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Joe Flizzow

Come hang out with us at @joes47500!

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Thank You ABN for having us at your station @redcarpetdotnet

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4pm Malaysia. See you in a bit! #BAEK

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Retro Air Flizzow! #BudakBaek sejak 80-an.

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Repost @sonymusicmy with @repostapp.
@flizzow's new music video for #BAEK premieres today! Do stay with us for the latest updates #JoeFlizzow #Terbaik

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Terima Kasih kepada semua yang datang ke Stadium Batu Pahat. See you soon!

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Kita budak baek, Kita semua #BudakBaek

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International playa since the 80s! Lol. Spot Young Flizzow! #BudakBaek

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Terima kasih @hafizsuip @mrhazama1 dan @akimahmad kerana mendendangkan lagu #ApaKhabar di show Hafiz & Friends sebentar tadi.👌👌👌💯💯💯

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Baek official music video will be out tomorrow, 26.01.15 on Vevo/YouTube. We shot this video in Brooklyn for the most part. Directed by @shahreeee and produced by the good people at @phuturephlow. Don't forget to check it out! Kartello Hello!

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Joe Flizzow


Birthday 10-16
English Name Joe Flizzow
Member Since January 26, 2009
Gender male

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