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BudakBaek RE-UP.. See ya'll tomorrow.

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Happy 15th Year Anniversary to my brothers and Asian hip hop giants, Thaitanium. May ya'll keep inspiring people all over the world with your music and all other endeavors. Stay blessed! #thaitanium15years👏👏👏

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With my favourite DJ at #giannina

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Last cut of the night @joes47500

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It takes a long time to grow an old friend. With my teammate from my college football days and Ampang OG, Tengku Ajak.

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Congratulations Tengku Azran @gianogustav @ninakarinaazman. Semoga berkekalan ke anak cucu.

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Repost @streething #airmaxday

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Happy #airmaxday guys! See you later at @solewhat's Air Max Day event.

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Gua pakai ni, Lu pun nak pakai Kalau gua pakai tu lu pun nak pakai tu..tu..tu. #BudakBaek

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