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wow. i'm very much alive. the storm ain't gon kill me. but i've also been just tryin to put myself in the right frame of mind.cause after that, it's rock and roll.

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Joey Sakamoto gettin me some bbq.

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What Matters More Than Music

A year ago, I was still living in the 20th century. Having spent most of my life anticipating the future where Marty Mcfly cruised around on hoverboards, I had not realized that the world had moved on. And while the music industry supposedly crumbled around me, I  joined everyone else in screaming "we need new business models". Indeed, we do. We need a whole new business. My premise is that we have now moved into the computer age and in the 100 years to come, change will come to all levels of our civilization. The very ...Read more

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so my life is a little back in order. not 100 percent. i guess all this makes no sense unless you understood the juggernaut that is about to be unleashed. . i woke up this morning and noticed my boxers said "your lucky day".lets take a step back and examine my life of late. I have dated for close to four years now and the one attempt i did to let a girl charm the wits end outta me...i messed it up doing the same action as now-blogging. i also no longer drink and have been off smoking for over a year now. i have no form of a social life and i ...Read more

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This story is not over. It's barely begun.Rose, Rose, I'll always love ya.Psych!

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singapore twittin'


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"Hail Mary to the city your a Virgin, 

   and Jesus can’t save you life starts when the church ends"i've had a pretty challenging two weeks. But tonight when i was listening to Jay Z's new record.The line above hit me.For starters, I mean no offense with tthe above phrases religiousreferences but for me it speaks personally.I have many friends of different religions and I always respect other people's religious beliefs but I am not afraid to disagree. But that isn't the point here now.I looked up at the sky bef...Read more

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Thank You

I just had a long day. My father had a triple bypass today after suffering a heart attack and discovering he was sitting on a time bomb. Our family has a history of high cholesterol and while my father is the healthiest person on earth I know, exercising for hours a day at 66, he too could not avoid it.More importantly, thank you for all your prayers, care and concern. The operation ended at 7pm and he is asleep in the ICU right now.Me and my mother have come home to rest as we will be headed to see him again in the morning.Thank you from the botto...Read more

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Hello Stranger

If you are droppin by and see this, please take a second and pray for my father's well being today.

I want you to know how much I deeply appreciate it.

It's 325 am and I'm a little too worried sick to sleep.

I've been tossing and turning here all night.

If you happen to be here this Monday on this page, please say a little prayer to God as you believe him to be and ask that he maybe pay a little more attention to my daddy today. Please? i'll get u back.

Thank you.

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