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Hello and Good Day

First- I am extremely touched to know that in the event I should "retire" people that I know I will be missed. It soothes the ego even though the ego in me left years ago. It almost destroyed my career once and it will not again. I never ever had people who follow my writings, my music or my career or for that matter even know who the hell I am and honestly, anything different from the status quo would be terribly uncomfortable.Second- I NEVER SAID I WANTED TO BE A HK actor! I said EXTRA. The little head in the crowd of hundreds ...Read more

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Thank You and Good Night

I wanted everyone who has supported my blog to be the first to know that I will be quitting my career as a music producer at the end of Feb 2009.I'm old news and I am what people would consider a has-been and I have decided to humbly exit the music industry at the end of this month.It was a tough decision to reach but I have consulted my best friend- my mama and she and I both agree it is time to hang up the keyboards, the boards and the compliments that I feel I have never deserved for a talent that I am grateful to have been bl...Read more

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Meet Joe Flizzow

i would like to take some time to introduce one of the best recording artist that I have had the pleasure to know and work with almost throughout my whole career in Asia.Joe Flizzow was formally one half of South East Asia's finest hip hop outfit Too Phat and one of the region's finest MCs. He is also a fine example of a hip hop entrepreneur and one of my favorite people in this industry.He's recently set up a blog page on AnD and has also released his first sol...Read more

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this blog entry was written while completely drunk and has been since removed as it makes no sense.

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Are You A Music Fan?

it's been a minute. i've been busy but I am very much alive.in good fashion, i am still off saving the world with good music.so it's time to ask for a favor:i need to know about the life of a music fan.what it means to be one? what it takes to be one? and how it feels? what drives you?if you feel excited enough to help me,please email me at: doveshackfanstar@gmail.comand i will get back to you...thank you in advanceRead more

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jan 6thhaven't asked yet.............today, i said hi and we spoke like three lines on MSN. me: just wanted to say hiher: hihmmmmmmmmmmmm... of course there was a little bit more...but hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmi think i'm staying solo for a bit...on another note...I received two songs from Skot that he's been making up there somewhere in this place called America. Did u know they have freedom there? The songs sure sound great. I hope freedom is just as good. CAUSE I'm LONELY as a muthafucka and need to be FREED!!!!just rambling.terry-tye-c...Read more

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there's a girl i know. i think i've known her almost nine years now.tonight, i'm thinking of her.....maybe this year will be the year that I let her touch my heart and maybe this year, after nine, I might be able to make her say yes...just maybe..

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Me and these Keys....We Might As Well Be Fucking..

this year. i have a new perspective on life:it is only going to get better if I make it betteri've grown up a lot in the last year. If anyone told you that you stop growing and learning after a certain point, it is all a lie. You never stop. Life humbles me.For example: Did I met a girl this Dec? Yes. Is anything happening now after Jan 1? I can safely say NO. It happened like it did last year. It just stopped for no reason. I think I self-manifest this. But it's all good, it humbled me. To know that...Read more

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Blog: Thursday, Jan 1


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First Order of Business

it's 311pm on Jan 1. I am in the Dove Shack. I am in the lab right now. I decided to get straight to it.The best of my life is right now. I'm not wasting a minute.I recorded another demo for DoveShackSupaStar to end of the year yesterday.It was an english version of a song I had written earlier this year.If i knew how to put a player in this entry i would share it with everyone.But i don't know.What I do know is time is something I don't have much to spare.I promised myself the best year of my life.I deserve it. We all...Read more

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