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I'm Alive...

I am alive. And well. And lost somewhere between a club in Shibuya and a hole in the wall pharmacy on the outskirts of Taipei. Recently, I thought I was living in Shanghai.I am just feenin' for a trip to Zippy's. It's been building in me for months and as I denied it, it just got worse and worse. I am in total inaction till I find my way to Zippy'sI will be back in action in a couple days and ready to save the world from evil.peace, love and rice plates,TRead more

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dove shack-a-lackin' 2008

life is great.except for a few bumps along the road with close "associates"...which I hope they don't think it personal but it is the time I need to be on my own to ponder the future as the present clearly had not worked...it's nothing personal...it's just business.my vision is clearer now that I have taken this darkness that has plagued me since 06. i am not saying that all was evil but there was nothing good about those years. some turned on me. some made me think it was me who caused it. some made use of...Read more

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and then he spoke....

For those of you who may have wondered why I have not written in a minute.Please be happy to know I am still in the same pose as you last saw me:As compared to last....My life DOES NOT suck, in fact, it is the best ever. My career seems to be quite on track. My mornings are a...Read more

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what a wonderful evening

I gotta be out of this apartment that I have grown so used too this last week and head to the airport for Shanghai and Hong Kong.I spent a lovely evening with a wonderful young lady chatting while she drank tea and me beer. That means I got no work done but I packed at least. I wrote 3 songs this week, sold 1 to Da Mouth and about to end of the year feeling good about myself.Tomorrow, Van Ness will rock Shanghai. It will be wonderful to see how much he has evolved since that last night in Osaka. Plus, Henry Suyama's mago, Skot is...Read more

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hello tomorrow

goodbye chynahouse

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lately...i've had the strangest feeling..that everything is going to be alright again....peace and onenessthe dove

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tye lee 101: 女孩

Disclaimer:I am about to share my music more frequently. These songs are owned by me, so we got that cleared on copyright. As for the publishing, I am published through ChynaHouse-Sony ATV and I as the founding partner of this publishing company hereby give permission for the works of terrytyelee to be played on this blog. However, these songs are demos and will give you a better insight to the work of songwriting and production in the music industry asia done- tye lee style...女孩    詞 toro / terrytyelee  曲 terrytyelee  女孩 心裡最疼的女孩女孩 為什麼要來將我害欠了...Read more

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Disappointments, Faith, Change and Tomorrow

My luck fuckin' changed. My life is about to change too. I have never felt such strong synchronicity in every event in a day...linked in such precision and such direct signs from God telling me that something is about to jump off.If you ever read my writings, you notice a certain insecurity and an irritating sense of no-confidence that inhibits me from delivering my best. If you have ever read my writings, you may know that I'm the cat who does what he do very well. and that's that. no need to brag more...Read more

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This Week In The History of Tye Lee

As stock markets tumble and rise, and tumble again, as the world turns and revolves around uncertainty, as China faces the biggest problems with capitalism in 40 years...This week, tucked in the corner, of a nice neighborhood in Taipei, terrytyelee attempts to:1. Assemble furniture.2. Unpack boxes of things, half of which I DO NOT NEED.3. Fold and iron clothes.4. write a duet for XXXXX and XXXXXX XXX.5. write a rap song for XX XXXXX6. write a rap and record it for Linda Liao. No problem saying it, she's hot. (not that ...Read more

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Dove Shackin' 2008

The Dove Shack is official.It is officially the spot and I will share more with you off my secret hideout in the days to come.But, in the meantime...I thought I'd take a minute to share with you something I worked out recently.His name is Chou Ding Wei or...Judy. I think he's a fresh newcomer who's made of something hot.More to come in time. Love Like Dove,Tye LeeVideo: http://tw.youtube.com/watch?v=EO3xyBAw3Ww

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