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Hello friends,been a while since I blogged or updated!Big Hello to ya all.Just a lil note on what I've been working on. Currently in the midst of preparing for my first album which will drop somewhere in July 2011.It has been a lot of work so sorry for not updating earlier. Also, my website and I think a mandarin blog are under construction so, like this one, I will be updating now and then of new works and share little thoughts on what this journey has taken me.:)I have missed some of ya friends who filled my life with color, inspiration and passion since the early days when I first came here. Thank you so much for all that and the fun I had in writing poetry and meeting fellow kindred spirits that spurred me on. I will be showing pictures behind the scenes of our production and music videos when we get there and in the meantime, here's a little modest sharing :I'm really thankful and grateful to God for giving me everything I have today. I look back on the angry, bitter person I used to be and the lessons I learnt in giving up everything to God, I realized nothing is more solid and fortifying than having Him taking care of me and my family.Previously, when my mum had cancer, I blogged a lot while I was in hospital taking care of her and at home. I moved back from Taiwan to Singapore to be with my mum, because her cancer was in late stages and she had been suffering. I was torn between pursuing my career and yet not THAT torn because I only have one mother and I love her more than ever. The good news is this: my mum is healthier than ever now. God took care of her in her operations and she has been in the pink of health ever since. The operating surgeon is also a reliable and excellent doctor. He was diagnosed with cancer when he was young and told he was never going to make it. He grew up against all odds and God delivered him from an impossible condition to the man he is today. From being saved, he went on to help save others. I am completely grateful to God and this doctor and the friends that prayed for us in such trials.Another thing is this. The opportunity to still come back and do this album fills me with hope and gratitude more than ever. Somedays when I was back in Singapore I would ponder about my future, about what I could possibly do since my career and life hung in the balance. Taking care of my mum became an occupation but I also needed to bring back the bread and butter. While I did do freelance work and teach while I was there, a sadness grew within me. I suppose it was because I felt entirely helpless and trapped. Sometimes I saw my peers doing well and I would feel this strange mixed brew of emotions stir within me. Sometimes I cried out to God and resented Him for letting so many things happen to me. But in the middle of all these, friends and family helped me by giving me books and positive messages. They also prayed for me. This is why I shared a lot of positive and inspiring stories with you in those times. They were in my darkest hours. And when I thought things could not get worse, I discovered my boyfriend had cheated on me. The anger and fury just rose within me then and I could not control myself sometimes. I would break down in public and burst into tears whenever something reminded me of the unhappiness. I felt so deeply that I was just not good enough for anything or anyone and that was why life was so unfair to me.But the magical thing is that after my outcries to God, I would always pray for peace and healing and true enough I felt the assurance and love that was given to me. I also went to my pastor for prayers and counseling and he showed me a lot of things which helped me regain my confidence and strength again. Much of which exist within me now do not come from myself, I just readily give everything I have to God now and it has been a journey of restoration and fulfilled promises.And so right now, I look forward everyday to waking up to a rather heavy schedule of work, training and more work. This physically wore me out when I first came back because I had lots to catch up on! But u know something? I am happier than ever now because I thank the Lord for all of these rewarding days.I wish for all of u to have a pleasant day and here are some photos! Below is a printout of my actual apartment I live in Tpe and aside from the chandeliers, which I changed to one with hanging crystal beads everything else is the same. I like the cosiness and behind the camera is my kitchen which u can't really see from this picture!  And here is my good friend Juliet who just got married recently. Hehe and her husband is also an AnD blogger!!! I am happy to know she found a truly wonderful man who loves her!

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Can't wait to hear your new album Lydia, we are all creator gods and we are all unique. This simple statement got me to appreciate everything that there is, as there will never be a moment that our experience will ever be the same. Hence to enjoy the moment of NOW is what life is all about. x
over 9 years ago
Photo 16256
That's one amazing pad. Really liking the high ceilings. I'm happy to hear that you and your mom have come out successfully from your trials. It's so sad hearing about loved ones' sufferings. Wishing you success in your upcoming endeavors. :)
over 9 years ago
Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Glad you're back and working on your music again. Going a long time without being to create is hard. Now that you're putting your heart and soul into music again, I am sure life will be much happier. The new apartment looks amazing! Can't wait for more updates.
over 9 years ago
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Great to hear that. I suppose some of us here owe it to AnD for letting us have the platform to air ourselves. Your apartment in Taipei is stylish. Looks like God has been giving you extra portion of blessings so all you have to do is count your blessings twice. Lots of love, Nancy
over 9 years ago
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WOW! I am taking a second look at your apartment. You sleep on the bed on the split level! Did you trip there the other day?
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Photo 46423
Jealous of your apartment L! your ceiling is so high that I can do flips in it!... You should show us what your kitchen looks like... I bet there are lots of bugs crawling over unwashed dishes! :p
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you're back!
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You do have a beautiful story of God's love and redeeming things that happen in our life. *hug*
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So happy to hear that your mom has beat the odds and is doing well! As tough as it may be to have to have your career and life in limbo as you moved back to be with your mom, it was the right thing to do at that time... as I went through the same thing last year and as my mom was less fortunate with her battle, I was incredibly thankful that I was able to spend the last half year of her life with her by her side. Wow, amazing apartment! :) Looking forward to hearing more about your upcoming album! Hugs!! xoxo
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