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Shit Don't Scare You Till It Shows Up At Your Doorstep

I haven't seen my parents for a minute.I haven't seen my dear sister for a longer minute.Two days ago, I found out my mother and father are quarantined at home cause they were 2 rows away from a confirmed case of swine flu.Five hours ago, my mother texted me to tell me a close member of my family is down with the swine flu in New York. And when I mean close, I mean, fucking close.Does it scare me? I know statistics. But when you love someone and you know how dangerous this epidemic is..you wi...Read more

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What A Beautiful Week

i just spent a week discovering many things inside my head.for awhile now, i had no peace. i must have also had many issued at heart and therefore never was able to move to where i wanted to be.now i'm much better. i spent the better half of the last couple days with a person through his book. the author is a music producer i have been a fan of since i was a 14 year old trying to make rap music.his story reminded me that if he went about the process in such a similar way, that means my dream can actually come true after all.my 30s w...Read more

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fallen. be back soon.T

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Tokyo Letters

my name is toshi tokioto and i am a friend of terry's who is in town for a week and will be following him on his journey in the weeks to come.this will be my last writing on pop culture topics as I am looking forward to the launch of my first children's book "Big Phat Hug - Positivity for kids".Toshi Tokioto's Tokyo Letters : First EditionI have to start this collection of letters in the worst possible

way. my current mental and emotional conditions are no where

conditioned to speak highly of him.

t...Read more

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Lifestyes of The Rich and Shamelss, Violatin' They Were Even Nameless

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paper butterfly

i don't really know how to write a haiku but today warrants something fresh.something is happening and it becomes clearer, that you are as sure as my love for youyou remind me of a paper butterfly.is that that a haiku? or, if u're high, it's cool.love you, bitchtye lee - world's greatest like muhammad ali

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on a spaceship

hi,still uninspired.been drifting on a sam-pan somewhere near japan.dreaming of giant M&Ms.i miss you.tye

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Don't Wake Me, I'm Dreaming

Things have brightened up a little. I have concluded that I am not as on point as I hoped I was.But that happens as always in life.Self-discovery is a bitch. A serious case of migraine that hits you like a Saturday morning hangover. Dad actually believes I got a good shot at something now.Don't wake me, I'm still dreaming. I'm busy breaking up with someone else's girlfriend....Read more

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Not Myself

It was this morning that I came to a great realization that I have not been myself lately.Ever since I quit smoking, I have noticed an increase in anger, hate and rebellion that has never existed in my bones. I ignored it and continued to believe I was the good natured prick I have always been but no. This time round - it's devilish. I have a lot of frustration working in this industry. I do not need to bad mouth, what you hear people bitch about the music industry is all true. But that has never bothered me. I am a person who has been at peac...Read more

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