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Thank You and Good Night

I wanted everyone who has supported my blog to be the first to know that I will be quitting my career as a music producer at the end of Feb 2009.I'm old news and I am what people would consider a has-been and I have decided to humbly exit the music industry at the end of this month.It was a tough decision to reach but I have consulted my best friend- my mama and she and I both agree it is time to hang up the keyboards, the boards and the compliments that I feel I have never deserved for a talent that I am grateful to have been blessed with.I want to thank everyone for 9 great years in Asia and I have to admit that i have surpassed all of my dreams as a child with countless cassette tapes my dad and mom made me wash car and pull their white hairs to afford.However, I want to announce that I will now embark on my new career which will begin the tough journey to be an extra in a Hong Kong film.There is no explanation for it but simply- the one dream I have not accomplished yet is being an extra in a HK film and I feel that this year would be the right year to do so.See you on the big screen and hope you see me somewhere in the background....Later....

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oh, so you'll be following in my foot steps in HK film? I'm honored! :-P
over 15 years ago
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Why can't you do music while being an extra in HK? I think being an extra could be very tough and unrewarding in HK... considering that being an extra is not so great on big Hollywood films. I always feel bad that extras have to wait around in the sun everytime I'm on set and eat crappy food. Imagine being an extra in small budget HK films... and the heat! But I do see a song and an MV as an extra in HK... good luck!
over 15 years ago
Jayson 93 2
Heehee....good luck Joaquin! :)
over 15 years ago
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Hey Terry, nice relaxing music, I love it! Your music is working very well with my desk work.... :-)
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