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Joe Flizzow

Last cut of the night @joes47500

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It takes a long time to grow an old friend. With my teammate from my college football days and Ampang OG, Tengku Ajak.

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Congratulations Tengku Azran @gianogustav @ninakarinaazman. Semoga berkekalan ke anak cucu.

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Repost @streething #airmaxday

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Happy #airmaxday guys! See you later at @solewhat's Air Max Day event.

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Gua pakai ni, Lu pun nak pakai Kalau gua pakai tu lu pun nak pakai tu..tu..tu. #BudakBaek

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repost @fkzpictures #GlamCoolAmericana

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At the #GlamCoolAmericana event with the kid @itssonaone. #repost @sonymusicmy

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Air Max Day is around the corner. I am ready with my #airmax zeros #airmaxday

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