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Joe Flizzow

What's good peeps! See you this Sunday at the Hello Kitty Friends Fiesta. Come on down!

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Kuning Timberland boots, Hijau warna Kush. UN-DSing these OGs today. Thank You! #BdayPresent #Baek

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This happens to me every time when I have to make a decision, I'm telling you it's harder than predicting the results of the stock markets! Watch this video and you will understand what I mean. Head to my FB page to view the link :)

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Budak Body Board Baek #Bali

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A day without laughter is a day wasted.

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Budak Bali Baek. Chillin' with my good friends @beekhan112 @nafik @officialkartel at Potato Head.

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Budak Baek.

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Happy Birthday to my best friend @nutsynadz. You must know you're an amazing person when so many people call you that. I'm just privileged to be one of them. May you forever be young and blessed. I'm so sorry I'm not in KL on your big day, just know that I got you no matter what.

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