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Joe Flizzow

Thank you @kulcats

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The homeboy @mcsyze is back at it again!#Repost @mcsyze with @repostapp.
thats the link for yall to go listen to it--> #ineverlied #badassindian #newsingle #mcsyze #kartellohello #kartelseason #kartelhitmen #bangkokinvaders

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💯💯💯 #Repost @zizanrazak869 with @repostapp.
Saya budak baek dia budak baek jadi kita bole baek baek... #BAEK #ZIZANRAZAK #joeflizzow @flizzow

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In-store showcase. #BudakBaekTakeOver

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Rak baju semua teratur #BudakBaekTakeOver

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Liriks lekat di bibir, perempuan mula beratur. #BudakBaekTakeOver

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After. Sold out in 3 hours. Thank you for the support and watch out for the next #BudakBaekTakeOver. We have stocked a limited amount of merchandise at @krookzkl so you can still head down there to get them. Meanwhile, we are also preparing for the online store launch which will be on March 9th, 2015. Stay tuned.#BudakBaek

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Big birthday shoutout to my brother and original #BudakBaek @nabez1. Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki.

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