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Hello and Good Day

First- I am extremely touched to know that in the event I should "retire" people that I know I will be missed. It soothes the ego even though the ego in me left years ago. It almost destroyed my career once and it will not again. I never ever had people who follow my writings, my music or my career or for that matter even know who the hell I am and honestly, anything different from the status quo would be terribly uncomfortable.Second- I NEVER SAID I WANTED TO BE A HK actor! I said EXTRA. The little head in the crowd of hundreds standing in the Forbidden City kneeling to the Emperor type shit.Third- I love blogging. In fact, If being a HK extra don't work out, I might just be a writer. My literary skills aren't too bad I reckon.Four- I am really genuinely sick of producing music and am really thinking it should be a sport I do on the weekends with a select group of friends.Five- While there are some absolutely wonderful and sincerely genuine music producers, there is also a handful out there that make it embarrassing for me to say I am a music producer because I become guilty by association. As a real music producer would know, it is not about being famous, it is not about getting artists to live out your own dreams of superstardom, it is not about flexing your ego and IT IS DEFINITELY NOT ABOUT MONEY, POWER AND RESPECT. It is about serving a role that helps artists achieve their own musical visions.(to be honest- some known music producers i know, and i am sure other music producers will agree, are not really music producers...it makes me feel like a music icon if they are music producers...and that is not arrogance, it is confidence in my work)Six- After ten years of doing this professionally, I am not really intending on being an extra....if I wanted to...I would go after a dream that Jin once shared and go be a HK Superstar. But the truth is, I love research, I love youth trends, I believe I know this Asian music market and consumer behavior very well and I think the only way to help do something substantial is to find a company that believes in my shared visions and......go corporate. I got suits, ties, dress shirts with my initial and I got a nice little fro to top it off.BUT...y'all keep fuckin' around with my heart like this and I might have to come out of retirement.Tye

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