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Liberty lives stronger than ever today

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Enough is Enough


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Shootin' The Breeze

3:40 am June 29 2009- Michael is not with us.- I still regret my mistakes, Blue.However, I had one of the most meaningful and inspiring conversations this evening since last night with two friends, Eric and Mai and I will share more in the days to come.Life is about to be all good again.Sometimes after you shatter, you need to get back up and dance.- tye lee, no longer the world's greatest because NO ONE is Michael. Only Michael is Michael.

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Whatever You're Offering...

i wrote this for you. because i can't do nothing about our situation.i was hoping you come by this page again though the last wasn't that pleasant.i'm willing to take whatever you offer cause you matter.baby, baby, what wrong with you,is there something that i can do,it's my pleasure, cause i treasure you,and you can't measure the things i would do,let's remember to highlight,your eyes they shine like skylight,how do i confide,the way i feel inside,no matter how i try, i'm still stuck outside,let ou...Read more

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Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence

Utada Hikaru and Stargate are the world's greatest.This lyrics I discovered today courtesy of my friend Super Sakamotoinspired me....now i feel like i'm ready to do it all again. i'll show you a lifetime of the world's dopest music.enjoy these lyrics from "Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence/FYI" by Utada Hikaru.I give you my heart

Hold on, let me sign it

Your senorita a.k.a. your best friend

Hereby, let it be known

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vivid thoughts appear vividly, like it was a vivid dream,vividly i turn to touch,curious about it's vividness,then quietly, i break it.and now i just act like  i'm enjoying it.i'm always hooked on the wrong things. like i've got some sickness or something.i fuckin' love it. i fuckin' love you, mang..You can't always have what you want in life, sometimes it just shatters....T

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computer love and digital fuck-ups

so it's never too old to learn something new.the last two days, i have been incapacitated unable to do shit because i have been overwhelmed with a overwhelming sense of frustration and most of all, guilt and self disappointment.i made a mistake about posting something, some time ago and during the brief minutes i had it up, someone who i would not have liked to read it and wanted to take it down for that sole reason, read it and fuck. worse part is- i realized in a second i was completely wrong.i also know now that muth...Read more

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What U Like, Mr Barker?

my response.by david barker

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Affairs Of The Heart

Skot Suyama is a person I speak to on a daily basis.  He is an extremely spiritual person with a lot of soul in him. He reminded me today that sometimes I can put it all aside. I can put these recording sessions, these beats, these songs and even, these dreams aside if it meant I can live for a minute.I have been extremely conscious in my admission that I may have buried myself in my work or my music. Can't draw the line between the two anymore. So while people like...Read more

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between a heart attack and a hard place...

I am currently having a little cardiac difficulty and have been advised by the doctor to take a break from work.I am currently considering taking June off. I guess 30 is not too young to have sharp pains, numbing arms, seeing white....Stay healthy, muthafuckas. Cos I don't even smoke.

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