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Get Tyed Up Today...

did you tyed up today?

My Tye is brought to you by terrytyelee.

But the beautiful logo is brought to you by my friend, Ten Thirty Jair.

Coming soon...to a lap top near you.

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music for the weekend? try In Between

A good friend of mine and probably the most inspiring artist i have worked with in my career has put out an album called In Between. I highly recommend this. I helped with only 3 songs on it but the countless other people who contributed to the other songs have done such a wonderful job.

It's a collection of some of the best of Van Ness Wu's works as a solo artist a...Read more

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Tye Lee's Recipe to Songwriting Part 1:

this is the lyrics to a song i wrote recently called You Love Me.

i don't know how other musicians feel about how they make songs but for me, songwriting was a gift that fell out of the sky. i have never passed one music related exam in my life except for one elective class i took in college where i wrote a rap song and made my buddy's perform it to a panel of my peers and academics. that was a story on its own.      

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The Second of The Rest of My Life

I'm probably not very good at this blogging thing. But like everything else i've done, it seems to get

better at time...when you let it.

I'm in Hong Kong. It's an awesome place and it's always been and it'll probably always be for me.

I met an old friend last night. I see her more often than i ever did before and she always gives me a certain high for the next couple days.

I woke up at 734am today, smiling....here's my achievements today thus far (9.54am)

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the first day of the rest of my life

  its 10am in the morning. I got  a 3 o'clock flight to Hong Kong. it's the last week of my "young adulthood". which means, the last week of thinking you could fuck around and get away with it. but from here on, i'm gonna share my life and work here.... and i'm gonna show u, how one gets to the top of the world...

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