

Inundated with the fervor of thirst

Drink, drank I, drunk in petulant delight

Every scruple of my fallen insight

Drink I did in willing ignorance

That fountain sprung of bewitching guile

As pellets fell so did drops, dressed

Prettily streaked upon my lips

No rancorous tirades nor a chalice

Kissed with the mar of loving malice

Poi...Read more

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Back to the back to the front

I was cleaning my old scrapbook of sorts when I chanced upon stuff I had written a little while ago. It totally amazed me how much wrath I had within me and frankly it frightened me. I look at the same person that had written those poetry and prose in such unapologetic anger, it was as if she was a she.

She was a she that was me.

I guess I may have to thank my pen in those days of unleashing the venom as I had within me, or I'd never have realized I was that angry. What do you do then when you feel the rage s...Read more

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i kid(ney) u

If only God made us love from the kidneys.

That way when one's down, we still have the other. We could also avoid cheesy terms like Heart-breaks, or heartbroken, heart-less. I mean who wants to say, I love you with both my "kidneys"????

In any case, I have got it messed up. My brain's constantly moving to my kidneys. I think with a full head of toxins and messed up water. Why sometimes I think my anatomy's so nomadic, you could hand me a medal and ask me where my heart went? Still looking last I checked.Read more

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I f you're a germ and floating through the air, please take flight and flee from me. As some religious friends will lovingly put it, 'Resist the Devil, and He'll flee from you", I think erm, I'm resisting the "germ" packs and hoping with every macaroon out there that they too will flee from me.

Except I'm not exactly here to talk about germs really. Despite the recent fondness and devotion dedicated to the strains of H1N1.Erm.

I find it impossible to ignore the warning bells going off in my head ...Read more

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