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my heart might have just skipped a beat...toshi tokioto is a former music producer and songwriter who is now an Afghan news reporter and Japanese game show host. he is still the greatest ever like Mohd Ali and muthafuckas shiver when he gets up on the drum machine. 

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A Good Day

At this point in my life, I have been tasted enough.I have paid all the dues I needed to pay in respect to where I need to be.But where I wish to go requires significant work,Musically, I have grown to become a songwriter who I myself is a fan of as well. In my defense, you have to be.As far as my knowledge and experience is concerned, I am wealthy but never enough.Spiritually, I have grown to be a very god fearing individual at the center of me. At peace with myself and almost at one with the universe.Emotionally, I have healed all the wounds of ...Read more

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just a little crush

there was a time when i would laugh at everything you did in pure amazement.there was a time when i was thrilled about everything you did and all you stood for.there was a time when we would stand by each other and dream about how either you or me would take over the world.there was a time when i would have shared it all with you.there was a time when you made everything alright because i thought you were superhuman.there was a time when you probably felt the same.there was a time when everything you did could do no wrong.there was a time...Read more

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happy birthday, bonnie

bonnie,it's march 24th. happy birthday..it's been a minute and  we don't talk no more.i was younger and i wished i had not been as foolish as i was.but what you have done for me in the course of my adult life is not just incredible but absolutely one of the most important things i have had to do: grow up.....and now i have and i didn't know how to find you but i wanted to be able to put it out in the universe that on this birthday of yours, my heart is with you, as it was in singapore, as it has been in taipei, as it is...Read more

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Today's Emotions

i must admit i got a little too much running around in my head and i need to let it go for a minute.i work up at 7am today feelin' like an Amos Lee song.i think i need to start steppin' before the ceiling comes falling down on my ass.go ahead, baby, run away again,i'm growin' tired of chasing you,i know you only have time to love me,when you got nothing better to do,who's bold enough to ...Read more

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awkward  by terrytyeleefeelin' on your booty, booty, booty, booty it really turns you on i know you really get a kick out of it.what's kinda real sexy is that i know you really love makin' it awkwardfirst it's true,ain't no lie, i'm diggin, girl, on you,but that's old news,that's something everybody knew now,wait a minute, just a minute, there will always be another, there will never be a me,sometimes though it can get awkward i know,i can see you in your eyes it's so,i think you're really liking it though,like...Read more

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your closest road-dawg...

would you die for somebody? or is it a little too extreme?would you say "i did it" and take the rap for someone just cause you knew you could?would you ride or die and go all the way to the very end with somebody even if you knew that all you would get in return is the satisfaction to know you did that?fuck yeah.i'm with you when the last tear drops and one of us is shivering.i'm with you when the last person you could trust said no,i'm with you cause i should be that last person...fuck yeah.can you handle it? ...Read more

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"i can hear your heart beat from a thousand miles, and the heaven's open up everytime she smiles" - Van Morrison, Crazy Lovethat's how i feel tonight. that's how i've been feeling for awhile. suddenly a lot of things in life don't really seem so bad. little things don't bother me anymore. all because of a little fuzzy feeling in your heart? how incredible? how awesome is life?many of my friends may know me as that guy who is, i quote "in love with someone else everyday". is there any truth to it? yes, i ...Read more

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your songs are still coming

so i will admit that the last year was trying.this year is no exception.and while i am trying to ease my way into retirement from this music game, there are some who make it a point to push me as if they were hoping I would lose it.i lost it at my mother last night for trying to remind me to be cool...and you can imagine how guilty I felt.but the bottom line is, I am alive. and like I said a couple months ago-YOU MUTHAFUCKAS, KEEP PUSHING ME AND I MIGHT HAVE TO FIND MY WAY OUT OF RETIREMENT!please don't push me. cause cats lik...Read more

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still grindin...i believe that march will bring the beginning to the end of what has been a trying time in my life..we're all smiling here at the dove shack. me and scarlett...u remember scarlett right?tye

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