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Joe Flizzow

"Hari tu, gua dapat tangkap ikan besar NI!" #kesianbiggie #okguapercaya #memangTAKah #TB

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Dope fan art by @dannyschazwan. Thank you!

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@djbiggie was upset that he wasn't in the first photo so we took this one after. #kesianbiggie

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@itssonaone joined me on stage at @agendalokalism #musickita earlier.

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The founders of @suavecitopomade decided to take a 20 hour flight from Santa Ana and made a surprise visit to the fam out in KL. Great to finally meet the team! #barbergang

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Jumpa kami esok di #AgendaLokalism @MagicCyberjaya. Doors open at 4pm [FREE] #musickita. See you there!

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That BKK-KL connect! #barbergang

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Daniel Wu came through to get a cut today. Much respect! #Joes47500

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Thanks for dropping by @ase_wang! @neversaycutz @daboyway @nanarybena

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Come join me at Joe's, headed to the Kitchen for lunch as soon as we touchdown. We've come up with a new lunch set menu especially for y'all students studying in the area. See y'all there!

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