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this too shall pass

I am not dead. I am very much alive. I have since quit smoking after having been a heavy smoker for over 10 years now.I have not touched a cigarette in over a week and have not even come close to it.It has been easier than expected though there are some difficult things I am dealing with personally.Some close to me have been supportive and concerned and I am appreciative of everything around me right now.I'm just going through what I need to go through.Like everything, this too shall pass..tye

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SheShe walks around acting like she's boss.She comes in and out of my life as she pleases.She doesn't stop to listen to you rather goes on to reiterate what she thinks.She really does think she's boss.She's a hot item to have around.She does things at her own time which doesn't impress me much but well.She really knows how to push to the edge and back.She really knows how to get what she wants.She may be totally leading me on but I let her.She thinks I don't know her but I do.She's still awesome and I've fallen again.remem...Read more

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historic quote....

i'm really into you and i ain't pullin' somethin' new..

now if u wanna know it then well yes i think I really do....

  • tye lee, on *** ***....., Feb 2008 ( yes 2008, not 2009 though still relevent....)
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Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYCM2Y4k0U8&feature=channel_page

As you know, one has a lot of free time in his retirement.I attempted iMovie and cut my first reel....after I retired...

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time to ponder...

the dove is still dovin'...the dove- as captured by david barker...tye....

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mr tye is currently unavailable

mr tye is currently unavailable,he's tucked away in shoebox again,fall and christmas came and went,four bags full is money well spent.mr tye is currently away,he's gone and stuck like a needle in hay,he's no where to be found and seems astrayoops, i think we found an ash tray..mr tye could change your religion with a song.mr tye can change your life with a tune. mr tye could change your mind with a rhyme.mr tye could make you walk on water, but there's nothing wrong with staying grounded.Read more

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career options

how about :terrytyelee - ex music producer turned violinist?good no good?

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Miss Helen Arrives....

A week ago....a good friend of mine arrived from a far away place called America.Her name is Helen Su and she's an absolutely lovely friend of a friend and a friend and mine. In no particular order of friend but whatever....My grandfather went to America decades ago on a boat but she arrived in the wonderful land we all now live in called Asia on a.....Tuk Tuk....times have changed and Helen is definitely keeping up with the latest mode of transportation.....lost an...Read more

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A Famous Riddle

Why is a Raven like a writing desk?

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take a picture, snap....

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