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Joe Flizzow

Thanks for coming!! #Repost @noradanish with @repostapp.
Congrats bro, we r proud of u. When #budakbaektakeover !! @krookzkl @flizzow @bossned_

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Big ups to the #BudakBaekTakeOver DJs @djcza @officialashyash @nazkimo for the providing the sounds for our event.

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Mad line outside @krookzkl #BudakBaekTakeOver. Thank you Red Bull for coming through!

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BudakBaekTakeOver @krookzkl

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First to arrive! Shoutout to my fam @bossned_ and @noradanish for being amongst the first to arrive! #BudakBaekTakeOver

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Opening in one minute! #BudakBaekTakeOver @krookzkl

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BudakBaekTakeOver at @krookzkl happening soon!

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See you at @krookzkl tomorrow. The address is No 65-1, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, KL. 3pm. Don't be late! #BudakBaekTakeOver

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Repost @1m4youth with @repostapp.
Memang #HAVOC! It's your boy Joe @flizzow on stage at #Reachout2015 right now. Q&A session on his career as a rapper and businessman. Find out how he made it!

ReachOut2015 #Johor #PoliteknikIbrahimSultan #convention #celebration #volunteerism #share4unity #iM4U #iM4Ufm

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Pasir Gudang chillin'

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