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Joe Flizzow

All on board! See yall in a few days. #ITSTHESHIP

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Pimp your phone and get @itssonaone's #Hakeleh caller ringtones today! #janganperasanlebih

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Just got a call up to the team.

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With them boyz at the airport. #HarimauMalaya

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Repost from @officialkartel with @repostapp --- Thank you Murai & Elly for the great write up!

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Missing my old ride. Still one of the illest drop tops BMW has ever put out. In my opinion, at least. #That330Flow

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Big ups and terima Kasih to everybody that got @itssonaone's new single to #1 on the iTunes chart. Much love! #Hakeleh #janganperasanlebih

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Kartello Hello!! Out now! #hakeleh by @itssonaone | Ya'll can watch the lyric video here: #janganperasanlebih

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