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Joe Flizzow * official artist

All roads lead to Flizzow.

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Merdeka!! Thank you Melbourne!#repost @yanizmerican

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With @kimmyleggs outside the venue. Melbourne where you at!?? #Merdeka

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Melbourne! We out here. See y'all tonight at 11pm, Roxanne Parlour, Coverlid St. #MelbourneMerdeka

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The Chocolate Pecan Pie aka #theillest only at @joes47500. See y'all at the restaurant tomorrow! #Subang

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Congratulations to Joes Kitchen fam and former chef @proxyibnu on the opening of Proxy's Kitchen at Plaza Damas. The food here is off the hook!

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Slo Mo Money Shot!

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I was about to remind y'all to donate and also mention a few more names that included Sawarak footballer @junioreldstald....Before I got ambushed by the kitchen team headed by @lapoiderosa with @saidgila and @mrsyuk91. Then they RAN! Penakuttt!

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I know this is a bit late but yes, in the spirit of creating awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and Motor Neurone Disease ( an illness which took the life of one of my favourite football players, Mokhtar Dahari ), I accept the challenge laid down to me by the Subang homey @kamiliz and celebrity couple @sazzyfalak @nashidruslvg. Feel free to donate to the respective associations or any charitable organisations of your choice. In return, I nominate the Subang legend @saidgila, BKK OG @petchy_OD1 and @itssonaone. Get it done!

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Getting my weekly hook up at @joes47500 with the homeys @lapoiderosa @kowboi_h13 @mattmagix @harrizahmad #Subang

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Joe Flizzow * official artist


Birthday 10-16
English Name Joe Flizzow
Location Malaysia
Gender male

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