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Birthday pics

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Positivity XII

In a world of great negativity, a drop of encouragement, a pat on the back are cherished treasures longed by many people. Just watch the news on teevo, the paper or even listening to peers rant, it is natural for anyone to feel dismayed even if they had woken up wanting to start a fresh day. If you feel that way, you aren't alone because misery loves company. But why spend time mulling over drinks and grousing when perhaps you can elevate your own spirits by thinking right first or encouraging someone you treasure as a friend or love?

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For her.

She smiled and took a step forward and picked up the microphone before addressing the audience of somewhat 100 odd people. They comprised mainly of relatives and her church friends. She recounted her near death experiences and harrowing encounters of illnesses since she was young. She had been born with a hole in her heart and needed open heart surgery at a tender age. In those days these procedures were considered alarmingly scary and dangerous but she beamed and thanked the dear Lord for seeing her through. Next was the breast cancer that brought ...Read more

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Positivity XII

Have you heard people who kept going on about how the world is just against them? That nothing is going as it should and everything was falling apart? That they have no faith, blame God and say that God simply is a fragment of one's imagination because God allowed them to have despair? If you haven't, then let me tell you, I was a huge barrel of complaints for all of the above. I have the strangest habit of becoming a hermit whenever I go through dark times. I detested telling people about problems because I felt they had their own to ...Read more

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4-1 ! yay liverpool rocks!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/v/5Px6wN5GBdw&hl=en&fs=1 4-1!!!!! Liverpool!


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Sam Cooke: Desire me!

Love this song! I've always been an old school classics girl. There is just something so special about them. I like Casablanca and the old school way of  shooting. It's that very mystique quality. These days, it's like "msn, cellphones, text messaging" 

Dude, it's as though you're in love with technology when you keep smiling at the computer screen, cellphone screen and blackberry. Heh.

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Johnny be Good!

I'm an ol school rock and roll girl. Chuck Berry is the best! Love the guitar.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/v/w8enzt3JP-I&hl=en&fs=1

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One fine day at 5am

I don't know why I have this strange ability to remember things. It's like I have an elephant memory or something. I can still remember things from the time I was four. I'm not saying I remember EVERYTHING but I remember I had a little ugly blue frock mum forced me to wear and I ripped it apart with a pair of scissors then. At four yes. I had a huge one from my mother. She caned me pretty bad for that one. I also remember her long flowing yellow dress. She looked beautiful whenever she wore that. I remember watching old movies...Read more

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Positivity XI

My friend called me just now and asked me how I had been lately, he had read from facebook the song 冷酷 I had posted and he thought maybe I was having a bad day or something. Hehe then I laughed and said it was an old song. To which he surprised me by asking me where my XIth entry was. I was completely completely clueless to what he was saying until he said "dude I've been following your Positivity series, and er, sometimes you're cheesy as hell but gawd I love it. Secretly. Hehehe. Need more of those things (you keep in jars and bo...Read more

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This is a song I wrote a while back. Looking back I realized how I've changed.:) I realized you can never fake positivity or optimism, when your cover is blown you'd be in pieces.

今天又是雨天    像昨天像前天

好久沒人再提    所有關于你

我不喜欢留戀    愚昧的懷念

還是干脆結束     一切是錯誤

你說我冷酷無情    不回電不聆聽

只是後悔來不及    不是我沒珍惜

我不是弱女子    不想被你的影子

每年每天摧殘       要我怎麼办


誰喜欢寫情歌       淚水超越墨水了

我不唱”記事本“     也不會一个人

淚痕滿面度过每一天 so請你別出現。

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