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First Order of Business

it's 311pm on Jan 1. I am in the Dove Shack. I am in the lab right now. I decided to get straight to it.The best of my life is right now. I'm not wasting a minute.I recorded another demo for DoveShackSupaStar to end of the year yesterday.It was an english version of a song I had written earlier this year.If i knew how to put a player in this entry i would share it with everyone.But i don't know.What I do know is time is something I don't have much to spare.I promised myself the best year of my life.I deserve it. We all deserve it.So here I am. It's not a holiday. It's the first day of the rest of my life.What are you doin?dovenessi saw this and i thought it was pretty fly....

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take a picture, snap....

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