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to my 5 fans,I have encountered a dire family emergency and have gone home to attend to it.I will be fine and have realized how much I have not completed that I wish my loved ones to see.I am fine. I have deleted all the previous music and replaced them with newer versions.All the old music is no longer relevant now and my circumstances have changed.InSha'Allah.tye

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Those Christian Louboutins Don't Fight Her But They Fit You The Best

I am working on a project and I wish to let the singer ultimately present the facts and details to you in the near future. I couldn't help but feel gravitated towards writing this down here this evening.I think I started working on this project the day I met her. She reminded me of someone who was occupying my life. Most girls did. That's why I said she was occupying my life. But this girl I had just met captivated me. Now there is a difference from crush and enchantment. I was ...Read more

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Coming Soon To A Neighborhood Near You

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If Your Daddy Disagrees

fuck it if you're daddy disagrees,shorty, now you're old enough, time you got a real man,fuck it if you're dad disagrees,we can get a motel, fuck until the morning....

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truly asia

i'm plastered into this couch. For the last four weeks, I have been in Malaysia.When I was younger, this was the place my father always chose to take us away to.Many years later, when I returned to Singapore, it was Malaysia that accepted me and gave me my first break. I made many friends in my years working in Malaysian music and I thank them for the numerous awards they have given me as well as a lifetime of memories.I came here to help a friend who was performing at a big event. She rocked it of course.But I have also spent a lot of time wi...Read more

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so so dizzy

my head's a little spinny, it's a word i made for spinning,i'm here now it's Tuesday and i bet your ass is grinning,i often lose it because i'm on edge,you know..chillin' for months on end on the ledge,and most things but this i would do for stuff,but all things is not this, which i do for love,i don't drive a car and i don't live in heaven,i'm mostly with myself and in bed by eleven,i'm not a magician and i'm not superhuman,i don't take breaths away like you do for a living,pause. think.i honestly ...Read more

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fear and loathing in malaysia

what a night as i sank into the couch attempting to become one with it.i could have sworn the night was not going this way. why would i have wanted that.it's fine being passionate for the one you love. but in small amounts. i love ya often more than i love myself. i hate it but i don't hate you.

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for you, with peace, love and skittles.女孩     詞 toro / 粱永泰 曲 粱永泰女孩 心裡最疼的女孩女孩 為什麼要來將我害 欠了債你的愛是難題我的愛太傷心 你還怪唱這一首國語聽不聽的進去 你別猜你是我的最愛愛 就在這首歌裡 詞曲全部送給你我的愛  永遠不傷你心 王力宏都會開心女孩 只有你最明白女孩 我的心你愛不愛你的愛好溫暖我的愛說出來 你別踩句句都有甜蜜字字都帶暗語 我好high 你是我的最愛~愛 就在這首歌裡 詞曲全部送給你我的愛  永遠不傷你心 曹格要濕了眼睛 還有一件事情一定要告訴你 靜靜聽我寫的部落格,所有我在說的,是我自己不是妳你是我的最愛~愛 就在這首歌裡 詞曲全部送給你我的愛  永遠不傷你心 玫瑰,愛死了妳

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Sometimes though it can awkward I know, I can see it in your eyes girl they glow,I think you're really liking it, girl...tonight..

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i'm sitting in living room.i'm staring into space and very thankful of the life i am blessed with now.i've been many places in the last couple years but this here, among some problems still, is perfect.I feel so inspired for once i feel like i can do anything. i now believe in the greater good of a greater good and while i no longer make greater good, i strive to be the greatest ever.now.... let's get ready to rock and roll.

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take a picture, snap....

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