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Taiwanese Men on Taiwanese Men

Last night over dinner, a few friends asked me what I looked for in a boyfriend/husband. Before I collected my thoughts to answer,this one particular smartass guy decided to respond for me.

"A man who eats rice is a good man."

Naturally it sparked off an entire conversation when comments like these were hurled at me.

"Taiwanese men are the best."

"Taiwanese guys are very sweet and considerate,they know how to treat a girl right."

"Taiwanese men are the ...Read more

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Bass Brownies and Beastly Behaviours

I love Escape Club's I'll Be There. It's one of those songs that brings back so many memories. It has a sad edge to it,since the song was written for the death of a friend.I love songs with a gd bass,like With Or Without U,in fact I love the sound of a gd bass so much I'd turn everything down to listen to the bass. It has this way of making a song sound complete,and when I listen to music without a gd sound system or the bass is out or at karaoke when there's too much bass or no bass,I er.. go nuts.I w...Read more

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My poetry/prose


When the world becomes deafeningly loud,i switch off and spiral into a neverending story,into the crevices of trepidation,into an abyss of apprehension. I think I am in touch with u,my doppelganger,u who told me not to listen,not to heed,not to analyse. U are a ball of absolute infinites,u r manipulating my whirl of confusion to beguile me. U who made me self aware and yet lost me into an oblivion. U make me more tragic than Hamlet's soliloquy,U who turn my pages yellow and turn them back again and again until I no longer...Read more

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My poetry/prose

The Insomniac's chant

The insomniac stares on blankly at the vacumn of space in front of her. As if grasping an inch of empty air,she ventured to grab that imaginary rope in front of her. Like a noose she hung it limply ard her wrangled hands,like a ladder she wound her nubile body tightly ard it,as if she believed it could be her stairway to heaven. She continued dilating her vacant irises,almost deep in an abyss of hollow thoughts as she pondered the immediate and secondary existence of the characters that made up her life.

...Read more
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My poetry/prose

Memoirs of a sleepwalker

Half awake,half comatose the sleepwalker tottered in semi narcolepsy,finally stirred by the tittering sound of crickets close to her eardrums. She blinked,both her opaque eyes reflective of her vacant thoughts,as if she was a 1000 yr old cyborg from the past. She ceased to contain memories,but only retained glimpses of a once heyday,in what seemed like a looking glass in the cerebral part of her brain.

Save me,she whispered,half gasping.

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My poetry/prose


When i saw u yesterday and u lunged forward to hug me,i crept timidly and let u hold my hands. U clasped my hands tightly,smiled serenely and caressed my hair. U asked me "Hey why do your eyes look so sad?".

I mustered a tiny smile for your sake,and watched the outline of the scaly long tubes that wound across your nose. I gazed into your tired dark eyes,yet feeling the warmth that emitted from within. Once again u said "Hey why do your eyes look so sad?"

The incessant chatter in the room,t...Read more

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My Poetry

Yellow Rose.

I sat down one day and wrote a Dear John

Signed it,stamped and mailed it to me

I wrote abt the first hi,the second why

And then goodbye

I thought of how I'd leave me

And then I left u.

And from this moment I knew

My smiles were bigger

My laughs were brighter

Whenever I saw u.

If I looked stronger

If I grinned wider

It was for your point of view

should have known, yeah should have guessed

U were the doll I stared f...Read more

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My Poetry

The Circle

The heavens drizzle and flashes ashen gray

The commuters freeze in confused unison

As the hap hazardous traffic clout chaos

Still the sun shines

As the birds fly

I'm over being over.

A man lies languidly,homelessly

Another struts by immaculately

As winter opposes spring

So do movies with James Dean

Juxtapose a Steinway's keys

I'm over being over.

The Bell will still toll

The Hours will still tick

As will Pri...Read more

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My poetry

The Moon Song

I set out to draw the sun,

But found the moon u brought

Still i tried to touch its flames

But felt the cloud u cast

I say, "hey u stranger,u

wadya think u're doin u?

Give me the sun,my light

And stop shielding my sight."

So I reached for that shinny ball

And ran to the world's end

Just as em flames came scorching

Down u came like a shroud

U said "close your eyes little girl

make your wish,turn and twir...Read more

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My poetry

The Time Server

U said,my dreams were yours

Sorrow left its grasp ago

And so like an angel glided

Wings I saw now discarded

The heartfelt embrace imprinted

Fingernails and strangled clasps.

"Witch!"screamed them

And cry U did, heaving

Your muffled bitter curses

Was it then U heard me

My worthless gutless breathing

I,the regal cream faced loon

I could draw my swords

Split them at your chest then

Demanding soul,truce,inte...Read more

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