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Super Supper boys: poem

I'm currently working on new compositions and some demos but hehehe decided to take a break and do something fun for the 3 food junkies that tempt me with their pictures.

Paddy, Justin and Scottie

Little boys or grown men

Brotherhood and unity

Happy campers frying pan

Or  Denny's hmm, let me see

Midnight strikes 1 and 2

Real men know just what to do

Wad'ya have, pork chop bun?

Bring out all that juicy meat

Late night feeds fun fun fun

M...Read more

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When I was 15, I met a boy who became the good friend and brother to me all these years. He hit my head all the time, called me names and laughed at me. I gulped and gasped when my friends idolized him. "Hot" they said and cold went through my veins. Haha, I hated him when he lectured, preached and tried to teach. (ooh it rhymes) But thank God for him, for the company and the friendship and bus rides. It would have been boring going back home with just me and my books. I was entertained by his corny jokes. And then time passed and...Read more

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So long.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykNF10wzeiw&feature=related

Dear A

Sorry couldn't be at your wake, not in the country.

I remember you from the beginning and how you could do everything from winning pageants, war craft, swim and yes the doctor. As much as I like to shriek in horror when you joked about it, you will always be awesome.

Wanted to put up the original Fort Minor, but this one is cool and I know you like...Read more

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A, you were like a prince in many ways. You had the smarts, the looks and those dimples when you smiled. And I always remember you smiling. I will always remember you smiling.

'One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life. The word is "love" ' --- Sophocles

I shall remember to shower the people in life with more warmth and love. Despair is lonely, and I was there once. I am glad that I have positivity now and will treasure the people around me. It really hurts the ones left behind.

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I'm a little shaken. A friend of mine has passed away, he was a doctor and very promising. He had been depressed and he took his own life. I hope God blesses his soul.



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The duckbill

The platypus has a few quirks. One of them is listening to people being ironic, or saying things which they don't realize. It makes the platypus cringe and sort of shrink into a tiny dot, specter, before a giant catastrophe takes place.

The Q-tip: I totally  hate people who cannot pronounce properly!

Platypus: nods

The Q-tip: I mean they should really learn how to pronounce. The pronounciation of a word is so important! chortles I simply cannot date people with bad pronounciation.

The platyp...Read more

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On peace.

I used to be a melancholic person, a dark person in the past. When I met with difficulties I felt despaired and angry. Even though I've always been a Christian girl from a Christian family, I didn't really know God. I knew of Him and that there is this supernatural powerful being who made the world but in truth I didn't trust God and didn't tell Him to take care of my problems. Since I've really come to witness God's goodness and fixing me back, I've been really happy. I am just thankful for the good I see in my life now...Read more

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Thank you!

Yesterday was my birthday. My friends threw me a surprise party and got this chocolate Hello Kitty cake. LOL. I'm actually not one of those hello kitty loving people, and I raised my eyebrows secretly when I saw the cake but then after they were so sweet about it, I thought gee, there was some form of fondness for the kitty later.

I'm happy, really happy because during Birthdays I get to make 3 wishes. I made the first wish to ask God to grant my mum and bro and family to always be in good health and happy. I made the second wish f...Read more

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Something I found.

Yesterday was the anniversary of my good friends. The guy is a director and the girl a screenwriter. Together they have weathered storms and more storms and been blessed with a blissful and wonderful marriage. I have learned plenty from them and am truly humbled and inspired to know that people in the industry can love God so much that they have a love that is so pure and wholesome for each other. I did not want to write a poem because I found something that touched me and I decided to dedicate to them:

Across the years

I w...Read more

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Positivity X

Being positive can only benefit ouselves not anyone else. Nobody can live your life for you nor experience success or failure for you. Hence having a positive attitude determines a good or not so good day. There was once a woman who woke up one morning, looked in the mirror and noticed she only had 3 hairs on her head.

She thought for a while and decided to braid her hair and she went ahead and did. She had a wonderful day.

The next day she woke up with 2 hairs on her head. She thought for a while and decided "i'll part ...Read more

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