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You Too Can Miss Your Flight

As a seasoned traveler, there is no excuse for missing a flight.As someone who travels almost every other week, there is no excuse for me to miss my flight.Even better, how do you wake up after the flight has already left?Here I am in Hong Kong. At the airport, not feeling too bad at all.I've had some kinda luck lately, what I need, when I need it, always appears.God basically said "T, you've had it shitty for a minute. This is only right."And u know what, he is right. I have had it worse than most and it's ...Read more

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Dom Dom

I've met a lot of girls in my life.But I've met only a couple of girls who can sing.And here is one. Dominique Tsai.http://www.alivenotdead.com/dominiquetsaiNot only that, she is a hell of  a pianist and composer.We sometimes collaborate and it is always enjoyable.Meet Dom Dom, one of my favorite female singers...

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i was born in 1978.and most of the people closest to me were too. or if not, a year before or 1-3 years later.did i mention i was born in 1978?listen.....

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:) since i'm in a good mood. let's throw one more in. awkward  by terrytyeleefeelin' on your booty, booty, booty, booty it really turns you on i know you really get a kick out of it.what's kinda real sexy is that i know you really love makin' it awkwardfirst it's true,ain't no lie, i'm diggin, girl, on you,but that's old news,that's something everybody knew now,wait a minute, just a minute, there will always be another, there will never be a me,sometimes though it can get awkward i know,i can see you in your ey...Read more

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And Also

Here's And Also.A late night in November. Packing for Shanghai, I took a break.I played the music and when I got I got it to the chorus, I had enough to record it.What's it about?Haha. Who knows.And baby also, i like to see you with your clothes off,And baby also, we'll knock the boots and f--- our socks off,and baby also, also, i think that you're dreaming,and baby also, i love you, i want you, baby.this was part of the inspiration.Read more

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spent all my money on a star trek voyager, swear on my heart that you'll enjoy it girl....enjoy "Spaceship" by tye lee and jeremy green.T

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Green Kicks

Green Kicks.it came from me telling this friend I had a spaceship and asking her if she wanted to come onboard.I told her I'd buy her a spacesuit and she said she wanted it purple..but with green kicks.Stop. Green kicks. Hmm.

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I'm back, bitches!Hope you didn't miss me too much?Now that we have this snazzy media player, I will be able to upload songs as I write them and we can share thoughts on them together.This is where coming to a songwriter's blog really begins.There is a new song from last night called Speechless.Enjoy.And yes, I love you too.Terry

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Wind Breeze

she blow like the wind breeze....and it sends chills through my nose up in between my eyes when i breath that smell of confidence. only problem i have now, is the confidence is not mine. it is hers. she blow like the wind breeze, smell like some fresh trees. bring me to my knees. blow my some sea breeze.toshi tokioto is a former music producer, songwriter and rapper who now does professional voice-overs, drink...Read more

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she kept talking and i knew i was hooked. there was no way i was going to walk away from this one. she knew when and where to move the conversation into her court and she exactly what she needed to say. i have met a lot of girls but ones that have so much game they almost read through mine, i have never seen. wow.toshi tokioto is a former music producer and songwriter turned Japanese reality show host. He is curren...Read more

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