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Come join me at Joe's, headed to the Kitchen for lunch as soon as we touchdown. We've come up with a new lunch set menu especially for y'all students studying in the area. See y'all there!

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Shoutout to my niece @triqkab for hooking me up with my first #loomband.

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Peace out from the #EastSideBarrio. Thank you @sheikhhaikel and family for the hospitality. See y'all soon!

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With the other half of Sleeq, @syarifsleeq #TepiSikit #13a9a14

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Selamat Pengantin Baru kepada @alyphsleeq dan @azzahfariha. Semoga murah rezeki and kekal ke anak cucu. #13a9a14

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With my SG familia @sheikhhaikel @taufikbatisah @akeem_jahat and Japan's Most Wanted @toshiuchida #13A9A14

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Whattup Singapore! Your favourite neighbour is back! Holla at ya boy!

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Leng Lui La La Lian @imsarahlian #female40

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At the Female 40th Birthday Bash with @shariffahnadia and @nadineannthomas #Female40

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Kartello Hello! Check out the Official Lyric Video #SatuSama @KlangitBand feat Kartel's very own @IlaDamiaa on #KlangitVEVO

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