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the muse : part 2

rule #61the cost of having of a muse is the thought spent wondering what if? it is the "what if" that writes the song, not me.just dovie..dove

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Just To Be Clear

For those who may have read an article today in The Straits Times in Singapore that mentioned my name in an article:

I think somewhere in my writings you will find that I have always had the greatest belief in Alicia Pan. I have supported her from day one including finding her a management in Taiwan. Personally, I have never made a cent off Alicia and am gravely disappointed in the fact that the album we both put in so much work has yet to see the light of day. I have never been against any of her wishes and continue to be a big fan ...Read more

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the muse

rule #23: the muse remains an intricate part of the creative process. Cherish, appreciate, admire and dote on the muse. But never fall.his dovieness,dove

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Winding Down and Ready for Love

Every year in December, the Dove winds down.

For the last four years, always around December, a girl shows up out of no where, we fall in love, have a whirlwind of a Christmas, continue the party to NYE's and some time in January, it will end.

Every year without fail, it happens. Last year, it was a week before Christmas but it ended for some strange reasons I don't understand.

It's December 1st. Can't wait to find out what this year has in store?

This Lao Shi I see said the gir...Read more

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This Is Why I Am YOUR Dove

dear dove lovers,

this is why you love the DOVE.

he is like the air and without him...you could possibly...well..you know...i don't need to say it.

peace and love.

the dove

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I awoke this morning.

With my manager, a yellow M&M, screaming at me telling me to get to work.

Today is Friday. And today I'm about to pen my third submission for a new singer named Alisa on Universal.

They have two of my songs on hold but for some reason they can't get enough of that wholesome Tye Lee goodness.

The walk from my bedroom to my place of walk was tired. That hall is long and by the time i made it past the kitchen I was ready to jump back to bed.

But greatness calls....

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heart speak

So me and Van prayed tonight. It's not often that I will sit there and pray with friends.

My disappointment in the church and NOT the Christian faith has had me less willing to participate in prayer with people but tonight, me and Van sat down and we prayed.

We prayed for humility and strength to survive the daily motion of this industry but we prayed for humility in appreciating the quality of your life.

Listen, when I say quality, I DO NOT  MEAN how much u make, what u wear, how much u dropped on a watch....I apprec...Read more

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I often wish I could write Chinese lyrics. As I try more with each song I write..I always remember what good lyrics do to a song.Today I was listening to the new John Legend and a song named Quickly stood out.It's a beautiful duet with Brandy. You know, it's almost like a modern day Marvin and Tammy joint.BUT..the lyrics..peep this:If I had twenty million dollars in a vault somewhere baby,

It wouldn’t matter anyway

Cause the doctor told me that I’m dying slowly

So I guess I got to love you while I’m here baby

D...Read more

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Take Care Mr Mac. I'll See You On The Other Side

I am at the mac store. My trusted macbook pro has been falling ill lately. I thought it'd be a nice time to take him to the store for repair and maybe a nice overhaul.The AppleCare Protection Plan was for a reason. And I'm making my money's worth on this one.New everything. New this. New that. Throw some Ds on that bitch.Put the Virgin Mary on the dashboard. (No pun intended).Make me a new mac.I also just purchased a 320 GB hard drive to back all my data up. Not fun..But I promise you it'll...Read more

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Fall..But Fall With Grace, Composure and...a blue scarf

Dove is down. Dove is down. But he looks all good.

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