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Bali Batik steez.

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Congratulations to everybody that guessed it right! It's the homeboy Harith Iskander! Check out the link to find out more --->

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Bali crew back at it again!

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Bali what's good!?

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Fashions fade, style is eternal. Wu Tang tho, is forever!

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Who is this local celebrity pictured here getting his face done? Come on Malaysia I need you guys to take a wild guess! I'll give you a hint. He is one of our top stand up comedians. Boleh teka?

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Shoutout to @iladamiaa and @itssonaone for their #AIM21 nominations!

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On stage with my homegirl @itsrossa performing 'Katakan' at the Bella Awards #throwback

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With @aizatamdan at the #AIM21 nomination event yesterday.

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