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a scarlett letter

yes, miss scarlett....i agree...I just got back from my new place. I'll be in there by the weekend. I started living on my own since I was 16. From 22 to 27, I moved into the comfort of my mom's when I moved back to Singapore to serve the military and suddenly have my music career thrown into a bitter sweet rotation. For the last two years, I've been living out of studio apartments that are great and awesome for creativity but it did not make a home. One of my goals this year was to put myself in a home..that was mine...i found ...Read more

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what are all the lawyers and commissions for when you can't protect your client?

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birds of a feather, flock together, rock it together and kill it together...

In the last month, I followed Van Ness, together with the Notorious F.E.A.T.H.E.R.S, on the road as we blazed it up in Yokohama, Tokyo and Osaka.7 shows and countless rehearsals as we tried to take the music of Van Ness Wu and incorporate it into a show that is still F4.My personal goal was to help set the standard for who Van Ness Wu is as he has shared with me over the last 400 days since we have been talking or hanging out at least every day, trying to learn more about the real V...Read more

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admit it, he's fucking fly...

ok...i am overwhelmed and i need to make a statement.van ness wu is a fly ass muthafucka.who can jump out of a stage with fireworks like that? can you?who can fuckin' dance up a storm and break his mic when he needs to sing? no one?who else can take off his shirt and have people scream their heads off? maybe usher..but usher's married.who else can make u scream so loud?who else can look this good with the Feathers playing on his left and right?who else can be in a boyband one min and killin' it on his own as a po...Read more

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Barack it is!

John McCain is a true American hero.I deeply believe he is. BUT, the way he went about Obama on the debate today was not presidential.Obama is the man. And I hope he will lead this country called America as it goes down but in grace.....

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Absentee Ballot and the thought of changing the world...

My momma...my lovely momma, Phyllis, sent me my absentee ballot today.It's a couple weeks away and I put it into my bag on the way out and pondered over my vote.As insignificant as it may be coming out of the state of Hawaii, I am extremely excited about making that choice to put the right person in the White House to become the not so very most powerful person in the world.I'm excited. America's going downhill anyway but my view is, at least, even if u have to fall, fall with grace...and B...Read more

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On the way to Blue

Blue is my color. tye loves blue. blue loves tye.people who love tye love blue. blue is the color of all who loves tye. i speak of tye like he's a religion. i must have lost it.But it's 1151pm and I'm about to step out of my apartment.It's time to go to Osaka. It's time to rock out....It's time to do big things in Japan again.It's time to make sure the Eagle always sounds fly.Cause the world will not have a non-fly sounding Eagle.It's time to be a feather again.I'm ready to rock and roll, baby. Light my ...Read more

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Hits and Things

G Dogg came thru with four lines for me to sing my demo for Fei Lun Hai too.I believe in this song. Watch it will happen. And it will hit.A couple songs from now.那現在  誰又讓你傷心沒關係  偷偷說給我聽聊聊天  可以換個心情想太多  怕你會悶出病

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Driftin' in D Major

forget my obsession with the letter D. Ds are never good news for me.lately, As are looking good again. But I've had a whirlwind of a last couple of days.house hunting for the DOVE SHACK is no easy task. this shit is nuts.. but somehow...i love it...i love it when i got to solve a million and one things in 3 weeks...it's been so long...that my brain was gettin lazy....

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