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My poetry


I kissed u in the still of the dark,pitch black.

My eyes dilated,the image of u clearly imprinted

Embedded into my memory bank

Your hands were huge,and flushing red

As I felt the colour blot into my eagle vision

Cajoling me with their warmth,life giving source.

I blinked.

I said nothing nor did u

While our eyes locked intensely and

Silence became a boisterous uproar

I suddenly found myself half elevated

While U effortlessly lifted me off the groun...Read more

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My poetry


i see the clouds yonder

clouds of melancholy wisdom

crying fraility,crying anguish


misty fog dresses my eyes

shapes my soul,my fingertips

tracing my outline,sketching my being

Solitary star.

when will the tears from the wet sky fall

drown the heaviness of my melancholy

flood this town of ignomity?


i spot the distant sky painted with the hues of dusk

as the sun hangs limpidly


for ...Read more

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My poetry


Alone in the dark i wrote

Notes that said naught

About life and a cup

Half full I say,

Of sacrilegious poison


Murder she wrote,

Treason confounds me.

Do it Do it Do it

The voices rage,the die cast

I am your bleating lamb

Yesterday,today and nevermore.

Fear is a faithless tool

For the weary,heavyhearted

A toast to your worthless legacy

They fill my blood with a chalice

And cry Serafin and Cher...Read more

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